4-H Leader Info

Club Meeting Guides
Are you looking for fresh and new ideas for club meetings?  This site contains 4-H project themed meeting guides for 4-H clubs.  Feel free to use all of the activities under a project area or just a couple of them. 

4-H Consumer Judging
4-H Consumer Judging teaches 4-H'ers to make decisions by comparing items and deciding which is better and why based on product standards.  The goal of 4-H Consumer Judging is to teach 4-H'ers to make wise consumer choices.

4-H Project Ideas
From Beef to Woodworking there are 34 different project areas for 4-H'ers to choose from.  Here are some resources to help you educate your 4-H club members on the project available.

4-H Club Treasury
Many resources have been created to help 4-H clubs manage their club treasury.  Check out these resources.

4-H National Youth Science Day
Join youth and adults throughout the nation experience the excitement of discovery in the 4-H National Youth Science Day.  The 2011 science experiment focused on wind energy.  The complete youth and helper guides can be downloaded from this website once you register.  

Iowa 4-H Volunteer Website
This website contains many of the resources 4-H volunteers need.

Iowa 4-H Clover Kids Volunteer Website
Clover Kids Volunteers can find resources to start, manage, and plan Clover Kids Groups at this website.  The Clover Kids Toolbox is in the process of being revised, so keep an eye out for changes.  If you have any questions about Clover Kids, contact Brenda Welch, bwelch@iastate.edu.

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