#205 - June 22, 2012


USDA-Rural Development - Rural Business Opportunity Grants

PURPOSE: to improve the economic conditions of rural areas. The program includes rural business incubators, technology-based economic development, feasibility studies and business plans, long-term business strategic planning, and leadership and entrepreneur training.
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Grants may be made to public bodies, nonprofit corporations, institutions of higher education, Indian tribes on Federal or State reservations and other Federally recognized tribal groups, and cooperatives with members that are primarily rural residents.
DEADLINE: August 6, 2012

Check out the Commercial Wine Competition results from the Wisconsin State Fair:


7-(20-22), 2nd Annual IWGA Summer Bus Tour – Get on Board!

Central Iowa TransitThe Iowa Wine Growers Association will be sponsoring its second annual bus tour this coming July 20-22. This educational and entertaining bus tour is open to both members and non-members. We will be given private tours of some of the Minnesota wineries, vineyards and nurseries that helped to start the Cold Climate wine industry. We have also included a visit to the Cannon River Falls Wine & Art Festival and a couple of private Minnesota brewery tours thrown in just to add some variety!
Central Iowa Transit of Ames, Iowa will be providing the Transportation
What: Iowa Wine Growers Association, 2nd Annual Summer Bus Tour
When: 8 a.m. Friday – 7:30 p.m. Sunday day, July 20-22, 2012.
Friday, 7-20-12
8 a.m. - Leave DMACC Campus in Ames, IA
4 p.m. – Univ. of MN Research Vineyards & Winery, Excelsior, MN
8-10 p.m. Open evening in Stillwater, MN
Overnight at Super 8 in Hudson, WI
Saturday, 7-21-12
9 a.m. – Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater, MN
10:30 a.m. – St. Croix Vineyards & Winery in Stillwater, MN
1:15 p.m. - Cannon Falls Wine & Art Festival – Cannon Falls, MN
5 p.m. – Cannon River Winery - Cannon Falls, MN
6:30 p.m. - Dinner at the Mills Street Tavern with the wine folks in Canon Falls, MN
Overnight at the AmericInn in Faribault, MN 3
Sunday, 7-22-12
10:15 a.m. – Schells Brewing Company – New Ulm, MN
Noon – Lunch at Morgan Creek Vineyards – New Ulm, MN
7:30 p.m. Arrive back to Ames, IA DMACC Campus
St. Croix Vineyards & Winery at Stillwater, MN

St.Croix Vineyards & Winery at Stillwater, MN

Cannon Falls Wine & Art Festival



 Schell's Brewery
Schell's Brewery
Morgan Creek Vineyards
Morgan Creek Vineyards
Indian Island Winery - Janesville, MN
Indian Island Winery - Janesville, MN
Cannon River Winery, Cannon Falls, MN
Cannon River Winery - Cannon Falls, MN
Feel Free to pass this tour information along to others who may be interested.

101 Iowa Grape and Wine Industry Facts

NEW! Check it Out:

Which Rely Herbicide is Labeled for Sucker Control in grapes?

The original Rely herbicide (11.33% glufosinate ammonium) was labeled for grapes by AgrEvo USA in 1996. Here is the sucker control statement that was on the original Rely label:
Sucker Control with RELY Herbicide label
In 2008 Bayer Crop Science started to market a new more concentrated Rely 200 (18.19% glufosinate ammonium). Here is the sucker control statement on the Rely 200 label:
Sucker Control with RELY 200 Herbicide label
In 2010 Bayer Crop Science increased the concentration again and started to market Rely 280 (24.5% glufosinate ammonium). The Rely 280 regular label does not say anything about controlling suckers on grape vines. The Rely 280 FIFRA Section 2ee label provides the instructions needed for sucker control in the state of New York only. You need to have the FIFRA Section 2ee label in hand when applying for sucker control. Here is what the FIFRA
Section 2ee label says:
 Rely 280 Use Recommendations
All three products, Rely, Rely 200 and Rely 280 have a grape pre-harvest interval (PHI) of 14 days.
Additional Resources:
Rely 280 FIFRA Section 2ee supplemental label grapevine sucker control in the state of New York only: http://fs1.agrian.com/pdfs/Rely_280_Herbicide_2EE.pdf

