#189 - January 27, 2012

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New Excel Worksheet - Drip Irrigation Calculator (FREE)

Joe Hannan our ISU Extension Commercial Horticulture Specialist in Central Iowa created a Microsoft Excel worksheet file that automatically calculates gallons of water to apply and run times for drip irrigation. Just download, enter a few variables, and you are set. This tool can be used for any crop! NOTE: You may need to add the (.xlsx) extension to the file name in order for your computer to recognize the file type.

Questions: jmhannan@iastate.edu


Hot off the press - New USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps

The USDA has released a new 2012 Plant Hardiness Zone map of the U.S. This new map is based on updated newer and wider based state and regional weather data that occurred from 1976 to 2005. The last USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map came out in 1990 and was composed with data from 1974 to 1986.

The map is divided into different zones based on the average extreme minimum winter temperature for an area, covering 10 degrees Fahrenheit in each zone, according to the USDA website. The zones are then divided into 5-degree half-zones. Overall, most of the zones have become warmer by about 5°F. Example: Des Moines, IA was considered in the 5A zone (-15 to -20°F) in 1990 and today is in the 5B zone (-10 to -15°F).

The new map is searchable online by zip code, region and state. It was developed jointly by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and Oregon State University’s PRISM Climate Group. You can view and print the new maps here: http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/Default.aspx

(Above) New 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map based on data from 1976 to 2005.

(Above) Old USDA 1990 Plant Hardiness Zone map based on data from 1974 to 1986.


Don’t Forget to list your Iowa Vineyard on the Sensitive Crops Directory

Since April of 2008 Iowans with pesticide sensitive crops such as organic producers, vineyards, orchards, fruits and vegetables and apiaries have been able to register their locations Online with the Iowa Department of Agriculture. This is a “FREE” service. This directory has been developed to provide pesticide applicators with the locations of crops that are most susceptible to damage from pesticide drift.

The intended crops for inclusion in the registry are vineyards (minimum one acre), orchards (minimum one acre), certified organic crops (minimum one acre), and fruit and vegetable crops (minimum ½ acre). Commercial apiaries (no size limit) are also included in the registry. The crops at each registered location must be intended for commercial use, be susceptible to pesticide drift damage, and meet the minimum acreage requirements.

Producers and beekeepers can register their location information at any time during the year. The commercial beekeeping sites will be erased at the end of each year and must be renewed due to the changing nature of apiary locations. There are several “help” WWW sites that can be used by producers to find and register their GPS location.



The Department has 12” x 18” aluminum field signs that are available for $5 each (minimum order of two signs). Producers can post the signs at the physical location of the pesticide sensitive crop at a height above the crop canopy that will make them visible to both ground and aerial applicators. These signs are only available to sites registered on the Sensitive Crops Directory.

Producers can sign up for the Sensitive Crops directory Online here: http://www.iowaagriculture.gov/Horticulture_and_FarmersMarkets/sensitiveCropDirectory.asp



Online Lecture Series from Our Friends in Canada

The Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute, Brock University (CCOVI) Lecture Series returns again this year to share grape and wine knowledge. Open to professionals and the public alike, the research presented in these lectures is a valuable resource for grape growers and winemakers, the findings of which are applied to industry use in Niagara, across Canada and internationally.

This fifth annual lecture series will build off the momentum of previous seasons, giving audiences an opportunity to enhance their grasp of issues facing the industry. The lectures take place Wednesday afternoons, starting Jan. 18 and running to mid-April. All sessions start at 3 p.m. and are FREE.

The lectures will be webcast live on www.brocku.ca/ccovi at the scheduled presentation time. Last year’s series drew web viewers from around North America and as far away as Europe.

