ISU Collegiate 4-H Constitution

Article I: Name

The club's official name shall be The Iowa State University Collegiate 4-H Club. Also referred to as: ISU 4-H

Article II: Affiliations

ISU 4-H shall be affiliated with the North Central Regional 4-H club. We will also stay in good standing with the National Collegiate 4-H club. The club will maintain its association with Iowa State Government of the Student Body and follow its bylaws.

Article III: Purpose

ISU 4-H shall strive to follow the national motto: “Continuing to Serve, Serving to Continue”. We will serve the needs of our members, Iowa 4-H, and the students of Iowa State University in any way we can. We will help to build the future leaders of 4-H through experience in the 4-H program on campus and across the state. We will follow the 4-H motto of “Making the Best Better.”

Article IV: Membership

Section 1a:
Membership in ISU 4-H is open to any ISU student and follows the non-discrimination policy stated by the university. Prior membership in 4-H during high school is not necessary in any way.

Section 1b:
The officers of this club must meet the following requirements:
(a) Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) as stated below and meet that minimum cumulative GPA in the semester immediately prior to the election/appointment, the semester of election/appointment and semesters during the term of office. For undergraduate students, the minimum GPA is 2.00. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (half-time credits) must have been taken for the semester under consideration.
(b) Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time (six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and at least half time (four or more credits), if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office.
(c) Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b).

Section 2:
A person shall be considered “Active” once they have paid club dues.

Section 3:
“Alumni” shall be past members of the club who have graduated while in good standing within the club.

Section 4:
The Treasurer shall collect dues at the beginning of the fall semester. There will be separate dues for full year and single semester memberships. The club at the beginning of each fall semester shall determine dues. They shall not be less than $15.00 for a full year and $10.00 for a semester.

Article V: Officers

Section 1:
The term of officers for ISU 4-H shall be from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

Section 2: President
The President shall:
1. Lead all club meetings and will be responsible for a written agenda
2. Be responsible for dealing with GSB should the situation arise
3. Be responsible for the coordination of the club and officers
4. Have regular communication with the club advisor
5. Be the official representative of the club.

Section 3: Vice President
The Vice President shall:
1. Lead meeting in the President's absence
2. Reserve the rooms and meeting locations
3. Be Regional and National Coordinator
4. Respond to all inquiries of new members
5. Maintain the club email list
6. Chair all standing committees
7. Carryout all risk management responsibilities

Section 4: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:
1. Collect dues
2. Work with the President to create budget for the year
3. Attend GSB mandated meetings
4. Coordinate all fundraising efforts

Section 5: Secretary
The Secretary shall:
1. Keep accurate records of club meetings and then email them to the club

Section 6: Ag Council Representative
The Ag Council Representative shall:
1. Attend Agriculture Student Council meetings as the ISU Collegiate 4-H Club Representative
2. Report events of Agriculture Student Council to club
3. Plan and coordinate events ISU 4-H will participate in with Ag Council

Section 7: Program Coordinator(s):
The Program Coordinator(s) shall:
1. Plan and coordinate community service activities
2. Plan and coordinate social meetings
3. Plan and coordinate other campus sponsored activities

Section 8: Public Relations Coordinator(s):
The Public Relations Coordinator(s) shall:
1. Maintain the ISU 4-H club display
2. Plan and coordinate the ISU 4-H Club display and booths when needed
3. Take pictures of club activities
4. Maintain the club scrapbook
5. Send email reminders to the club three days prior to ISU 4-H meetings
6. Create and post signs around campus three days prior to ISU 4-H meetings

Section 9: Webmaster:
The Webmaster shall:
1. Maintain and update ISU 4-H club website
2. Work with other officers to obtain information for the club website

Section 10: Advisor:
The advisor shall be selected in accordance to GSB rules. They will dispense their wisdom to the club when it is needed. Club mail shall be sent to the club advisor. The advisor will maintain communication and meet with officers regularly; awareness and approval of expenditures and ensure the organizations is operating in conformity with standards set by Iowa State University Student Activities Center. The advisor is appointed by the ISU State 4-H office with approval by the collegiate 4-H club. The advisor will hold the position until or unless concerns have been raised by the student organization or new appointment by the 4-H staff.

Section 11: Elections
Elections shall be held at the last meeting of the calendar year. Each officer must have a majority of votes cast, if not a run off vote will follow immediately. Elections will be held using a sliding ballot. The order of election shall be the order of listing of offices in this constitution.

Section 12: Special Elections
The President may ask for a special election to replace an officer that is unable to continue their duties for some reason.

Section 13: Presidential Vacancy
If the President is forced to leave office early, the Vice President shall assume their position and an election for a new Vice President shall be held.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1:
Business meetings shall be held at least once a month. Quorum shall be set at one half of active members

Section 2:
A social meeting may be set at the club's discretion.

Section 3:
The calendar of meetings shall be set at the first meeting of officers in January. The first meeting of the next calendar year shall be fixed at the time of officer elections.

Section 4:
In the event of a lack of quorum the President shall have the ability to make executive decision if necessity warrants. This must be done after consultations with the advisor, if possible, and with at least half of the officer's concurrence. All executive decisions must be presented and explained to the club at the soonest possible time.

Section 5:
The general structure of the business meeting will be: Welcome, Minutes, Officer Reports, Old Business, and New Business.

Section 6:
The club shall follow Robert's Rules of Order for procedure

Article VII: Amendments and Bylaws

Section 1: Amendments
The ISU 4-H constitution shall be amended by a super-majority vote of two-thirds of active members at two consecutive meetings.

Section 2: Bylaws
Changes to the bylaws shall require the super-majority of two-thirds at one meeting.

Article VIII: Adoption

Section 1:
This constitution shall be considered adopted after a majority vote of all active members, after unanimous approval of the officer team.

Section 2:
This constitution will take effect immediately upon ratification.

Article IX: Finances

Section 1
All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through a bank account established for this organization at the Campus Organizations Accounting Office and/or approved institution/office (must receive authorization via Campus Organizations Accounting Office). All funds must be deposited within 24 hours after collection. The Adviser to this organization must approve and sign each expenditure before payment.

Section 2:
If club is dissolved, all monies from GSB will be reallocated and funds of the collegiate 4-H will be donated to the State 4-H program.

Section 3:
All deposits and expenditures and/or deposits need to be approved by advisor and treasurer.

Article X: Risk Management

The Vice-president shall be responsible for ensuring that all meeting and activity locations are safe and secure with the support of the advisor. ISU policies will be followed for any special activities planned during the year.


Section 1: Club funding for conferences
If a member would like to receive club funding to help him or her attend a Regional or National 4-H conference, they must be an active member as defined in Article IV.
They must also participate in at least one club activity that is not a business or social meeting. This rule may be waived by a two-thirds vote of the club.

Section 2: Committees
Ad hoc committees will be created by either the club or at the request of the President to deal with issues as they arise.

Section 3: Executive Boards
The executive board shall consist of all officers and the advisor. They shall meet at least once a month. Officer meetings shall be open to any member who wishes to attend.