Dairy Goats

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Design a poster on dairy goat breeds
  • Teach others about showmanship techniques
  • Educate your community on the importance of the dairy industry

Civic Engagement

  • Have your animal as part of a petting zoo sharing the importance of dairy
  • Be a part of a dairy promotion event
  • Help other 4-Hers in selecting animals to start their own goat project


  • Arrange for your class to tour a dairy goat operation
  • Be a mentor for a younger 4-H’er
  • Organize a county grooming clinic

Dairy Goat

There’s so much more to the Dairy Industry than just producing milk!  Acquire skills in dairy goat production through ownership and care of dairy goats.  Learn marketing, processing, distribution, consumption, and use of dairy products.  Discover selecting your project, to raising it, to finding a career in the industry.  Learn nutritive value of dairy products, promote their use, and much more!

If you have already signed up for this 4-H project, come on in and learn about other local workshops, activities, and events. If you haven't signed up yet, contact your local county office and become a member today.

Exhibit Ideas

Develop a presentation (posters, displays)

  • Comparison on the nutritive value of dairy vs. non-dairy products
  • Compare the differences in dairy cattle, dairy goat milk, and cheese production
  • Properly register and keep records on your animals
  • Assemble an emergency medical kit or a dairy goat show kit
  • Continue exhibiting the same animal(s) to show the progression and how they’ve changed

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Market and sell project goats
  • Start your own dairy goat herd
  • Enjoy a summer internship working at a dairy goat farm
  • Attend a local or state dairy goat show and listen to the judge give oral reasons on the classes
  • Consider showing at your County Fair dairy goat show or the Iowa State Fair
  • Interested in a college education in animal science or veterinary medicine? Schedule a visit with Iowa State University to explore these majors.