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VESTA – Spring Online Classes Now Forming

Online classes are now forming and now is the time to join this one of a kind grape and wine education program. The Spring Schedule has been poster here: http://www.vesta-usa.org
Enrollment Deadlines
Spring General Education Courses – 12-7-12
Winter Viticulture and Enology Courses – 12-14-12
Spring Viticulture and Enology Courses – 1-18-13
Spring VIN 272 – 3-8-13
Note: Marketing for Small Wineries-Vin 270 deadline was extended until January 18th. Class begins
1-28-13 through 3-22-13. Contact the instructor, Patty Held if you have questions at patty@pattyheldconsulting.com  You can register HERE.

Calculate Alcohol Intake with CALCohol

Iowa ABD Press Release - Ankeny, IA
CalcOholThe Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) has launched CALCohol, a mobile site that calculates standard drink sizes and the number of alcohol servings per container. The goal of CALCohol is to educate consumers, retailers and servers how much alcohol is in any given beverage.
USDA guidelines state that 0.6 ounces of pure ethyl alcohol constitutes one standard drink. The old adage "a drink, is a drink, is a drink" refers to the equal alcoholic content of a 12 ounce beer, a five ounce glass of wine and a 1.5 ounce serving of liquor. However, this is only accurate at the conventional alcoholic content of five percent alcohol by volume (ABV) beer, 12 percent ABV wine and 80-proof liquor. This comparison standard no longer applies in today’s marketplace because many new alcoholic beverage products blur the lines between the categories of beer, wine and liquor. The correct serving size for an alcoholic beverage must be determined by alcoholic content, not just category.
"As the marketplace trends to flavored and sweeter products, it becomes more difficult for the consumer to be aware of how much alcohol they are consuming. CALCohol is a tool that will quickly identify the number of standard servings and may show, on some occasions, one drink is more than enough," said Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission Chairperson Jim Clayton.
CALCohol has two functionalities. The user can calculate servings per container by inputting the alcoholic content (ABV or proof) and container size (ounces or liters). Using CALCohol, a consumer will understand that a 12 percent ABV malt beverage in a 24-ounce pop-top can actually contains nearly five servings of alcohol. CALCohol can also calculate a serving size of any alcohol product by simply entering in ABV or proof without a container size. For example, a single serving of a 30-proof liqueur is four ounces but a serving of 120-proof whiskey is only one ounce.
Browse the alcohol aisle at any local grocery store and there will be products with non-traditional package shapes and sizes including boxes, large cans and pouches; the alcoholic content within these products varies widely among each category. Beer is no longer strictly 5 percent ABV; many have higher amounts of alcohol and a variety of flavors. Fortified wines can be stronger than 20 percent ABV and liquor products range from very low to very high proof.
"ABD created CALCohol so users can quickly and simply calculate how much alcohol they are consuming," said ABD Administrator Stephen Larson. "Hopefully the mobile site makes monitoring alcohol intake interactive and engaging while encouraging moderation."
CALCohol removes the guesswork when trying to decipher the size of a standard drink of any alcohol product. It takes just a second to plug in the numbers and calculate exactly how much alcohol you are consuming before grabbing that supersized can from the store cooler or ordering a "double" at the bar. The mobile site is available at IowaABD.com/CALCohol .
ABD partnered with Iowa Interactive to design and build the mobile site. The National Alcoholic Beverages Control Association (NABCA) also generously supplied content and support.
An 1991 episode of the American news program 60 Minutes that documented the low mortality rate from cardiovascular disease among the French who had a high-alcohol, high-cholesterol and low exercise lifestyle in contrast to the high mortality rate among Americans with a relatively lower cholesterol, low alcohol and more exercise lifestyle.

NE: Jennifer Montgomery Now Executive Director of NWGGA

The Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association (NWGGA) has hired Jennifer Montgomery as the organization’s new executive director. Ms. Montgomery was with Wine America, the national trade association of American Wineries, in Washington, DC for the last 10 years.
She served as director of Grassroots and Political Affairs at Wine America. Her primary responsibilities in that position included lobbying Members of Congress and working with and reporting on public policy developments. Issues of responsibility included those related to agriculture, research, immigration/labor, and taxes, among others.
A native of Richmond, VA, Ms. Montgomery earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Radford University. Prior to her time at Wine America, she worked for the Lindl Corporation, a public relations and lobbying firm, Richmond VA, was the media coordinator for the Richmond Association of Realtors and, was also a reporter for the Roanoke Times and World News.
Jennifer will become the NWGGA’s first full-time Executive Director, and has already begun her duties. The NWGGA represents the Nebraska wine and grape Industry, and is leading the industry toward economic viability and sustainability. There are currently 28 farm wineries in the state and more than 400 acres of grapes being grown.
For more information, contact Seth McFarland, Seth McFarland, president, Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Association at 308-325-9534.

