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$10 Meal Challenge Poster Rules

Special Exhibition

10490 - $10 Meal Challenge – Create a balanced, nutritious meal for a family of four (4) that includes the recommended serving size of food from each of the five food groups totaling $10 or less.


  1. This poster project can be completed by an individual or small group.poster
  2. Plan a meal for a family of four.
  3. Meal must include a serving for each person from each of the five food groups: Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, and Grains.
  4. Total expense of the ingredients purchased to make the whole meal must be $10 or less. (You cannot itemize the cost for the components you use, you must include whole cost of product. For example, if you purchase bread for sandwiches, you must consider the cost for the whole loaf, not just 8 slices to make 4 sandwiches.)
  5. Poster size should not exceed 20”x30”.
  6. Posters should include:
    1. Meal Type (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)
    2. Menu Description (including proper portion sizes)
    3. Photos:
      1. Of the Meal
      2. Shopping Experience
      3. Meal Preparation
      4. Copy of Receipt
    4. Copy of $10 Meal Challenge Worksheet attached to backside of poster or content of worksheet summarized on poster.
  7. One exhibit will be selected for State Fair.


  1. USDA MyPlate website – www.choosemyplate.gov – Information regarding the five food groups and recommended serving sizes.
  2. $10 Meal Challenge Worksheet
  3. Grocery Store Simulation Workshop – available to 4-H staff


  1. Encourage intermediate or senior 4-Her’s to consider taking this project to the next level by doing a food cooking demonstration, a more formal write up, working exhibit or share the fun.