#257 - November 15, 2013


Fed’s getting ready to revise EPA Worker Protection Rules

Federal environmental regulators are making moves toward revising rules governing how growers must protect field workers from pesticide exposure. The proposed revisions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were submitted to the White House Office of Management & Budget, the nonprofit group Farmworker Justice said Monday, 11-11-13.
Some of the proposed revisions will include:
- More frequent pesticide training for farm workers.
- More information about the pesticides farm workers are working with.
- Medical monitoring for workers who use neurotoxic pesticides.
- Spanish translation of pesticide labels.
- Buffer zones around schools and residential areas to protect against pesticide drift.
Following an OMB review, the EPA will open the regulations to public comment before any revisions are made final.
More information on this can be found in: EPA moves to tighten pesticide exposure, 11-13-13 – The Californian

11-20, USDA-FSA NAP Insurance Signup Deadline

Farmers who want risk protection for crops that are non-insurable should inquire about the Non-Insured Assistance Program (NAP) offered by FSA. A payment will be issued when production losses for a participating crop exceed 50% of your expected production. The NAP payment rate is established at 55% of the average market price
The signup deadline for perennial fruit and other crops such as apples, cherries, pears, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, honey, maple sap, asparagus, cranberries and other perennial fruits is November 20, 2013.
Eligible producers must apply for coverage of non-insurable crops using Form CCC-471, "Application for Coverage," and pay the applicable service fee at the FSA office where their farm records are maintained. The application and service fee must be filed by the application closing date as established by the FSA State Committee.
The service fee is the lesser of $250 per crop or $750 per producer per administrative county, not to exceed a total of $1,875 for a producer with farming interests in multiple counties.
Further information on NAP is available from your local FSA office or on FSA's website at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/nap.

12-(6-8) Distillation Workshop – Chicago, IL

What: Distillation Workshop - A program for future distillers and those with some experience. We are going to cover everything from fruit selection, mashing, and the actual distillation process to the legal aspects of starting a distillery in North America. Dr. Robert Birnecker and Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart as well as other presenters will be giving insights into the practice of distilling and starting a distillery.
Where: Kothe Distillation Technologies – 5121 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL
Cost: $799
SWE logo
The next Society of Wine Educators, Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) exam held on the ISU campus in Ames, Iowa will be from 11a.m. to noon Thursday, January 9, 2014. (54 days from now)
Complete information here: http://www.societyofwineeducators.org
Questions: Contact Michael L. White mlwhite@iastate.edu or 515-681-7286

TTB reviewing winery Facebook pages

From Michigan Wines Industry Newsletter, Nov. 2013
Wineries in New York are reporting an increase in audits by TTB regarding their social media sites, which TTB considers to be advertising. Be sure that mandatory information such as the address of your winery is available on your social media sites. Information on the laws and regulations governing advertising of alcoholic beverages can be found in the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, Chapter 8, Subchapter 1. According to section 207, the penalties section, any company not following the rules may be found guilty of a misdemeanor, and possibly fined up to $1,000 for each offense.
Note: TTB provided guidelines for social media compliance here in "Use of Social Media in Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages", TTB Industry Circular # 2013 -01, 5-13-13: http://www.ttb.gov/industry_circulars/archives/2013/13-01.html  mlw
Avenue: A space at the end of the vine rows wide enough for easy turning of vineyard equipment, usually 20- 30 feet.

1-(25-26) 15th Greater KC Cellarmasters Wine Classic Competition

KC Cellarmasters
Who: Any Amateur winemaker can enter
Cost: $8 per wine, $1 per label
Deadline: Jan. 2-10, 2014
FREE Midwest Wide CLASSIFIEDS for vineyards and wineries at Midwest Wine Press here:

