#264 - March 3, 2014

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IA: Please complete your Winegrape Industry Economic Impact Survey
2014 Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Conference
EPA Proposes Changes to Worker Protection Standard
Year 2 Northern Grapes Project Report
FREE ISU Pesticide Record Keeping App Available for Android & iPad
Volume 3, Issue 1 of Northern Grapes News
3-(16-18) Beginning Grape Growers School – Wisconsin Dells, WI
3-22, World’s Largest Consumer Awards Competition – Lodi, CA
2012 New York Wine Industry at a Glance
3-(23-27), Wine Executive Program – UC Davis
4-(8-10), License to Steal – National Wine Marketing Conference
3-(28-30), Siouxland Garden Show
4-22, Fermentation Management & Microbial Control – Wisconsin
5-(4-6), Inside Missouri Cooperage Seminar
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U.S. Drought Monitor
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