4-H National Youth Science Day

National 4-H Youth Science Day is a nation-wide program that happens annually. County 4-H staff members and volunteers can find information about National 4-H Youth Science Day, as well as kit materials, marketing materials and information on past challenges at the national 4-H webpage.

Code Your World

This October, 4‑H and Google will launch an exciting National Youth Science Day challenge, Code Your World, inviting kids to get involved in computer science (CS) through hands-on doing. The national NYSD celebration kicks off October 1, and coding events can take place all throughout October.

Code Your World is a four-part challenge that teaches kids ages 8-14 to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities. Developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service, it includes a computer-based activity on Google’s CS First platform and three unplugged activities that bring coding to life through games and interaction.

What to Expect

Code Your World is easy for volunteers, parents, and clubs with or without computer science experience to facilitate. The accompanying kit includes clear instructions for facilitators and offers both low and no-tech options for events without Internet access. This year’s activity will not only teach computer science to kids, but also build confidence and teach skills relevant across fields from agriculture to technology to the arts.

National Youth Science Day Overview