2013 Annual 4-H Awards Program held November 17

The annual Winneshiek County 4-H Awards Program was held Sunday, November 17 at the Danan Lansing Building. The afternoon program was planned and conducted by members of the 4-H County Council, Youth Development Committee, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Winneshiek County Staff. 
The program began with the introduction of the 4-H County Council, Junior Leadership Council, 4-H Members, Clover Kids, Leaders, and 4-H Youth Development Committee Members.  The 4-H leaders serving 5 years and more were recognized.  Bonnie Hackman, Karla Hageman, Michelle Schwartzhoff, Lisa Bullerman, and Connie Hauber received a 5-year pin, and Sue Bruvold and Nancy Sacquitne received a 10-year pin.   
Special Awards
The 4-H Meritorious Service Award is given to an individual, group or business that has supported 4-H through their time, talents, and resources. KVIK Radio was named this year’s recipient. They have supported the Winneshiek County 4-H program and have generously allowed 4-H members to speak on the radio.

The Honorary 4-H Award is presented to a person who was not an active 4-H member, but understands the importance of the program.  This year’s award was presented to Steve Vanden Brink of Decorah.  He has dedicated his time to support 4-H at both the club level and county level by offering to help at events and lead workshops.  

The 4-H Alumni Award is presented to an individual who was a former 4-H member and has given back to the 4-H program. The 4-H Alumni Award was presented to Michelle Schwartzhoff of Decorah.  Michelle is a current 4-H leader and a member of the 4-H Youth Development Committee serving as the current chairperson. She strives to improve the outcome and well being of each of our 4-H youth and their families.   

The 4-H Volunteer Awards are presented to members and supporters who have been wonderful volunteers. This year’s recipients are Daniel Schwartzhoff, Marissa Foels, Dawson Bauer, Spencer Bulman, and Loren and Lori Luzum Family.
The top 4-H Treasurer’s Book was awarded to Justin Bullerman while Jada Vanden Brink and Lukas Phillips received recognition awards. The Top Secretary Book was awarded to Jon Drow.
The overall achievement awards are the top awards available to 4-H members at the county level.  Youth receiving these awards include:
Agriculture: Ben Hanson
Achievement in Experience: Logan Brincks, Ben Hanson, Adam Knight and Ashley Schwartzhoff
AK-SAR-BEN: Logan Brincks
Achievement in Leadership: Nathan Herold, Ashley Kurash, Tanner Mashek and Nicole SchmittAchievement in Citizenship: Lucas Brincks, Ashley Kurash, Tanner Mashek and Ashley Schwartzhoff
Lamp of Knowledge: Nicole Schmitt
I Dare You: Lucas Brincks
State 4-H and Youth Conference: Nathan Herold, Emily Irwin, Adam Knight and Nicole Schmitt