This Year’s Schedule for the 2012 CCOVI Lecture Series

  • January 18: George Kotseridis, CCOVI Staff Scientist, Oenologist, Brock University “Targeting wine balance using biological deacidification methods and by monitoring polyphenolic maturity”
  • January 25: Karl Kaiser, CCOVI Professional Affiliate, Co-founder Iniskillin wines, Winemaker and Consultant “Chemical deacidifications in winemaking”
  • February 8: Antonia Mantonakis, CCOVI Fellow, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Brock University “Does a wine’s name influence consumer taste perception?”
  • February 15: Don Cyr, CCOVI Fellow, Associate Professor of Finance, Brock University, “A cost- benefit analysis of entering and exiting vineyard operations in Niagara: 1997-2010
  • February 29: Kevin Ker, CCOVI Professional Affiliate, Industry Consultant in vineyard management, KCMS Applied Research and Consulting “How growing season weather patterns affect vine hardiness”
  • March 7: Vincenzo DeLuca, CCOVI Fellow, Professor of Biological Sciences, Brock University “Icewine grapes are biochemically active between September and Harvest”
  • March 14: Wendy McFadden-Smith, CCOVI Professional Affiliate, Tender Fruit and Grape Integrated Pest Management Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs “What we’ve learned about sour rot: an update on research”
  • March 21: Ralph Brown, CCOVI Fellow, Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph “New tools to fine-tune quality harvests”
  • March 28: Jim Willwerth, CCOVI Staff Scientist, Viticulturist, Brock University “Beating the cold: Best viticulture practices to maximize hardiness”
  • April 4: George van der Merwe, CCOVI Fellow, Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Guelph “Getting started: Adaptation of wine yeast to early fermentation stress”
  • April 11: Andy Reynolds, CCOVI Researcher, Professor of Biological Sciences, Brock University “New adventures in vineyard geomatics”
  • April 18: Jeffrey Stuart, CCOVI Fellow, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Brock University “Investigating resveratrol’s anti-cancer and neuroprotective effects”

To watch live webcasts of the lectures and for archived videos of past presentations, go to www.brocku.ca/ccovi


Filtration Technology, Theory and Application Workshop - WI

When: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. , Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where: Elmaro Vineyard, N14756 Delaney Road, Trempealeau, WI 54661 http://www.elmarovineyard.com/


9 a.m. to noon

  • Importance of Filtration
  • Filter Materials of Construction
  • Filtration Practicalities
  • Benefits of Filtration to the Winemaker

Lunch – provided by Gusmer Enterprises

Hands-on 12:30 – 3:00 pm

  • Assemble a plate and frame filter
  • Flush & Sanitize Filter Lines
  • Assemble a Canister Filter System
  • Store Canister Filters for Future Use
  • Bottle Using the Mobile Bottling Line System


Registration: Contact Lynita at 608-385-4726 to reserve your spot today!

Sustainable Farming Principles and the Fine Wine Industry – Ames, IA

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where: Campanile Room, Memorial Union, Iowa State University - Ames, IA

Who: Trent Preszler is Chief Executive Officer of Bedell Cellars. Bedell Cellars pursues sustainability in all farming, winemaking, and business practices. They have been making sustainable wine since the company's inception in 1980. After joining Bedell as National Brand Manager, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2006 and became CEO in 2010. Now at age 33, he is one of the youngest winery CEOs in the world and has led Bedell through its important brand, facility, and personnel transformations during Michael Lynne's ownership. An active scholar in addition to running a winery, Trent's writings have been published by Oxford University Press, the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, and the Huffington Post. He is currently on the Board of Directors of WineAmerica and the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. Trent earned degrees in agriculture from Iowa State University, Edinburgh University (U.K.), and Cornell University, where he is now a Ph.D. Candidate in Viticulture.

Cost: No Charge


Did you know?

The grape is the world’s most important fruit crop.

Globally, the vine covers more than 20 million acres, producing some 60 million tons of fruit, 80 percent of which is made into wine. For winemaking purposes at least, the grapevine thrives between 30-50 degrees latitude and is grown on all continents except Antarctica.

--- Society of Wine Educators “Viticulture” study module


“NEW" - Eastern Winery Exposition – Lancaster, PA

What: Eastern U.S. Trade Show and Conference for Vineyards & Wineries

When: Wed. & Thurs. March 7 & 8, 2012

Where: Lancaster County Convention Center & Lancaster Mariott at Penn Square – Lancaster, PA.