3-(14-29), Wine Industry Tour of New Zealand – Purdue University

Purdue Wine Grape TeamJoin the Purdue Wine Grape Team and fellow wine industry professionals this spring for a once-in-a-lifetime Extension adventure in the southern hemisphere.
The group will travel to New Zealand for two weeks during harvest time between March 14 and 29, 2014. Arriving on the North Island on March 16th, they will explore Auckland and Waiheke, New Zealand’s island of wine, the Waitomo glowworm caves and Lake Taupo. Continuing on to the Port of Napier and Hawke’s Bay, they will visit wineries and vineyards along the way before reaching the capital Wellington. From there, a ferry boat will sail everyone to the South Island, where you will be are taken to the infamous wine regions of Marlborough and Nelson, and the Abel Tasman National Park. On the way to Christchurch, you may watch whales and other mammals in coastal Kaikoura. Next, will be a stop at Lincoln University in Canterbury, followed by a Waipara Valley winery tour. The spectacular scenery and the hot springs near Lake Tekapo will be a warm up for Queenstown in Central Otago where cool climate Pinot Noir and an opportunity to go bungee jumping, canyoneering, jet boating, or river surfing will conclude the adventure.
The cost of the program is $5,000 for double occupancy. A $1,000 deposit is due to hold your spot. The balance of the fees is due December 1, 2013.
Included in the fee: all transportation within New Zealand (bus, ferry, plane); dedicated driver and tour guide; all lodging in double occupancy rooms, breakfasts; several group lunches and dinners; wine tastings; admissions to major visitation sites.
Not included: airfare from the US to Auckland, New Zealand (approximately $2,000); special experiences (bungee-jumping, sky diving, etc.); gratuities for drivers and guides.
Further Details: HERE Deadline for Enrollment: 10-31-13
Questions: Pease contact: Christian Butzke 765-494-6500 butzke@purdue.edu -or- Bruce Bordelon 765-494-8212 bordelon@purdue.edu
If you have problems with registration, please contact Shannon Harvey at sherrera@purdue.edu.
Save the Date

11-25, Deadline to enter 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

The San Francisco Chronicle is currently accepting commercial wine entries for the 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest wine competition of American wines in the world. The deadline for entries is November 25, 2013.

MO Now Has A Wine Sweetness Scale – Good Idea!

From: MissouriWines.org newsletter, 11-7-13
MO wine sweetness scale
The Missouri Wine and Grape Board developed a Sweetness Scale with the intent of making it easier for consumers to understand the taste theycan expect from a particular bottle of Missouri wine.
The Scale provides a point of reference to consumers, but also helps them understand that Missouri wineries produce wines in a variety of styles, ranging in sweetness.
The graphics are simple and easy to add into a wine label design. The recommendation is to use the Scale on the back of Missouri wine labels. Another great place for it is on tasting sheets in winery tasting rooms.
The Sweetness Scale was debuted at the Regional Marketing Meetings held around the state this summer as well as included in the flash drives sent to all wineries that were unable to send a representative to the meetings.
Questions, contact: missouri.wine@mda.mo.gov
Note: I think Missouri has implemented a good idea here. You often see individual wineries in the U.S. using similar types of graphics on their label to inform their customers. The International Riesling Foundation also has a similar Sweetness Scale: http://drinkriesling.com/tastescale/thescale. mlw

Northern Grape Project Announces Upcoming Online Webinars

NGP logoThe third "season" of the Northern Grapes Project Webinar Series kicked off on Tuesday, November 12 with a webinar by Dr. Stephanie Groves of Iowa State University, titled "The ABCs of the FSMA: The Food Safety Modernization Act and Wineries." Under the provisions of the act, wineries are subject to inspection by the FDA. Dr. Groves provided participants with an overview of what to expect during an inspection, highlighting the requirements wineries will have to adhere to, and discussed how to establish and comply with current good manufacturing practices.
Click here (or the image below) to view the webinar recording.
Webinar cover pageYou can find a list of upcoming Northern Grape Project Upcoming Online Webinars here:
Past recorded Webinars can be found here:
Further Northern Grapes Project information: http://northerngrapesproject.org/  

3-30 to 4-15, 2014 Australia Winery & Vineyard Tour - WSU

Offered by the Washington State University Viticulture & Enology Certificate Program
Join us on this incredible winery and vineyard tour down under. We have insider tours and tastings planned with more than 20 winemakers. We’ll visit Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania, Coonawarra, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and McLaren-Vale.
If you would like more information, or you would like to sign up for the trip, please contact Theresa Beaver at: tbeaver@wsu.edu.

