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There are many reasons why an

There are many reasons why an all-voluntary approach to ag pollution just isn't going to work, ranging from high land prices and rents to the new Corn Suitability Ratings that are raising property taxes on marginal soils and thereby causing a lot of pastures and woodlands to be bulldozed and converted to crops. I've seen photos of the dozers at work and they are sickening. On top of the other reasons, Congress is likely to pass a new Farm Bill that eliminates conservation compliance requirements altogether.

Many Iowans are well aware that this nutrient strategy is a way to keep kicking the ag-pollution can down the road without having to take meaningful action, which would require serious funding and political courage. Why we Iowans are so willing to accept our horrible water, and why we keep re-electing people who don't care about water quality, I don't understand.


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