Iowa Grape and Wine Industry to Benefit from $2.5 Million USDA Grant

Northern grapes: Integrating viticulture, winemaking, and marketing of new cold-hardy cultivars supporting new and growing rural wineries.


Click for information on the Northern Grapes Project including the webinar series 


Iowa Quality Wine Consortium (IQWC)

  In order for Iowa to be competitive in the wine market place, it is necessary to produce and market high quality wines of distinct styles representing the Iowa growing region. To increase consumer awareness of Iowa’s wine quality the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute has assisted the Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) in establishing the Iowa Quality Wine Consortium (IQWC) program by providing technical and educational services. Learn more about the Iowa Quality Wine Consortium.

2010 - Building the Iowa Wine Culture Through Improved Quality

The first-ever “State of the Viticulture Industry” quality report for Iowa. Intended to identify benchmarks of quality to help determine where the industry needs to allocate additional resources and provide technical assistance in order to collectively raise the quality of wine grown and processed throughout the state. Read the report.

Best of Appellation Program

In 2009, the insitute worked with Appellation America in Napa, CA to establish Iowa as a "terrior" or growing region. Close to 90 samples were submitted and evaluted for quality and distinctive characterics. Learn more about the Best of Appellation Program.

Wine Sensory Analysis Course FSHN 509X

Back by popular demand, the class has been offered through Spring 2012. Registration is full! Learn more about the course.

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