ISU Extension Worksite Wellness

Investing in employee wellness is good business.


It can result in

  • lower insurance premiums
  • lower turnover
  • increased productivity
  • increased job satisfaction


ISU Extension Worksite Wellness programs can help employees make lifestyle changes that will improve their health and fitness levels, benefitting them at home and at work.  Programs can be offered with flexibility such as multiple shift times, as lunch and learns, or whatever works best for your work environment. 


Programs available:


Eating Well-Moving More

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans age 25 or older has high blood pressure.  One-third of them don’t even know they have it! 


Eating Well - Moving More is a wellness program that helps employees make lifestyle changes in five areas that influence blood pressure: weight, physical activity, diet, sodium intake, and alcohol use. 


The program offers:

  • on-site session(s) with ISU Extension nutrition and health specialist
  • on-site blood pressure and weight screening with individual risk assessments before and after the series
  • eight self-study newsletters for employees containing lifestyle behavior assessments and goal setting materials


Learn more by visiting the Eating Well Moving More website.


Habits for Healthy Hearts

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women.  


Habits for Healthy Hearts is designed to help employees (and their spouses- optional) not only learn smart food and activity choices, but also practice the skills that lead to better health and lower risk for heart disease. This nationally recognized program is presented in six 90-minute sessions.  Each session includes hand-on activities, taste testing heart-healthy recipes, learning new ways to be physically active and much more.

Past participants say...
"Classes taught me why I needed to change my food and activity habits for a healthier heart, but more importantly I learned how to change. My husband is a willing partner in all of these changes."

"When my doctor looked at my cholesterol test results he couldn’t believe it. He said I lowered my cholesterol MORE by following the guidelines in Habits for Healthy Hearts than if I’d been on medication. It was easy -- I just read labels, watched portion sizes, and walked every day."

Learn more by visiting the Habits for Healthy Hearts website.


Custom Designed Wellness Programs

Design your own series of face-to-face programs, specific to your employees needs.  Possible topics available upon request.


Brochure of Worksite Wellness Services



Contact ISU Extension Nutrition and Health Specialist Renee Sweers at or (712) 276-2157 for additional information.

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