4-H Resources for Doing STEM With Youth

Curiosity is natural!

With wide eyes, kids ponder: How does a bridge stay up? Why do carrots grow under the ground? Why does a car need gas? Like seeds, their interests need to be watered and tended to in order to grow.

4-H helps youth discover and foster this passion for science, engineering, technology and math (STEM). It offers a hands-on approach to developing the excitement and skills necessary for youth to succeed in a safe and fun setting.

The 4-H STEM program starts youth on the path to becoming informed citizens and the next generation of scientists and engineers that we need for our communities to thrive.

Caring Adult

Dedicated adults

staff, volunteers, and partners, are at the core of 4-H STEM programs. These adults create an environment in which youth grow and thrive by:

  • Planning and conducting activities, events, and clubs.
  • Developing and maintaining educational programs.
  • Directing research-based programming that allows youth to develop their science inquiry and engineering process skills.


make it possible for 4-H to offer youth so many opportunities!

Get involved and make a difference in youth’s lives! Be a club leader, provide expertise, help youth with learning projects or share your knowledge and skills. As a volunteer you will find a niche and have fun while doing your part.

To volunteer in your community, contact you local county extension office.



Getting the Support You Need

Iowa 4-H STEM as an Iowa State University youth program provides many resources to help you provide quality STEM programing to Iowa's youth:

4-H STEM Training Resources – Online and face-to-face training opportunities and resources.

ISU STEM Learning Resources:  ISU faculty and staff developed STEM resources from ISU, a leading university for Science and Technology.

4-H STEM Kits and Curricula – Did you love the old E-SET website? It is not up-to-date and information found there is not always accurate. But not for long! Soon we will migrate all that information to a new webpage so it is current and more user friendly. Thanks for your patience as we work on this move.

National Youth Science Day Activities – These ready-to-go activities are a great way to introduce youth to 4-H STEM or to enrich an existing 4-H program with some great STEM content. (To try out activities from previous years, check out the Experiment Archives)

4-H STEM Marketing Tools – From useful blurbs to explain the value of STEM programing to images, artwork, and templates for publications and press releases.

4-H STEM Evaluation Tools – Iowa 4-H STEM has developed an evaluation tool so we can better explain our public value, write success stories, and justify our work to stakeholders and funders.