Society of Wine Educators - Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

By: Michael L. White
Mike White's CSW certificateEarlier this year I became a member of the Society of Wine Educators and recently passed their exam to become a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and you need to answer a minimum of 75 correctly to pass. I won’t lie to you. It is a very tough exam. My first attempt at the test was on 2-12-13 in Chicago. My 50 hours of test preparation did not cut it! After another 40 hours of studying, I took the exam again on 5-23-12. Boy Howdy! I passed, but I will not tell you my score. It doesn’t matter, I PASSED!
Why did I do this? Over the past few years I have become aware of quite a few people in the wine industry having the CSW certification. It is very common for tasting room staff and other wine industry professionals in the more mature wine regions of the U.S. to be a CSW. This intrigued me and led me to become a member of Society of Wine Educators and study for the test.
Would I recommend it to others? You bet! I learned a lot while studying the test preparation materials. The exam covered the following topics:
Physiology of Taste, Wine Composition & Chemistry; Faults; Viticulture & Enology; Labels, Laws & Wine Regions; The U.S. Wine Industry; Wine's Contribution to Health; Wine Etiquette & Service; Food & Wine Pairing; and Responsible Beverage Alcohol Service.
The Society of Wine Educators is an International educational organization whose mission is to advance grape and wine education through professional development and certification. The organization was founded in 1974. The Society currently offers four levels of certification - the Beverage Specialist Certificate, the Certified Specialist in Wine, the Certified Specialist in Spirits, and the Certified Wine Educator. The Society currently has over 2,200 members in 20 countries.
For more information visit www.societyofwineeducators.org , or call 202.408.8777.
Stay tuned! The Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute is currently working to become a CSW exam site. This would make it much more convenient for people in Iowa and neighboring states travel to an exam site.

Christmas Tree Knives for Hedging, Topping & Skirting

Christmas tree shearing knifeIt is that time of year again. People are starting to contact me about where to buy those Christmas tree shearing knives that I recommend so often. These knives work very well in hedging back bushy vines. Unfortunately,
"bushy vines" generally denotes too much vigor and a vine that is out of balance with its crop load and/or environment. Generally speaking, it is better not to cut off excess vegetation unless it causes undue shading of the fruit, hampers other vineyard operations, or significantly reduces airflow through the vineyard.
Hedging, topping or skirting are best done when plant vegetative growth is slowing down (ie…last 2 weeks prior to veraison), but not after veraison. Pruning the canopy back after veraison can have a negative effect on fruit ripening. Trimming back the shoots too early in the season will stimulate lateral shoot growth negating the reason for trimming in the first place. It can become a vicious cycle in over vigorous vineyards.
Topping involves topping the canes at approx. 8-12" above the top wire on vertical shoot positioned (VSP) trellis systems. Skirting involves trimming the canes approximately 12" above the ground on our downward positioned trellis systems and hedging involves trimming back those wild shoots that stick out the sides of the canopy and will not submit to positioning. It is commonly recommended to leave at least 12-15 nodes (leaves) on those shoots with grape clusters and aim toward a total canopy horizontal depth of 2 to 3 leaves. I put together a brief document summarizing these methods of canopy management here: Canopy Management Concepts
I like to use the Christmas tree serrated blade versus the straight steel blade because the serrated blades will stay razor sharp for several years. The straight steel blades need to be sharpened several times a day under heavy use. These knives normally come with combinations of 10 -18" handles and 12 to 24" blades. They normally cost anywhere from $45 to $65 each. I personally like a handle around 14-18" and a blade around 14-16". The serrated blades are "VERY" sharp. I strongly recommend wearing long pants when using them. Leg protectors can also be purchased for around $30 to $45 each.
Here are several companies that sell Christmas tree shearing knives:
1. Evans Christmas Tree Supplies, Mobile, AL:
2. Forestry Suppliers:
3. Frazer Knoll, Laurel Spring, NC:
4. Kelco Industries, Melbridge, Maine:
5. Kingma Christmas Tree Farm, DeMotte ,IN:
6. Northwoods Evergreen:
7. Shelton Mfg & Sales, Coon Rapids, MN:
8. TerraTech, Eugene, Oregon:
9. Forestry Suppliers:
Video Example: Kinkaid Ridge Winery, 2007 Hedging with a Christmas tree knife, 3.36 min.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvu8Ouz0lgQ
Check out this video of how Christmas Tree Growers use two shearing knives at a time, 8-5-2007, 1.26 min. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fF_JWDyBZQ