  • $285 Full Registration thru Feb. 15, $320 after
  • $150 for March 7th thru Feb. 15, $175 after
  • $150 for March 8th thru Feb. 15, $175 after
  • $75 session pass thru Feb. 15, $85 after
  • $10 Exhibitor area only, $15 onsite

Official Sponsor: Wines & Vines Magazine

Details: http://www.easternwineryexposition.com/


IWGA Annual Conference

What: Iowa Wine Growers Association’s 2012 Annual Conference

Where: Hotel at Kirkwood, Kirkwood Community College – Cedar Rapids, IA

When: Friday – Saturday, March 16 & 17, 2012

Scott Abeyta – Tax & Trade Bureau – Lee Summitt, MO
Jim Ballard – James Arthur Vineyards – Raymond, NE
Dan Brick , Brick Packaging – Traverse City, MI
Rich Collins, The Bearings Group – Des Moines, IA
Katie Cook, Enologist – University of MN
John Guinan, Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery – Carroll, IA
Tom Moore, Kirkwood Vineyard & Winery – Cedar Rapids, IA
Colleen Murphy, Iowa Beer and Wine Program – IA Department of Economic Development
Dr. Murli Dharmadhikari – Director of ISU Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute
Dr. Paul Domoto, ISU Small Fruit Specialist – Ames, IA
Mike Jones, Scott Laboratories – Petaluma, CA
Steve Larson – Director of Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division – Ankeny, IA
Mike Pence – Heartland Harvest Vineyard & Winery – Ft. Madison, IA
Jeff Quint – Cedar Ridge Vineyards, Winery & Distillery – Swisher, IA
Todd Roessler – Precision Wine Bottling / Elmaro Vineyard – Trempeauleau, WI
Jennette Smith – VineSmith, Inc. – Stephens City, VA Tag Communications – Davenport, IA
Mike White – ISU Viticulture Specialist – Indianola, IA
Dr. Thomas Zabadal, Viticulture Research/Extension – Michigan State University

Pre-registration Discount Date: 3-2-12

Full details: http://iowawinegrowers.org/2012/01/register-for-the-2012-iwga-annual-conference-march-16-17/


Notable Quotables

"My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!” --- Harry Truman (1884 – 1972, 33rd President of the United States)

“There is a devil in every berry of the grape.” --- The Koran

“Wine is bottled poetry.” --- Robert Louis Stevenson

“In victory, you deserve Champagne. In defeat you need it.” --- Napoleon Bonaparte


“the number of wineries in North America continued to grow in 2011. The latest tally by WinesVinesDATA, the research arm of Wines & Vines magazine, identified 7,345 wineries now operating in the United States, up by 450 wineries or 6% from a year ago.”

---- Wineries Continue to Proliferate, 1-24-12 – Wines & Vines Magazine: http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=96685&htitle=Wineries%20Continue%20to%20Proliferate&


Marketing Tidbits

  1. Women and young adults prefer screw-cap, 1-17-12 – WineSur http://www.winesur.com/news/women-and-young-adults-prefer-screw-cap
  2. Small Winery Marketing Blog: http://smallwinerymarketing.com/
  3. "The prices of wine on U.S. store shelves could start rising this year because of an “emerging shortage” of winegrapes and wine plus a sales and marketing blitz last year” --- From: CA: Forecast: Wine, grape prices forecast to rise in 2012, 1-25-12 – North Bay Business Journal: http://www.northbaybusinessjournal.com/47703/forecast-wine-grape-prices-to-rise-in-2012/?tc=ar
  4. CA: Modern Wine Marketing Secrets, 1-26-12 – Vines & Wines Magazine: http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=96782&htitle=Modern%20Wine%20Marketing%20Secrets


Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff

  1. Grapevine Growth Disorders – 2009, Oregon State University Extension publication: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/pdf/em/em8975-e.pdf
  2. How to Reduce the Risk of Pesticide Resistance in Winegrape Pests in Oregon – 2008, Oregon State University Extension publication: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1957/20555/em8968.pdf


Articles of Interest

  1. New Formulations of Fungicide May Alter Sensory Characteristics in White Wine, 1-19-12 – the Academic Wino: http://www.academicwino.com/2012/01/new-formulations-of-fungicide-alter.html
  2. Six traits of a successful meaningful winery association, 1-24-12 - Steve Heimoff: http://www.steveheimoff.com/index.php/2012/01/24/six-traits-of-a-successful-regional-winery-association/
  3. SD: Bill to legalize bring-your-own-wine option passes state Senate committee, 1-25-12 – Rapid City Journal: http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/bill-to-legalize-bring-your-own-wine-option-passes-state/article_abdf757a-4700-11e1-894b-0019bb2963f4.html
  4. KS: Kansas Legislature mulls over bill to allow samples at liquor stores, 1-26-12 – Pitch News: http://www.pitch.com/plog/archives/2012/01/26/kansas-legislature-mulls-over-bill-to-allow-samples-at-liquor-s


