Woodbury County Extension Staff

General e-mail address
(712) 276-2157

Molly Hewitt

Program Coordinator
(712) 276-2157

Sherry McGill

Region 5 Regional Director

Management, youth and families, leadership

Cheryl Connot

Youth Program Specialist
(712) 276-2157

4-H and Youth Development

Renee Sweers

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness
(712) 276-2157

Nutrition throughout the life-cycle, Nutrition, Health and Prevention of chronic disease, Women, Infant and Children's health issues, Food Safety and Quality, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Family Nutrition Program (FNP) in selected counties

Maureen Connot

Youth Outreach Coordinator
(712) 224-3363

Sonia Davila

Buy Eat Live Healthy Program Assistant

Lujean Faber

Enhanced Youth Development Educator
(712) 276-2157

Steven Hardina

Marketing Coordinator
(712) 276-2157

Susan Iverson

Buy Eat Live Healthy Program Assistant
(712) 276-2157

Laura Johnson

4-H Youth Worker and Nutrition Educator
(712) 276-2157

4-H Youth Worker and Nutrition Educator

Cyndy Scott

Buy Eat Live Healthy Program Assistant
(712) 276-2157

Jill Sokness

Latino Outreach Specialist
(712) 276-2157

Beth Stockfleth

(712) 276-2157

Laurie Taylor

Coordinator for Master Gardener and Regional Food Programs
(712) 276-2157

Kristi Van Zanten

Office Assistant
(712) 276-2157

Brenda Welch

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(712) 546-7835

Cindy Zortman

INN School Grant Director/Educator
(712) 276-2157

Matthew Connot

AmeriCorps Youth Worker
(712) 224-3363

Cara Schueneman

AmeriCorps Youth Worker
(712) 224-3363

Jannelle Smith

AmeriCorps Youth Worker
(712) 224-3363
Lori Hayungs

Lori Hayungs

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life
(712) 360-1740

Youth development, food and nutrition, family life, parenting, family development

Ryan Breuer

Dairy Specialist

Food animals and bovine medicine, dairy medicine, transition cow health and calf health-care management, dairy producers and professionals serving them.

Joel DeJong

Crop Program Specialist

Soil Fertility, Insect and Weed Management, Alternative Tillage Methods, Integrated Crop Management, Pesticide Use and Safety, Manure as a Crop Nutrient, Weather-related Crop Problems, Sustainable Crop Production, Precision Agriculture

Beth Doran

Beef Specialist
(712) 737-4230

Provides primary leadership for and conducts Extension education programming in the feedlot and cow-calf phases of agriculture. Secondary emphasis is directed toward sheep, dairy and horses.

Abbie Gaffey

Western Communities and Economic Development Specialist
(712) 539-1169

Joseph Hannan

Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist
(515) 993-4281

Fruit & Vegetable Horticulture

Julie Hlas

Advancement Specialist
(712) 389-0129

Writing, Digital Photography, Marketing

Dr. Kris Kohl

Agricultural Engineering Specialist

Livestock facilities, building materials and construction ventilation systems, manure management systems, soil erosion and crop residue management, soil and water conservation, ground water quality, well construction and maintenance, farm machinery, environmental regulations, energy conservation and farm safety.

Jan Monahan

Families Finance Program Specialist
(712) 336-3488

Financial Management, Retirement Planning, Horizons, Poverty

Dave Stender

Swine Specialist

Management of a swine operation, understanding and using records for management decisions, nutrition program analysis for cost and performance potential, genetic evaluation, value added marketing, understanding a packer sheet, evaluation of live animal and carcass, production flow planning, setting financial and production goals, business planning within the swine enterprise, and developing and using computer software for monitoring and making decisions.

Craig Tordsen

Program Manager, Value Added Agriculture-Extension
(515) 291-0966

Agri-tourism; Agricultural economic development; Agricultural Marketing Resource Center; bioenergy economics; budgeting; business analysis; business planning; Database Development; Databases; Economic development; entrepreneurship; farm business management; farm business planning; farm financial planning; Feasibility studies; financial analysis; Financial Management; financial management/budgeting; financial planning; Market Maker; market strategies for niche commodities; value added agriculture

Gary Wright

Farm Management Specialist
(712) 276-2157
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