Mid-American Wine Competition 2012 - 6-29 Deadline 4 Entries

You are invited to enter the 6th Annual Mid-American Wine Competition being held on July 13, 14, and 15, 2012. We have updated the wine competition this year based on valuable feedback from our participating wineries.
We will be sending a postcard and invitation email to wineries in the Midwest. If are a winery that would like to participate, but have not received these, please email us at winecompetition@dmacc.edu
Below is some of the highlighted information for the 2012 competition. Our website will be updated in the near future.
· June 29th Deadline for Wine Entries
· NEW – Wine Categories have been updated
· NEW – Rules of Competition have been updated
· NEW – Credit Cards can now be accepted here: http://www.midamericanwine.org
· Physical Medals will no longer be awarded for the Label Competition
· The Food-Wine Pairing competition is July 13th
- Reservations are required
- An entry to the Food-Wine Pairing Competition consists of 2 (two) bottles of wine and $25.00
- Traditional Wine Competition is July 14th and 15th
- An entry for the Traditional Competition consists of 4 (four)bottles of wine and $40.00

Iowa State Fair Commercial and Amateur Wine Competitions

Entry Deadline: Sunday, 7-1-12
Amateur entry form:
Commercial entry form (Iowa Wineries only):

7-(6 & 7) Oak Barrel and Wine Workshops

Location: Tassel Ridge Winery, 1681 220th St., Leighton, IA 50143 8

 Dates and Times:

Workshop 1
For licensed commercial winemakers
Workshop 2
All are welcome!
Friday July 6, 2012
Saturday July 7, 2012
12:30 pm Registration/check-in
1:00-2:00 Tour of Tassel Ridge Vineyard & Winery
2:00-4:00 Demonstration and Discussion
A. Demonstration of barrel toasting
by Francis Durand, Master Cooper from Tonnellerie Radoux
B. Discussion with Francis Durand and Dan Brick, Brick Packaging
o Types of Oak; French, American etc.
o Barrel repair
o Barrel cleaning and sanitation
o Storage and maintenance of barrels
o Barrel alternatives
4:00-5:00 Wine tasting and wrap-up
12:30 pm Registration/check-in
1:00-3:00 Demonstration and Discussion
A. Demonstration of barrel toasting
by Francis Durand, Master Cooper from Tonnellerie Radoux
B. Discussion with Francis Durand and Dan Brick, Brick Packaging
o Types of Oak; French, American etc.
o Barrel repair
o Barrel cleaning and sanitation
o Storage and maintenance of barrels
o Barrel alternatives
3:00-4:00 Tour of Tassel Ridge Vineyard & Winery
Registration: Free but required. Contact Tammi Martin, tkmartin@iastate.edu , 515-294-3308 by Friday, June 22nd to reserve your space.
 Northern Grapes Project logo
*The Northern Grapes Project is funded by the USDA’s Specialty Crops Research Initiative Program of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Project #2011-51181-30850