Champion Dairy – Tanner Mashek
Champion Swine – Justin Hackman
Champion Beef – Isaac Luzum
4-H club members were also recognized for their accomplishments this past year.  The following is a list of awards presented to 4-H members:
Senior Project Awards 
Beef-Aric Luzum
Citizenship:Ashley Schwartzhoff
Clothing:Ashley Kurash, Nicole Schmitt & Ashley Schwartzhoff
Communications:Ashley Kurash, Isaac Luzum, Nicole Schmitt & Logan Brincks
Dairy Cattle:Ben Hanson
Dog:Ashley Darling
Food & Nutrition:Morgan Bergan & Emily Irwin
Home Improvement:Lucas Brincks & Nicole Schmitt
Horticulture:Adam Knight
Leadership:Adam Knight
Meat Goats:Carlee Knutson & Emily Irwin
Pets:Adam Knight
Photography:Emily Irwin & Nicole Schmitt
Rabbits:Emily Irwin
Self-Determined:Logan Brincks
Swine:Logan Brincks
Visual Arts:Aric Luzum
Intermediate Project Awards
Beef: Brandi Hageman
Child Development:Kaylee Knight
Citizenship:Justin Bullerman, Kaylee Knight & Everett Wegge
Clothing:Jenna Schmitt & Marissa Foels
Communications:Hanna Schmitt, Jenna Schmitt & Everett Wegge
Dairy:Josephine Berlage
Dog:Kaylee Knight
Food & Nutrition:Brooke Herold, Emily Luzum, Hanna Schmitt & Jessica Schmitt
Home Improvement:Anna Hanson
Meat Goats:Jessica Schmitt
Music:Everett Wegge
Photography:Josephine Berlage, Brooke Herold, Kaylee Knight, Anna Langreck, Kelly Langreck, Amy Schmitt & Jenna Schmitt
Poultry: Cole Phillips
Rabbits:Justin Bullerman & Brooke Herold
Science, Engineering & Technology:Everett Wegge
Self Determined:Marissa Foels & Hanna Schmitt
Sewing: Josephine Berlage
Swine:Justin Bullerman
Vet Science:Kaylee Knight
4-H Special Awards
Reading Award
Ashley Darling, Kylie Darrington, Avery Flatland, Alysa Hanson, Maria Hendrickson, Thomas Hendrickson, Anna Langreck, Kelly Langreck, Nicole Langreck, Annika Lensch, Abby Moen, Morgan Moen, Jenna Schmitt, Nicole Schmitt, Everett Wegge & Laurel Zweibohmer
Record Book Completion Awards
Senior Recognition
Drake Bauer, Jared Bergan, Morgan Bergan, Logan Brincks, Lucas Brincks, Ashley Darling, Justin Hackman, Ben Hanson, Nathan Herold, Emily Irwin, Adam Knight, Carlee Knutson, Ashley Kurash, Nicole Langreck, Aric Luzum, Isaac Luzum, Michael Lyons, Tanner Mashek, Katie Perez, Nicole Schmitt, Ashley Schwartzhoff, Jada Vanden Brink & Kevin Ward
Intermediate Recognition
Josephine Berlage, Justin Bullerman, Marissa Foels, Brandi Hageman, Anna Hanson, Brooke Herold, Anna Langreck, Kelly Langreck, Maria Lea, Emily Luzum, Skyler Luzum, Courtney Nordheim, Sadie Nymeyer, Meretta Peterson, Cole Phillips, Amy Schmitt, Hanna Schmitt, Jenna Schmitt, Jessica Schmitt,
Everett Wegge & Laurel Zweibohmer
Intermediate Outstanding Achievement
Katie Dehning & Kaylee Knight
Junior Recognition
Dawson Bauer, Jackson Berlage, Jared Darrington, Kylie Darrington, Makayla Hageman, Alysa Hanson,
Tony Hanson, Aidan Hunter, Kody Kleve, Kaitlyn Schnitzler & Alex Zweibohmer
Junior Outstanding Achievement
Alexis Averhoff, Tyler Bullerman, Kayla Burke, Kim Fischer, Avery Flatland, Ethan Frana, Ben Hageman, Maria Hendrickson, Thomas Hendrickson, Jason Herold, Tyler Irwin, Annika Lensch, Anna-Britt Lien, Abby Moen, Eli Nymeyer, Zeanna Phillips, Abraham Schmitt, Daniel Schwartzhoff, Rachelle Smith & Collin Wiltgen
Clover Kid Recognition
Justin Berlage, Brendan Hunter, Travis Nordheim & Kassidy Steines
Clover Kid Outstanding Achievement
Morgan Moen
First Year Record Keeping Recognition
Kayla Burke, Jared Darrington, Kylie Darrington, Ben Hageman, Alysa Hanson, Maria Hendrickson, Jason Herold, Brendan Hunter, Tyler Irwin, Maria Lea, Annika Lensch, Abby Moen, Eli Nymeyer, Meretta Peterson, Kaitlyn Schnitzler, Kassidy Steines, Collin Wiltgen, Alex Zweibohmer & Laurel Zweibohmer
Club Awards
Herdsmanship awards were presented to the Decorah Chiefs and the Co-Champions. Two monetary awards were donated by the Ag Committee of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce and were presented to the award winners during the 2013 Winneshiek County Fair.
The Decorah Chiefs 4-H Club received the Community Service Award. Throughout the year, the club actively volunteers and provides service learning opportunities for club members.
Clubs receiving a certificate for their donation of $2.50 per member or more in the Iowa 4-H’ers for 4-H Campaign include the Co-Champions, Decorah Chiefs, Glenwood 4-H, Hesper Helpers, Lincoln Leaders, Madison 4-H, Turkey Valley Clovers, and Washington Prairie Peppers.

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