Four kids shooting rockets


Do you want to learn about flight or space? It’s all about the moving through air and space in this project. Whether you’re flying kites, hot air balloons, airplanes, or rockets, or reaching for the stars with astronomy. Learn about our universe, galaxy, and what’s beyond the Milky Way.

  • Develop an interest in and understanding of science, engineering and technology.
  • Improve communication and teamwork skills by working the way scientists and engineers do - in teams.
  • Develop responsible attitudes about science and how science relates to the real world and people’s lives.
  • Gain experience in problem solving and decision-making using science process skills.

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Have a kite flying workshop.
  • Demonstrate what it takes to build a model airplane.
  • Compare paper airplanes, how you make them, how they work, and why.


  • Help clean-up your local airport.
  • Volunteer for a Young Eagles club.
  • Give others tips to fly smoothly and get through security in airports.


  • Join a pilot or aerospace club.
  • Hold a rocketry day camp.
  • Bring your club to the local airport to learn more about airplanes and pilots.

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Identify different types of aircraft
  • Learn how weather affects flying
  • Learn star constellations throughout the year … and the stories that are told about them
  • Make and launch model rockets
  • Use your investigation skills to discover the principles of flight, rocketry, and astronomy
  • Use engineering principles to design your own air- and space-crafts
  • Learn pilot certification requirements
  • Learn about airport issues in your county or across Iowa
  • Learn the science behind science fiction

Exhibit Ideas

  • Build a rocket
  • Demonstrate how weather affects flying
  • Create a typical pilot's log and tell why it's important
  • Demonstrate different types of aerodynamics on kite flying
  • Make a wind glider and demonstrate how it works