Kraig Tweed

Regional Director

Kraig has over 25 years of leadership experience and served on the Extension Council in Greene County for 10 years.  Kraig attended Wayland Baptist University, Plainview Texas, where he finished his graduate degree while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Carrie Courtney

Office Manager

Beth Holthaus

Office Assistant

Brenda Kirkeby

Office Assistant

Bobbi Jo Wild

County Youth Coordinator

Positive youth development, agriculture, communications

Jennifer Bentley

Extension Dairy Field Specialist

Youngstock Management, Dairy Herd Management, Facilities

Jennifer Bentley's Dairy Extension Resource Page

Lynette Houser

Regional Youth Coordinator

Youth and 4-H

Kayla Koether

Food Systems Specialist

Grazing, local foods, Holistic Management, beginning farmers

Brian Lang

Extension Agronomist

Develop and conduct educational programs in row crop, forage, and pasture management with emphasis on integrated crop management and controlled intensive grazing. Specific areas of expertise include: corn, soybean, small grain, hay, silage, and grazing management; soil testing and nutrient recommendations; manure management; pesticide management; conventional, ridge-till, and no-till production; with emphasis on net profit, sustainability, and environmental concerns. Advise and assist with multi-agency water quality projects in Northeast Iowa. Arrange multi-disciplined programs with local and state extension agricultural specialists, agricultural providers, and conservation agencies. Provide timely media releases on critical crop management related issues.

Melissa R O'Rourke

Farm and Agribusiness Management Specialist

Farm Transition & Estate Planning; Human Resource Management; Farmland Leasing & Land Values; Farm Business Planning

Laura Liechty

Regional Youth and Nutrition Coordinator
(563) 382-2949

Liechty coordinates outreach activities for school-based 4-H Food and Fitness teams and youth-led FEEST events, and outreach to families about healthy eating and active living.  She is a Registered Dietician and has experience working with public schools, Head Start and the WIC program.

Kendra Crooks

4-H and Youth Development Specialist


Patrick O'Malley

Horticulture Program Specialist
(319) 337-2145

Primary areas of expertise: commercial fruits and vegetables. Secondary areas of expertise: ornamental horticulture including greenhouse and nursery crops, and turfgrass

Denise Schwab

Beef Program Specialist

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records analysis, and pasture and forage management for beef and sheep producers. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations.

Mark Storlie

Swine Program Specialist

Swine production management – production pig flow, breeding and farrowing schedules, principles and application of PQA; initiating and utilizing production and financial records for management – marketing, cost control; analysis of nutritional feeding programs; alternative housing options – hoop buildings; mortality composting; contracting considerations – production & marketing; development & communication with employees – production handbooks; development of computer templates for management control or awareness; support of value-added production and marketing systems – organic, sustainable production, direct marketing.

Cindy Thompson

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life
Quality child care, parenting education, child development, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), early childhood nature/science, managing stress, strength-based and relationship-based approaches, aging topics.

Jill Weber

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness
319-234-6811 Ext. 112

Nutrition and foods-related education; food safety and sanitation; healthy lifestyles; human development; instructional strategies.
• ChildCare Provider Nutrition Training Brochure
2015 Serv Safe Brochure

Teresa Wiemerslage

Regional Program Coordinator, Food Systems

Communications; consumer horticulture; direct marketing; farm to school; farmers markets; gardening; local food systems; local foods; plant disease; plant pathology; sustainable agriculture; value added agriculture

Karen K. Lathrop

Organizational Advancement Specialist
(319) 930-9744

Marketing, Branding, Organization Development

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