Clover Kids Volunteer

You can help your child's Clover Kid group or start one of your own! We will give you the information, training, and other help to get you started. All volunteers must go through a background screening and attend training. Contact your county Extension office to get started.


To promote children’s positive development through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate practices. To provide opportunities for K-3 youth to practice 5 life skills:  self-understanding, social interaction, decision-making, learning to learn, and mastering physical skills.

4-H Needs Caring Adults to

  • Plan and facilitate age-appropriate activities for children in grades K-3.
  • Participate in volunteer training.
  • Encourage Clover Kids members’ and parents’ interest and participation.
  • Assist Extension staff with gathering Life Skills evaluation data.
  • Comply with all aspects of Iowa State University’s Child Protection and Safety Policy and Iowa State University’s mandate to be non-discriminatory.


  • Satisfaction of helping K-3 youth develop skills that will help them throughout their lives.
  • Opportunities for continuous personal growth.
  • Appreciation from youth and parents who love the program!

Qualifications/Skills Needed

  • Ability to work with/teach K-3 age youth using developmentally appropriate practices. 
  • Ability to organize information and programs and delegate responsibility.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision from professional staff.
  • Willingness to participate in training and workshops offered by Extension. 


  • Access to Iowa State University Extension staff
  • Access to Clover Kids/K-3 resources from the Extension Office and Clover Kids Website
  • Training opportunities

Responsible to and receives counsel and guidance from

  • County 4-H staff
  • 4-H Youth Program Specialist

Time Commitment

At least 6 hours of programming time with Clover Kids members, approximately ½ to 1 hour prep time for each meeting.  After initial training, attendance at Clover Kids leader workshops is encouraged.
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