Nebraska VineLines Newsletter – now going electronic

Nebraska VineLines newsletter from the University of Nebraska Viticulture program is now going electronic. A free subscription can be obtained by e-mailing Kathy Schindler at kschindler1@unl.edu at the University of Nebraska Viticulture Program.
University of Nebraska Vine Lines

White Elk Vineyards 1869 – 1914 at Keokuk, Iowa

White Elk Vineyards wine labelWhite Elk Vineyards were composed of around 100 acres of grapes with a winery and underground cellars. It was established in 1869 by Hiram Barney from New York. The vineyards and winery were located 2 miles north of Keokuk, IA on the west side of the river on a bluff overlooking the river. There were 4 underground domed limestone cellars 18’ x 200’ long and a fermenting room also underground. The cellars could hold over 100,000 gallons of wine. They produced wine from Catawba, Concord, Ives, Norton, Delaware, Clinton, Iona and Alvey grapes.
The wine was sold all over the U.S. and in Europe.
--1874 IA State Hort Society Report Vol 9 pp. 240-241 by Lewis T. Barney (Lewis was Hiram’s son and at the age of 21, was the youngest brevet Brigadier General serving the Union Army during the Civil War.)
The entire story of Hiram, Lewis and White Elk Vineyards with pictures of what is now left is retold by Tom Gardner in the Winter 2011 edition, pp. 6-10 of the Keokuk Confluence Magazine here:

What a story! What a place to put a winery today!

7-25, 23rd Annual Viticulture Field Day & Steak Cookout – MI

9:00 a.m. Trade Show Opens
10:00-12:00 Morning Vineyard Workshops
     Workshop #1 Grape brush as a source of fuel - Diane Brown
     Workshop #2 Fundamentals of trellis construction, Part 1. End posts and anchoring - Dav e Francis and Tom Zabadal
     Workshop #3 Cordon renewal - Tom Zabadal
     Workshop #4 Vineyard mapping and signage - Dan Nitz and Mike deSchaaf
     Workshop #5 Using old and new herbicides for optimum weed control - Bernie Zandstra
12:00 noon Complimentary lunch
12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Talk to the Voice of Experience - A major benefit of the field day is the exchange of information that occurs all day long among participants. During the lunch break, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions to veteran growers about table, juice and wine grapes at the tent in the middle of the trade show. MGS Directors Steve Tomac, Coleman Hunt and Mike deSchaaf will be there to help you.
1:15 p.m. Equipment Demonstrations
2:30 - 4:30 p.m. Afternoon Vineyard Workshops
     Workshop #6 Fungicide properties and optimal application timing - Annemiek Schilder
     Workshop #7 Insecticide options and their use in vineyards during the 2012 season – Rufus Isaacs
     Workshop #8 Wine grape cultivar trial update - Paolo Sabbatini and Tom Zabadal
     Workshop #9 Managing excessively large grapevines - Tom Zabadal, Jenny Wells and Dave Francis
     Workshop #10 Mechanical devices other than pruners and harvesters to reduce costs – Glenn Davis, Dan Nitz and Mike deSchaaf
4:45 p.m. Lake Michigan Shore Wine Showcase sponsored by the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country
5:15 p.m. Steak Cookout
Cost: $35 each prior to July 13, $45 each afterwards

Midwest Wineries Do Well at Los Angeles Times International Wine Competition

Los Angeles Times International Wine CompetitionThe Los Angeles Times International Wine Competition is is one of our nation’s premiere wine competitions. It has been running for 73 years. This year’s competition was held from May 16-18, 2012. Almost 3,300 wines were entered this year. A panel of 72 international judges were brought in to judge the wines.
The following four Midwest wineries did very well at this Competition:
Ackerman Winery – Amana, IA
1 Best of Class, 2 Gold, 3 Silver
James Arthur Vineyards – Raymond, NE St.
1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
James Winery – St. James, MO
1 Best of Class, 6 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze
Wollersheim Winery – Prairie du Sac, WI
1 Best of Class, 1 Gold, 3 Silver
Check out all the 2012 results here: http://www.fairplex.com/wos/wine_competition/

4th Annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition - MN

International Cold Climate Wine Competition logoWhen: Thursday August 16, 2012
Where: University of Minnesota Campus
Who: For commercial wineries producing wine from cold grapes
Sponsored by: Minnesota Grape Growers Association

All entries must be submitted online by 4:30 p.m. CDT on Monday, August 6, 2012.
Pre-registered entries must arrive by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 10.