Videos of Interest

  1. CA: Juslyn Vineyards - St. Helena, CA – Drying Grapes with a Helicopter, 10-17-11 – 3:45 min.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY4-h9Ka4cE
  2. KS: Holyfield Vineyard & Winery – Basehor, KS, 1-9-12 – 2:16 min.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY4-h9Ka4cE
  3. MN: Sommelier Review 8 Wines from Crow River Winery – Hutchinsin, Mn, 1-22-12 – 8:29 min. (includes Frontenac, Frontenac Gris and Marquette): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Otj_iOtG8


Calendar of Events

2-(2-4), Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Association (IGGVA) Annual Conference – Crown Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL. Details here: http://www.illinoiswine.org/conference.html 2-7, Filtration Technology, Theory and Application Workshop -: Elmaro Vineyard, N14756 Delaney Road, Trempealeau, WI 54661 Contact Lynita at 608-385-4726 to reserve your spot today!

2-(9-12), 27th Midwest Grape & Wine Conference and Trade Show - St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO. Full Details & Registration: http://www.midwestgrapeandwineconference.com/

2-16, 6 p.m. Sustainable Farming Principles and the Fine Wine Industry – Trent Preszler is Chief Executive Officer of Bedell Cellars. Bedell Cellars - Campanile Room, Memorial Union, Iowa State University - Ames, IA

2-22, 2nd Annual Sustainable Viticulture Conference – Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC. Details and registration here: http://www.JeweloftheBlueRidge.com/ - click on the link near the Warren Wilson College logo.

2-(23-25), Minnesota Grape Growers Association’s Cold Climate Conference - Crown Plaza, St. Paul, MN. Details here: http://mngrapegrowers.com/conference

3-(1-3), Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Forum - Holiday Inn, Kearney, NE. http://agronomy.unl.edu/viticulture

3-(7-8), Eastern Winery Exposition – Lancaster County Convention Center & Lancaster Mariott at Penn Square – Lancaster, PA. Details:http://www.easternwineryexposition.com/ 3-(16 & 17), Iowa Wine Growers Association’s Annual Conference – Hotel at Kirkwood, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA. Details later here: http://www.iowawinegrowers.org

3-(26-29), UC Davis Wine Executive Program, Maurice J. Gallager Jr - Hall, Davis, CA: Details: http://www.wineexecutiveprogram.com/

3-(27-29), Wineries Unlimited, Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA Details here: http://www.wineriesunlimited.com/

3-(29-31), 2nd Annual Midwest Aronia Berry Association Annual Meeting, Holiday Inn at 4800 Merle Hay Road in Des Moines, Iowa.

4-(17-19), License to Steal at the Lodge at Geneva, Ohio. Details here: http://nationalwinemarketing.com/

5-28 thru 6-2, French/Italian Mediterranean chartered wine cruise, Washington State Viticulture & Enology Program. Pricing starts at $2,450 per person: http://cahnrsalumni.wsu.edu/cruise/

6-(1-2), WineMaker Magazine Annual Conference, Ithaca, NY. Details: http://www.winemakermag.com/conference

6-(7-10), 6th Annual Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE), Princeton, New Jersey. Hosted by Princeton University and Rutgers University. Details will be posted at www.wine-economics.org .

6-(18-22), 63rd American Society for Enology & Viticulture (ASEV) National Conference, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront – Portland, OR: http://asev.org/national-conference-2012/

7-(15-19), 37th American Society of EnologyASEV-Eastern Section (ASEV-ES) Annual Conference - Traverse City, MI: http://www.asev-es.org/


Past issues archived as html and/or pdf here: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/Wine/Resources/winegrowernews.htm



Total Circulation of 1,350+ recipients in AZ, CA, CO, FL, OH, IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SD, VA, VT, WA, WA DC, WI, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, Pakistan & Turkey

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