Livestock Identification - New for 2012

New for 2012—Livestock identification will be done through 4-H Online ( for breeding beef, horses, dairy, dairy goats, dogs, and breeding sheep. Identification due by Tuesday, May 15, 2012. To enter non-weigh in species, you will need to log into your 4-H online family record, and add the needed information to the Animal ID for each member’s record. Livestock Entry For Families


Weigh-In animals will be entered into 4-H online by county extension staff after the weigh-in. It will be the responsibility of the member to log into 4-H Online to verify that all information is correct. Information that is not verified by the member within the verification timeframe will be locked and will not be able to be changed after that date. Livestock Verification For Families If you have questions about this process feel free to contact the Allamakee County Extension Office. Each 4-H member is responsible for entering their own ID’s. Directions and help sheets are at Please see Livestock Entry For Families for more ‘how to’ information. If a family cannot submit data into 4-H online let us know. We will work with you to get the Livestock ID’s entered.

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