Confinement Site Manure Applicator Workshops Scheduled for 2015

Confinement site manure applicators and anyone interested in learning about manure issues should plan to attend a two-hour workshop offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in January or February 2015. These workshops are offered in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. There is no fee to attend the workshops, but applicators will need to pay certification fees to complete certification requirements.
Iowa law requires confinement site manure applicators to attend two hours of continuing education each year of their three-year certification period, or take and pass an exam once every three years.
A total of 63 confinement site manure applicator workshops will be held in 54 Iowa counties. Seven dry/solid manure applicator certification meetings also will be held in February. ISU Extension and Outreach county offices have a complete list of workshop dates and locations; the list also is available on the Iowa Manure Management Action Group website at
The workshops serve as initial certification for those applicators not currently certified, recertification for those renewing licenses, and continuing education for those applicators in their second or third year of their license. Due to uniform certification deadlines, applicators are encouraged to attend workshops prior to March 1 to avoid being assessed late fees.
Those unable to attend one of the workshops should contact their ISU Extension and Outreach county office for information on a repeat showing of the program. If you can’t attend training during one of the scheduled showing dates, you will be charged a $10 fee to view the training at your convenience. If attending the workshops or watching the two-hour video is not convenient, confinement site manure applicators can contact their local DNR field office to schedule an appointment to take the certification exam.
Contact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office for more information about the Manure Applicator Certification Program or visit:

Howard Riceville Library 563-547-3001 January 15, 2015 1:30 p.m.
Allamakee County Extension Office in Waukon 563-568-6345 January 23, 2015 1:30 p.m.
Clayton County Extension Office in Elkader 563-245-1451 January 26 , 2015 1:30 p.m.
Fayette County Extension Office in Fayette 563-425-3331 January 27, 2015 1:30 p.m.
Chickasaw Borlaug Learning Center, Nashua 641-394-2174 February 9, 2015 1:30 p.m.
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