4-H is family time

How would you like to spend more time together as a family? It’s often a challenge to fit work, family and home life into a demanding schedule, but 4-H offers families the chance to work and learn together. 4-H is not just a youth organization; it’s a family organization.


With more than 100 projects and activities designed to help families learn and grow together, there are many opportunities to develop interests and hobbies as a family. Youth and their families can work together on projects like bicycling, wildlife conservation, babysitting, bug and rock collecting, sewing, rocket building, gardening, caring for pets, and much more. The topics are endless!


You can even help start a new club in your community. Being involved with 4-H could be one of the best decisions you ever make!


Don’t miss out on the fun, educational experiences 4-H offers. Join a 4-H club and get into the fun. Contact Molly Moser at (712) 276-2157 or mrmoser@iastate.edu to find a 4-H club in your area.

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