Community Meetings Notice: FLOOD RESTORATION SEMINAR

Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach, the City of Sioux City, and the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce hosted two meetings on flood clean-up presented by nationally known flood recovery expert, Dr. Ken Hellevang. These two meetings were held at the Sioux City Convention Center on August 29, 2011 for homeowners and businesses and on August 30 for contractors.


View Recorded Sioux City Meeting for Homeowners with Dr. Ken Hellevang


View PowerPoint for Homeowner's from Dr. Ken Hellevang's presentation


View PowerPoint for Contractor's from Dr. Ken Hellevang's presentation


Flooded building clean-up is the major topic that will be discussed by Extension Disaster Education Network representative Dr. Hellevang. “Think of cleaning your home after a flood as a marathon,” Dr. Hellevang advises. “Flood recovery is a long process, and it can have a huge impact on many parts of your life, including your health, emotions and finances. Because cleaning a flooded home is such an enormous undertaking, don’t make hasty decisions.”


Dr. Hellevang is an Engineering Specialist and Professor in the Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Department at North Dakota State University. He is a nationally known specialist in flood preparation and recovery including mold and moisture problems and has provided educational and technical assistance to several flooded Midwest regions including Eastern Iowa and North Dakota. “This likely is a new experience for you, and you need to do the cleanup correctly,” he stresses.


The seminars covered how to protect yourself from hazards associated with cleaning a flooded home, the recommended process including what can be salvaged and what needs to be discarded, recommended procedure for cleaning and sanitizing, and proper drying procedures. Proper mold removal and steps to minimize mold growth will also be covered.


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To receive additional information about flood recovery conatact ISU Extension- Woodbury County at (712) 276-2157 or visit the Iowa State University Extension Flood Resources Site at /topic/recovering-disasters.

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