Spend Smart Eat Smart

Some shoppers pull into the grocery store parking lot cringing at the thought of decisions to be made between aisles of fresh, frozen or canned produce, questioning whether sales are truly sales, and wondering if the kids will eat what they do decide to buy!  The solution to overcoming these feelings is the Iowa State University Extension’s Spend Smart Eat Smart Web site, www.extension.iastate.edu/foodsavings.

Shoppers can leave the dread behind by investing some time into a website visit, and using Spend Smart Eat Smart tips, recipes and hints to build food planning, shopping and preparation skills. Site visitors are heading to the grocery store with confidence that they are making the most of their food dollars and that nutrition is upper most on their shopping list.

“I like the section on of how to make healthy foods convenient,” said a Spend Smart Eat Smart visitor. “That is a challenge for on the go families like mine. The time saving tips, like proportioning healthy snacks on your own to save your health and your food dollar, are very helpful.”

Spend Smart Eat Smart appeals to shoppers of all ages, with varying amounts of time and different attitudes about grocery shopping.

Another visitor said, “I like the recipes and healthy ideas – especially with just my husband and me rattling around the house now. And quick meals I can fix after I get home – this is a great site!”
The director of a community wellness program said, “I think the meal planner is a great way to help families pick healthy meals. It can help people learn to make the right choices on eating healthy food. We’re linking it to our program website for all our participants to see.”

For families on the go or ones balancing decreasing food budgets, investing some time on the site pays off.

“I think of myself as pretty knowledgeable and savvy at the whole grocery shopping and food preparation area, but I learned a few things here,” said another visitor. “I’m using the tip of posting a leftover chart on my refrigerator. Our family will be using a chart right away!”

While some shoppers that want lists, others like the recipes – for some it is a blog entry that they find useful and enjoyable. “This website really fits the need of families on a tight budget,” one January visitor said. “I loved the Super Bowl party plan for under $20 right on the front of the page. That was a fun way to share good information.”

Experience a new way of learning each time you visit. Spend Smart Eat Smart is one way Extension is helping families save money and eat healthy. 

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