4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs and Learning Communities

Kids learn by doing with positive adults and friends in a fun, safe setting. Whether coding, photography, stargazing, soccer, rabbits, robots, cultural diversity, dance, etc, there is a place in 4-H for you!

There are two kinds of 4-H Learning Communities:

  • 4-H Clubs | Grades 4-12
  • Clover Kids | Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

To see what is currently available, visit your county’s 4-H page.

What are 4-H Clubs and Learning Communities?

4-H Clubs and Learning Communities create a culture of learning where everyone is involved in a collective effort of understanding. Successful learning communities – and successful 4-H clubs – have the following characteristics:

  • Connect people to purposefully build a sense of community and establish a community identity.
  • Embrace diversity of expertise and experiences within the group.
  • Foster a culture of shared learning through collaborative and active learning experiences.
  • Set common goals, develop standards to measure quality work, provide ample opportunities for reflection, and assess individual and group progress toward those goals.
  • Share knowledge and questions, learning through respectful discussion and feedback between group members.
  • Support distributed leadership by providing a range of leadership roles and skill-building activities.
  • Value all members of the group and allow them to participate to the fullest extent possible.

Truly successful and innovative learning communities advance the collective knowledge of the community, via project areas, as a way to help individual members learn.

How do I Start a 4-H Club or Learning Community

Contact your local County Extension office to get a club or learning community chartered. 

General Club/Learning Community Regulations and Guidance

Regulations and Guidance are located on the Guidance page. Club and Learning Community topics include club chartering, compliance reports, participation regulations, use of the clover, annual planner templates, codes of conduct for youth and volunteers, etc.