Gary Hall, Regional Director

Gary Hall

Regional Director
(641) 425-3116

Agriculture, Natural Resources, 4-H and Youth, Horticulture and Community Resource Development

Dennis Johnson

County Extension Education Specialist

4-H and Agriculture Education

Mindy Tenold

Worth County Youth Coordinator

4-H Youth Development

Mary Clagett

Office Manager

Office Management

Gail Castillo

4-H Youth Development Specialist

Youth and Youth Programs

Nancy Clark

Nutrition & Health Field Specialist
(515) 341-0261

Food Safety, Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle, Consumer Food Management, Women's Health Issues, Nutrition and the Teen Athlete, Sun Exposure and Cancer Risk, Dining with Diabetes

M. Susan Erickson

Extension specialist, Department of Landscape Architecture, and Partnering Landscape and Community Enhancement (PLaCE) program coordinator
(515) 294-1790

Healthy community design, therapeutic gardens

Russ Euken

Livestock Field Specialist

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records, and budgeting for swine beef, sheep and dairy producers. Computer applications for livestock production. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations. Environmentally sound livestock production methods.

Kelvin Leibold

ISU Extension Farm Management Field Specialist
(641) 648-4862

Farm Management including - farm leasing and land value, intergenerational transfers of assets, farm business financial planning and analysis, debt restructuring, crop and livestock marketing strategies and outlook, computerized 'what if' analysis for expansion or restructuring.

Brenda Martin

CIRAS Account Manager

Center For Industrial Research & Service, ISU Extension & Community Colleges of Iowa

Jolene McCoy

Communications & External Relations

Public relations.

Malisa Rader

Family Life Program Specialist

Malisa’s primary areas of interest include early care and education, early intervention, parenting education, attachment caregiving, and working with culturally diverse families.

Angie Rieck-Hinz

Crops Program Specialist
(515) 231-2830

Integrated Crop Management, Corn and soybean management, Soil fertility, Alfalfa, Tillage systems, Integrated Pest Management - weeds, insects and crop diseases, Soil surveys. 

Brenda Schmitt

Family Resource Management Field Specialist

Brenda is a Certified Financial Counselor who works one-on-one with clients and teaches personal financial management, entrepreneurial and employability skills online or in group settings. She is a skilled facilitator, working with communities and organizations through processes of visioning, strategic planning and intergenerational dialog. She coordinates Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites, teaching site Manager and Program Coordinator tax law. She is an Horizons Coach - teaching a leadership capacity building program. 

Currently Vacant

Field Specialist/Agricultural Engineering

Livestock facilities, building materials and construction ventilation systems, manure management systems, soil erosion and crop residue management, soil and water conservation, ground water quality, well construction and maintenance, farm machinery, environmental regulations, energy conservation and farm safety.

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