Comments From Readers

Robin on nest
Good Morning,
An update on the "other" Robin in the vineyard for those who don't follow my facebook. I discovered the other Robin in the St Croix vines a week ago with a very full nest of shiny blue eggs. Since, I 've been sneaking quietly in the vineyard to check her nightly on my walk through the vines.
Baby Robin and eggs in nestLast night she was acting a different and would not leave from the nest only to sit and look at me with a fierce eye very different from my previous pass thoughts therefore figured she was protecting more than eggs with such resistance to leave. She allowed me to snap a picture of her guarding the nest and a quick picture of the first baby. The little baby bird completely naked except for a one feather on his butt (sticking up in the air) one on his head, and one little feather on each wing.. HOW CUTE is that!! Very new to the world baby bird wasn't even lifting the head yet. I'm excited to look tonight and see how many more there are and perhaps sneak another picture without disturbing the Mother Robin and her babies, she seems to trust me taking a brief peek every night.
I worry about her with the storms and check on her frequently, fortunately the St Croix vines are very vigorous providing a good canopy to shelter her and the new babies.
Robin Schlegel, Hokah, MN 6-21-12
 “ FYI....I bought two different grapevine hedging knives from two different manufacturers, both with serrated blades, a Brush King and one from Kelco Industries. The blade on the Brushking goes into the handle 2 inches less than the Kelco, the Brushking rivets were not centered and were near the top of the handle because the metal is only half the height of the handle thickness, the rivets were not flush with the handle. The serrations on the Brushking are not as deep. The Brushking handle broke withing ten minutes of light use. After I sort of repaired it and reinforced the handle with a hoseclamp it did not hold its sharpness as long as the Kelco. The Kelco was almost $20 less expensive. I've also used a Kelco at home for two seasons of heavy abuse with no damage.”
Dave Klodd, Annelise Vineyard – Indianola, IA  7-29-11

Notable Quotables

“I’ve come to the conclusion that these big competitions aren’t a very good way to evaluate wines, in a way that benefits the public.”
From: Big Wine Competitions have lots of problems, 6-20-12 by Steve Heimoff” http://www.steveheimoff.com/index.php/2012/06/20/big-wine-competitions-have-lots-of-problems/

Marketing Tidbits


Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff

1. 99 Bottles Winery – Garner, IA ( Iowa’s newest): http://www.99bottleswinery.com
2. Cellar 426 Winery – Ashland, NE (Nebraska’s newest): http://www.cellar426.com/
3. 2010 Per capita wine consumption by country, The Wine Institute:
Vatican City #1 = 14.47 gal.
Norfolk Island #2 = 14.38 gal. Luxembourge #3 = 14.39 gal.
France #4 = 11.91 gal.
Italy #5 = 11.13 gal.
Canada #49 = 2.65 gal.
U.S. #53 = 2.57 gal.
Mexico #137 = 0.13 gal.
4. Map of U.S. per capita wine consumption by state:

5. List of North American Amateur Wine Making Clubs: http://northtexaswinemakers.org/images/

Articles of Interest

1. NE: Wilbur-Ellis helps fund drift tunnel system, 6-14-12 – Ag Professional Magazine:

2. How to Legally Start a Winery, 6-20-12 – Wine Blog :

3. Dago Red: Its creator and legacy, 6-20-12 – Western Farm Press:

4. UK: Paper Wine Bottle UK Launch Imminent, 6-20-12 – the Drinks Business:

6. Phylloxera-resistant French vineyard awarded protected status, 6-22-12 – Harpers:

Videos of Interest

1. MO: Holy Grail Winery introductory video, new winery in Gerald, MO. Excellent historical pictures of the wine industry, 5:34 min,: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNX4pzl843A&feature=player_embedded