1-8, The Northern Grapes Project Webinar Series - Malolactic Fermentation

By: Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye, Lallemand, Inc.
The world of malolactic (ML) bacteria has opened up for us in recent years and we now understand much more about ML kinetics and the sensory contribution of these amazing little bacteria. The more you understand, the less chances of being baffled by a slow, sluggish or stuck ML fermentation. When you add your bacteria can be a key factor in not only having more efficient completion of MLF, but also reduce the green notes in red wines or generally having a more fruit forward wine. Join this discussion on recent advances in MLF, as well as more fundamental knowledge of what makes your ML bacteria happy.
Tuesday, January 8th, 2013: 12:00 Noon Eastern (11:00 AM Central)
7:00 PM Eastern (6:00 PM Central)
Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye
NEW THIS YEAR! We have switched to a different platform, so no longer have space restrictions during webinar sessions. Therefore, once you have registered for one Northern Grapes webinar, you will always receive an email the Friday before the webinar containing the web address (URL) for both webinar sessions as well as connection instructions. If you are receiving this email directly from Chrislyn Particka, you have registered for a past webinar and can safely assume you will get the URL and connection instructions.
Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye
If you have received this email from someone other than Chrislyn Particka, you need to register via the link below.
Feel free to email Chrislyn at cap297@cornell.edu  with any questions, if you want to check your registration status, or if you would like to be removed from the Northern Grapes webinar mailing list.
To Register: Registration is free. Fill out the online form posted at:
Registration will be open through 8am (Eastern) on Friday, January 4th.
Further Northern Grapes Project information is available on-line at http://northerngrapesproject.org/
The Northern Grapes Project is funded by the USDA’s Specialty Crops Research Initiative Program of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Project # 2011-51181-30850
Northern Grapes Project logo
Chrislyn A. Particka, PhD, Extension Support Specialist
Cornell University
315-787-2449 (desk) 315-787-2216 (fax)
Northern Grapes News
Check out the latest edition of Northern Grapes News here:

New: USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) – Guide to FSA Farm Loans

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently announced the availability of a new online publication titled "Your guide to FSA Farm Loans."
The guide is designed to serve as an informational tool and resource to help you in providing outreach and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. The guide, written in "plain language", provides information about FSA’s farm loans and loan servicing options. A list of additional resources is also included in the guide.
Check it out here: https://www.fsa.usda.gov/dafl

2-20, 3rd Sustainable Viticulture Conference – Asheville, NC

The 3rd Annual Sustainable Viticulture Conference is set for Feb. 20, 2013, at Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC. According to Chuck Blethen, executive director of the Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute, the special speaker will be Hugh Courtney, one of North America’s most famous teachers/practitioners in biodynamics. There will be lectures, demos, exhibits, wine tasting and more. For further information, contact Mr. Blethen at 828-606-3130, blethen@GrapeSAVI.org , or view the website at: http://www.GrapeSAVI.org .

2-28 to 3-2 – 16th Annual Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers & Trade Show

The 16th Annual Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Forum and Trade Show will be held at the Kearney Holiday Inn from Feb. 28-March 2, 2013. A great lineup of speakers is being assembled to help us focus on improving our already outstanding grape and wine industry. The theme of the 16th conference is "Growing an Industry."
When looking over evaluations of previous presentations of the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Forum and Trade Show, a common thread has been "let’s hear more from local growers, experts, winemakers", so we have listened and that’s why the 16th Forum’s theme is "Growing an Industry." The lineup of the speakers for the overall program will include successful Nebraska grape growers, winemakers, grape enthusiasts and experts from Nebraska and neighboring states.
More details will be forthcoming in our electronic Nebraska VineLines early in the new year and also will be posted on our web site http://agronomy.unl.edu/viticulture . Registration details will be available in mid-to-late January also.
We will also be calling for submissions of wines for the competition featuring Nebraska’s best wines to match each course of the banquet. It’s going to be an exciting program filled with great information and the NWGGA’s new Executive Director will provide insights on the state of the industry, as well as coordinating what promises to be a great Trade Show.

Check out TTB.gov’s new web pages here: http://www.ttb.gov/  

 TTB.gov banner
FREE Midwest Wide CLASSIFIEDS for vineyards and wineries at Midwest Wine Press here:

WineMaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition

2013 Winemaker competitionThe WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition is the largest event of its kind in the world. Entries were received from all 50 American states, 8 Canadian provinces and 7 different countries for the 2012 competition resulting in a total of 4,318 wines entered.
Entry Deadline: March 15, 2013
Wines will be Judged: April 19-21, 2013
Entry Fee: $25 per bottle, one bottle per entry with a maximum of 15 entries per contestant.
Each contestant winemaker will get valuable feedback from experienced judges to see how their wines stack up against fellow winemakers. All entrants will receive judging notes back along with a list of the medal-winning wines.
Complete details and entry form here: http://www.winemakermag.com/competition

Notable Quotables

1. Europe: "The so2say project, announced to the Commission that it may have identified a combination of two extracts that can replace SO2. Both of them occur naturally in wine."
From: New alternative for sulfur dioxide, 12-26-12 – NewEurope
2. MO: "In 2000, the U.S. boasted 2,688 wineries, and by 2010 that had risen to 7,626. In Missouri  the number more than tripled, from 31 to 108, during the same period."
From: With 108 wineries, is Missouri Tapped Out? 12-24-12 – Southeast Missourian
A glass bottle that holds two litres of (usually inexpensive) table wine.