Neeto-Keeno Stuff

2. NC: Center for Sustainable Tourism: http://www.ecu.edu/sustainabletourism/
3. WineMaker’s Magazine Online Sulfite Calculator: http://winemakermag.com/1301-sulfite-calculator
4. University of KY Center for Crop Diversification: http://www.uky.edu/Ag/CCD/events.html
5. Steam Weed Control: http://www.weedtechnics.com/
The Hudson Valley in New York State is one of American’s oldest wine-growing regions. French Huguenots planted grapevines there in the 1600’s. The Hudson Valley also boasts the oldest active winery in the U.S. – Brotherhood Winery at Washingtonville, NY which was established in 1839.

Videos of Interest

1. Jesus turns water into wine, 5-9-11 – Just for laughs, 1:18 min.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgrSyokK6H0
2. Award winning Director James Moll releases trailer "Farmland" to be released in March 2014, 2:41 min.: http://www.agri-pulse.com/FarmLand-the-Movie.asp
3. My Wine Glass Won’t Stop Crying. A mystery in a wine glass. 11-14-13 – Robert Krulwich, 4:56 min. EXCELLENT! http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2013/11/12/244796108/my-wine-wont-stop-crying-a-mystery-in-a-wineglass

Show n Tell

For the past several years the Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute has worked with the ISU Chemical & BioEngineering department to provide hands-on real-world projects their graduating senior students can work on to complete their graduation requirements. Part of the senior class this year chose to look at ways they could improve upon the current systems used today to remove flaws from wine. They decided to focus their sights on volatile acidy (VA) removal, ways to remove tartrates and lower the acidity of wine.
A team of 25 senior Chemical Engineering students and their lead instructor Dr. Cory Stiehl visited Santa Maria Winery & Restaurant in Carroll, IA on Wednesday 11-14-13 to tour the winery and see how their VA Filtration System worked. John Guinan (owner) and Sean Drumheller (winemaker) hosted the tour and provided all the answers to their many questions. A few of the photos of their visit are shown below:
John Guianan, Santa Maria WinerySean Drumheller, Santa Maria Winery
(Above-L) John Guinan, owner of Santa Maria Winery and Restaurant greats the ISU Senior Chemical Engineering students.
(Above-R) Sean Drumheller, winemaker at Santa Maria Winery explains how their portable VA Filtration system works.
VA filtration machinefiltration columns
(Above-L) VA Filtration machine that can be used to lower pH and remove volatile acidity, tartaric acid and ethyl acetate from the wine.
(Above-R) Different columns (tanks) are used for each of the different functions of the VA Filtration system.

Marketing Tidbits

1. "According to a new report from Forrester Research, reported by Amy Dusto, InternetRetailer, by 2017, 60% of all U.S. retail sales will involve the Internet either as a direct e-commerce transaction or as part of shopper’s research on a laptop or mobile device. 10.3% of total retail sales in the U.S. in five years will be online purchases, or $370 billion in web sales compared to $3.6 trillion in total retail sales, says the report."
From: 10% of Retail Purchases on Internet in 10 Years, 11-11-13 – Center for Media Research
2. Infographic: Why You Should Pay Attention to Online Sales, 11-6-13 – Wine Glass Marketing: http://wineglassmarketing.com/infographic-why-you-should-pay-attention-to-online-sales/
3. Driving Traffic to Tasting Rooms & Other Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line – Donniella Winchell: http://www.uky.edu/Ag/CCD/tastingrooms.pdf
4. "In fact, a whopping 85% of Facebook users are more inclined to pay attention to -- and/or click -- on a newsfeed ad served to them on a computer. By contrast, only 15% expressed interest in receiving newsfeed ads through an application on their mobile phone, iPad, or other tablet."

