On-line Project Hot Sheets!!

Project Hot Sheets

Q: What's a Project Hot Sheet?

      Project Hot Sheet is a front/back, informational, signal page on a project area. There is a Project Hot Sheet for each project area you might be interested in and these Project Hot Sheets have information/resources/ideas for the project area.

Q: Where do I get these Project Hot Sheets?

     Well the great new improvement is they are all on-line at www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/projects The project areas are located at the right hand side. Scroll through and clock on all the project areas youre interested in.

Q: What if i click project area Photography where is the Hot Sheet?

      Once you have clicked on a project area you are taken to that project web page. The Hot Sheet is listed on the right hand side of the project web page. So when you clock on photography you are first taken to the photography website, and from there you need to click ont he Photography Hot Sheet which is listed on the right hand side. Then the Photography Hot Sheet will come up.

Q: What if i dont have interenet or unable to get the Project Hot Sheets off the website?

       Then you will need to write at the top of your enrollment form that you need the Project Hot Sheets printed off. Then we will print off the Project Hot Sheets at the Extension office and mail them to you.

Q: What about project material/books that I have gotten in the past will I still get them?

       The office will not be ordering project maternial/books. If you really want the bookds you can oder them yourself. You can do that by clicking on the link listed under the 4-H resources, on the the Project web page.

Q: What if you dont wan to order books?

       At the Extension office we will have one complete set of all the project material/books. This set will be the office copy. You can come in and look through and we can make copies of information you would like. Only if there is extra copy will they be loaned out.





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