Show n Tell

vineyard bird netting applicator
(Left) Galen Haddock, owner of Ladoga Ridge Winery – Smithville, MO shared this photo of the vineyard bird netting applicator he built. It is made out of heavy stainless steel. It can be made to fit the receiver hitch on the back also. 6-19-12

Calendar of Events

7-(6 & 7), Oak Barrel & Wine Workshops, Tassel Ridge Winery, 1681 220th St., Leighton, IA 50143 FREE Contact prior to 6-22: Tammi Martin, tkmartin@iastate.edu , 515-294-3308
7-(15-19), 37th American Society of Enology ASEV-Eastern Section (ASEV-ES) Annual Conference - Traverse City, MI: http://www.asev-es.org/
7-17, Field Day: Northern-Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project at NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center, Carrington, North Dakota. http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/CarringtonREC / 701-652-2951
7-19, International Symposium on Sparkling Wine Production – last day of ASEV-ES Annual Conference, Traverse City, MI: Details: http://www.asev-es.org/
7-(20-22), 2nd Annual Iowa Wine Growers Assn. Bus Tour. MN tour of 5 wineries, 2 breweries, 1 wine festival and the UMN research vineyard and winery. Details coming soon!
7-23, ISU Fruit and Vegetable Field Day – ISU Horticulture Research Station north of Ames, IA. Full details: : http://www.aep.iastate.edu/hort
7-25, 23rd Annual Viticulture Field Day & Steak Cookout – Southwest Michigan Research & Extension Center – Michigan State University: Details: http://agbioresearch.msu.edu/swmrec/news.html
7-(25-27), Society of Wine Educators 30th Annual Conference – San Mateo, CA. Details here: http://www.societyofwineeducators.org/conference.php
7-29, Minnesota Grape Growers Association Annual Picnic – Round Lake Vineyard, 30124 State Hwy 264 Round Lake, MN 56167 Details: http://mngrapegrowers.com/mgga-annual-picnic1
8-16, International Cold Climate Wine Competition, University of MN Continuing Education Conference Center: http://www.mngrapegrowers.com/competition
9-8, UMN (Tentative) Annual Horticulture Research Center Vineyard & Winery open house, Excelsior, MN. Details later.
11-28 to 12-1, VitiNord & International Cold Climate Grape and Wine Conference - Neubrandenburg, Germany. Details soon: http://www.vitinord-nb2012.org
1-(29-31)-13, Unified Grape & Wine Consortium at the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA http://www.unifiedsymposium.org/
1-31 to 2-2-13, Illinois Vintners & Grape Growers Assn. Conference – Crown Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL.
2-(7-9)-13, Midwest Grape & Wine Conference & Trade Show – St. Charles, MO Convention Center: Details: http://www.midwestgrapeandwineconference.com/
2-(21-23)-13, Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA) Cold Climate Conference – Crown Plaza, St. Paul. MN. Details: http://mngrapegrowers.com/conference

2-28 to 3-2 -13, 16th Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Conference, Holiday Inn – Kearney, NE
3-(6-7)-13 Eastern Winery Exposition at Lancaster County Convention Center & Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, PA: http://easternwineryexposition.com/
3-(12-14)-13, Wineries Unlimited at Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA: http://www.wineriesunlimited.com/
Past issues archived as html and/or pdf here:
Total Circulation of 1,500+ recipients in AZ, CA, CO, FL, OH, IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SD, VA, VT, WA, WA DC, WI, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, Pakistan & Turkey
Michael L. White - CCA, CPAg, CSW
ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist
909 East 2nd Ave. Suite E, Indianola, IA 50125-2892
ph: 515-961-6237, fax: 6017, cell: 515-681-7286
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