Awardrobe Clothing Event

August 11, 2022

4-H members in grades 9-12 interested in showcasing apparel design and production knowledge share their understanding and use of design elements and principles within one of three classes. The member selects one of four categories in their chosen class. The four categories are athletic wear, formal wear, everyday wear, and costume.

Event Participation Guidelines 

  • ​​​Fashion Revue Class: Fashion Revue is for clothing project area members who will model an outfit of one to three pieces that they have constructed, hand-knitted, machine-knitted, or crocheted during the current 4-H year.
  • $15 Challenge Class: The $15 Challenge is for 4-H members to model an outfit purchased for $15 or less from resale venues such as garage sales, consignment, or thrift stores, etc., that represents an intended use for the selected outfit. The participant should have had individual or group experiences: choosing shopping alternatives; evaluating fit, quality, and construction features; and comparing prices. A receipt is required.
  • Clothing Selection Class: Clothing selection is for selected or purchased outfits that represent the 4-H member’s goal or intended use based on individual or group experiences: choosing shopping alternatives; evaluating fit, quality, and construction features; and comparing prices.


Awards include the top five entries in each class. In the Fashion Revue class, there are also two $25 awards for outstanding sewing skills presented by the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.
The Iowa State University Trend Magazine and founding advisor, Ann Thye will present an “On Trend Award” to one participant whose garment
incorporates this year’s clothing trends. Finally, one Awardrobe participant who has expressed an interest in furthering their education in textiles and clothing, hospitality management, or consumer sciences will be awarded a $500 scholarship to the Iowa State University College of Human Sciences’ Department of Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management. ​​​​​​​

Awardrobe Clothing Event Youth Checklist

  1. Review the Awardrobe Clothing Event rules (on the State Fair information page). Please take note of these rules FAQs.
    • 4-H members can represent their county at the state fair event in only one class per year. Counties will determine with their judges which entries will be selected for the state fair.
    • Exhibits may not be used in the same year in both the Awardrobe Clothing Event and as a State Fair static exhibit.
    • Each class has the following entry limits per county: Four participants total with no more than two (2) participants with an entry in any given category (athletic wear, formal wear, everyday wear, costume).
  2. Please review the orientation video for information on how to fill out your report form.
  3. Please review the Awardrobe Exhibitor Letter for information on preparing for your Awardrobe event experience.
  4. Fill out the Awardrobe Clothing Event Report Form 4HP 5091. You may use the Awardrobe Judges Comment Form 4HP 5090 to become familiar with the judging criteria. Visit our forms webpage for more information on using 4-H forms and documents.
  5. Submit the form, your receipts (if in $15 challenge), and one to three photos to your county 4-H staff before the deadline they provided you.

Awardrobe Event Schedule

2021 awardrobe schedule