Assisting Children and Youth Cope with Disasters

Children are coping with the flood also. It is important for the caring adults in their lives to assist them process this disaster.



"Zero to Three" and the "National Child Traumatic Stress Network" fact sheet uses the acronym "SAFETY" to give tips on assisting young children deal with the aftermath of disasters - After a Disaster: Helping Young Children Heal



Science of Parenting Podcast "Talking to Kids about Natural Disasters" - Science of Parenting



Iowa State University Extension Stress and Disaster Public Service Announcements (includes Audio clips)

     Keep the Peace in Temporary Quarters

     Establish Routines in Temporary Quarters

     Natural Disasters Bring Family Stress

     When to Seek Outside Help for Stress

     Talking Can Ease the Pain

     Help Children Deal with Loss    



Iowa State University Extension Dealing with Disasters website- Dealing with Disasters



Help Children Cope with Disaster article - /article/help-children-cope-disaster



Letter to child care providers, teachers, and youth workers on how they can assist children and youth in coping with the flooding -  Children/Youth Flooding Resource Letter



List of materials from various Extension Services and government agencies on assisting children and youth cope with disasters - Materials for Assisting Children and Youth Cope with Disasters



Child Emergency Preparedness - /sites/default/files/files/ChildEmergencyPreparedness.pdf.



University of Minnesota Extension, “Guide for Parents (dealing with children/youth)” -



Extension en Espanol (Extension in Spanish), “Children and Disasters, Part 1 Ages and Stages” - (Available in English and Spanish)


EPA, “Children’s Health in the Aftermath of Floods” -



University of Idaho, “Helping Children Cope with Disaster” -







For additional information, please contact:

Brenda Welch

4-H Youth Program Specialist

Iowa State University Extension

Serving Monona, Plymouth and Woodbury Counties

(712) 546-7835

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