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Fruits Information

Many fruits can be successfully grown in Iowa. To increase your success rate,  select  the fruit species and cultivar that is best for your growing site and that meets your needs. Learn more about growing fruits in Iowa at Yard and Garden Online.

Want to grow your own blueberries? 
Blueberries are attractive shrubs with white to pink, urn-shaped flowers in spring; edible berries in summer; and fall foliage in shades of yellow, orange, and red. They require a sunny location and well-drained acidic soils.

Wondering about pruning?
Pruning and training fruit trees helps produce good annual yields of quality fruit. Raspberries also must be pruned properly for maximum yields. Grapevines are best pruned between late February and early April.

What kind of care does rhubarb need?
Rhubarb does best in well-drained, fertile soils that are high in organic matter. An annual application of all-purpose garden fertilizer or manure promotes growth and large yields.