Notable Quotables

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."
--- Ernest Hemingway
"We know absolutely nothing about rootstocks. He who thinks he knows anything is grossly deluded."
---Randall Grahm, President of Bonny Doon Vineyard, 4-28-08

Articles of Interest

1. MN: After 2010 planting, winery opening in Albert Lea, 10-21-13 – Austin Daily Herald
2. Organic Acreage Continues to Increase, 11-7-13 – The Packer:
3. SD: Prairie Berry Owners Launch Beer Making Business, 11-10-13 – Rapid City Journal:
4. $10 Minimum Wage + ObamaCare = 70% Labor Cost Hike, 11-12-13 0 Investor’s Business Daily:
5. WineAmerica Expands its National Network, 11-13-13 – WineAmerica:
6. Most California Produce tested had no detectable pesticide in 2012, 11-13-13 – The Packer:
7. GMO Wine? Not in my time…, 11-15-13 – Wine Blog:

Calendar of Events

12-5, North Coast Wine Industry Expo 2013 – Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA: http://wineindustrynetwork.com/wineindustryexpo/index.php
12-(6-8), Distillation workshop, Kothe Distilling Technologies – Chicago, IL: http://www.kothe-distilling.com/newsite/store/workshops/3-day-workshop-1-detail
------------------------------------------------ 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------
1-(2-10), Deadline for 15th Greater KC Cellarmasters Amateur Wine Competition. Details: http://www.cellarmasters.org/wine-classic-information/
1-(17-18), 2014 Kansas Grape Growers & Winemakers Association annual conference. Ramada Topeka West. Detail later here: http://kansasgrapesandwines.com/
1-(19 &21), Wisconsin Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Conference at The Wilderness in the Wisconsin Dells. Details later.
1-(21-23), Indiana Horticultural Congress – The Wyndham West, Indianapolis, IN: http://www.inhortcongress.org/
1-(23 & 24), Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Growers Assn. annual conference – Ankeny, IA. Details later here: http://www.ifvga.org/
1-(28-30), Unified Grape & Wine Symposium, Sacramento Convention Center - Sacramento, CA: http://www.unifiedsymposium.org/
1-30 to 2-1 Illinois Grape Growers Annual Conference & Winter Wine Festival, Crowne Plaza, Springfield, Illinois. Details later: http://www.illinoiswine.org/
1-31 & 2-1, North Dakota Grape & Wine Association annual conference, Bismarck, ND. Details later: http://www.ndgga.org/
2-(?), A Fruit Brandy Distillation Workshop will be held at Mountain Grove, MO in early February. Suggest getting your name on the list if interested here: http://mtngrv.missouristate.edu/mtngrvcellars/
2-(17 & 18), Ohio Grape and Wine Conference - Crowne Plaza Dublin, Columbus, OH. Details later: http://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/grapeweb/
2-(4-6), Midwest Grape Growers Conference – St. Charles, MO: Details: http://www.midwestgrape.com/
2-(20-23), Minnesota Grape Growers Conference Cold Climate Conference – St. Paul Minnesota. Details later here: http://mngrapegrowers.com/conference
2-(24-26), Michigan Grape & Wine Conference, Grand Traverse Resort – Acme, MI. http://www.michiganwines.com/conference#sthash.pvdgCis5.hDCqO3xj.dpbs
2-27 to 3-1), Annual Nebraska Wine Industry Forum and Trade Show - Holiday Inn, Kearney. Details later: http://agronomy.unl.edu/viticulture
3-(3-6), Eastern Winery Exposition – Lancaster, Pennsylvania: http://www.easternwineryexposition.com/
3-(6-8), Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Conference – West Des Moines Marriott, Details later: http://www.iowawinegrowers.org
3-(11-13), Wineries Unlimited Conference & Trade Show – Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA: http://www.wineriesunlimited.com/attendees/2014-preview/
3-30 to 4-15, Australia Winery & Vineyard Tour - Washington State University. Details: http://wine.wsu.edu/education/certificate/international-winery-tours/australia-winery-and-vineyard-tour/
6-(5-7), Winemaker Magazine Conference – Leesburg, VA: http://winemakermag.com/1347-registration-options
6-(22-25), American Society of Wine Economists (AAWE) - Walla Walla, WA. http://www.wine-economics.org/2014-walla-walla/
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