Marketing Tidbits

1. Vintners Are Wooing Millennials With Boxed Wine, 12-26-12 – The Business Insider:
2. "Beer, wine and liquor stores (5 percent decline). Spirit sales are doing okay, but stores that specialize in beer, wine and liquor face growing competition from grocery chains, discount
outlets and even the Internet, as many states loosen restrictions on sales. Also, as the economy improves, people may go out to bars and restaurants more, and do less drinking at home."
From: The 10 Worst Industries for 2013, 12-21-12 – U.S. News
3. Blue Moon’s New ‘ALE’ is Half Wine, 12-20-12 – Bloomberg Businessweek:
4. Exploring the Alcoholic Beverage Consumer’s Mindset, 12-18-12 – Nielsen Wire Report:

Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff


Videos of Interest

1. France: Wall-Ye grape pruning & picking robot, 9-25-12 – YouTube, 2:38 min.:

Show n Tell

Citizens for Opening Schade Creek Vineyard & Winery logo
(Right) Window Logo "Citizens for Opening Schade Creek Vineyard & Winery" are asking people to post in Waukee, Iowa.
The Waukee City Council has not allowed Schade Creek Vineyard & Winery to sell their wine retail due to zoning ordinance issues.
They are asking people to show up to the Waukee City Council meeting on Monday, 1- 21-13 at 5:30 p.m. to show support for opening the winery for retail sales.

Articles of Interest

1. Is Your Spray Water Killing Your Herbicide Before The Herbicide Kills The Weeds? 3-20-12 – Farmgate Blog:
2. Purdue gets $6 million to develop robotic pruning for grapes, apples, 11-1-12 – Purdue University:
3. Something old, something new with herbicides, 12-5-12 – Successful Farming Magazine:
4. Ophthalmologists Warn: Flying Champagne Corks Cause Serious, Blinding Eye Injuries EachYear, 12-17-12 – NewsWise:
5. CA: Grapevine cordon heights may be critical to protecting vines from freezing, 12-18-12 – Wines & Vines:
6. The Effect of Grape Marc Acidification on the Aromatic Quality of Grappa, 12-19-10 – the academic wino:
7. Wine Technology of the Future: Multi-Stream Wine Aerating Device, 12-21-12 – the academic wino:

Calendar of Events

1-(10-12), Great Plains Growers Conference, Fulkerson Center, MO State Univ. St Joseph, MO: http://www.greatplainsgrowers.org/2013%20Web%20student%20registration%20form.pdf
1-(20-22)-13, Wisconsin Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Conference at The Wilderness Hotel & Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells. More info: http://wigrapes.org/
1(24-25), Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Conf., Ankeny. When available info should be at: http://www.findafarmiowa.org/iowa-fruit-vegetable-growers-assoc-member-news.php
1-(29-31)-13, Unified Grape & Wine Consortium at the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA http://www.unifiedsymposium.org/
1-31 to 2-2-13, Illinois Vintners & Grape Growers Assn. Conference & Winter Wine Festival – Crown Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL. http://www.illinoiswine.com/conference.html
2-(5-8)-13, Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Annual Meeting & Trade Show. Details here: http://www.wawgg.org/
2-(6-8)-13, Viticulture 2013 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, NY. New York Wine & Grape Foundation: http://vit2013.com/Home_Page.php
2-(6-8)-13, Northern Grapes Symposium (in conjunction with Vit 2013)
2-(7-9)-13, Midwest Grape & Wine Conference & Trade Show – St. Charles, MO Convention Center: Details: http://www.midwestgrapeandwineconference.com/
2-(13-15)-13, Michigan Grape & Wine Conference, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center – East Lansing, MI. Details: http://www.michiganwines.com/page.php?menu_id=77
2-20-13, The 3rd Annual Sustainable Viticulture Conference at Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC. View the website at: http://www.GrapeSAVI.org .
2-(21-23)-13, Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA) Cold Climate Conference – Crown Plaza, St. Paul. MN. Details: http://mngrapegrowers.com/conference
2-(21-23-13), MOSES Organic Farming Conference – La Crosse, WI: http://www.mosesorganic.org/
2-28 to 3-2 – 2013, 16th Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Conference, Holiday Inn – Kearney, NE. Details later: http://agronomy.unl.edu/viticulture
3-(5-8)-13, Eastern Winery Exposition at Lancaster County Convention Center & Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, PA: http://www.easternwineryexposition.com/conference/
3-(12-14)-13, Wineries Unlimited at Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA: http://www.wineriesunlimited.com/
3-(14-16)-13, Iowa Wine Growers Assn. Annual Conference at the West Des Moines Mariott. Details later: http://www.iowawinegrowers.org
5-(16-18)-13, Winemaker Magazine Conference - Monterey, CA. Full Details & Registration: http://www.winemakermag.com/conference
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