Jerry Chizek

Regional Extension Education Director

Kelly Grandgeorge

Office Manager
(515) 532-3453

Jessica Norman

County Youth Coordinator
(515) 532-3453 or (515)825-8232 mobile


Kelli Holmes

Outreach Coordinator
515-532-3453/ Cell phone 515-825-8233

Staci Johnson

Office Assistant

Angie Rieck-Hinz

Extension Field Agronomist
(515) 532-3453


Kapil Arora

ISU Extension Field Specialist/Ag. Engineer
(515) 382-6551

Water quality, soil conservation practices, manure management, composting, environmental regulations

Russ Euken

Extension Field Specialist/Livestock
(641) 923-2856

Production information in nutrition, facilities, health, and budgeting for swine, beef, sheep, and dairy producers. Also has expertise in computer applications for livestock production & record keeping; and environmentally sound livestock production.

Kelvin Leibold

Field Specialist/Farm Management
(641) 648-4850

Farm Management

Yvonne McCormick

Extension Horticulturalist
(515) 832-9597

Home horticulture including gardening, house plants, and ornamentals around the home.

Jolene McCoy

External Relations Specialist
(515) 306-2828

External Relations, Marketing, Communications

Malisa Rader

Family Life Program Specialist
(515) 832-9599

Family life including quality child care, playground issues, parenting education, family decision making for later years, dealing with stress, change, and loss, building family strengths.

Holly VanHeel

Nutrition and Health Specialisit
515-576-2119 office

Barbara Wollan

Family Finance Program Specialist
(515) 832-9597

Managing family resources including home record keeping, credit education, financial planning, and financial counseling

Phil Heckman

Region 7 Youth Program Specialist

Joe Hannan

Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist
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