2020 4-H Show Iowa

Virtual Exhibition
Starting August 13, 2020

A virtual celebration of 4-H Exhibits, Communication Events, and Awardrobe Clothing Selection. 4-H Show Iowa will provide state level recognition to partially replace the loss of these opportunities due to the postponement of the 2020 Iowa State Fair. Exhibits will be entered using FairEntry. Counties will provide for each exhibit photo(s) of the exhibit, an exhibit “write-up” that provides responses to the three required questions, and a brief summary of the exhibit.


Judging is ongoing and will continue over the next couple of weeks. Unofficial results can found here.
To view exhibit or presentation, click on exhibitor name in FairEntry.

Rules, Class Descriptions and Exhibit Evaluation

The 2020 4-H Show Iowa exhibition will use the planned 2020 4-H Iowa State Fair Exhibit, Communication, and Awardrobe event classes and rules. The event schedule and entry dates will be modified for the virtual exhibition.

Instruction for Counties

FairEntry Help Videos

  1. Logging into FairEntry
  2. Registering an Exhibitor
  3. Making Static Entries
  4. Making Communication Entries - Individuals
  5. Creating Team Entries
  6. County Promoted Entries
    1. This can also be used for those who need to go back and edit existing entries, promoted or not.

FairEntry Deadlines

  • August 1 – for county fairs/events ending on or before July 27.
  • August 4 – for county fairs/events ending on or before July 31.
  • August 7 – for county fairs/events ending August 1 or later.

Contact Hannah McCoy at 4hexhibits@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Communications Event

Participant Letters

Report Forms

Awardrobe Clothing Event

2020 Awardrobe information can be found here. Entry limits remain the same, and the entry fee will be waived. Entries are due from the county in Fair Entry by July 31.

To view the Virtual Runway Show click here.

County Information

Counties will be encouraged to select exhibits for this special exhibition in a similar manner to how they normally select exhibits and participants for the Iowa State Fair. Quotas have been established based on 4-H enrollment numbers. Counties are also encouraged to evaluate the number of entries at the county level compared to previous years and reduce the number of exhibits selected in proportion to the actual number of exhibits. See the “Iowa 4-H Exhibit Quotas” for more information.

Judges Information

Evaluation Forms