#168 - May 27, 2011

Phomopsis seems to be very common this spring

(Left) Phomopsis lesions on grape leaf. 5-5-10 mlw

Quite a few Iowans have called or e-mailed me over the past week regarding small black specks showing up on their grape leaves. After identifying it as Phomopsis viticola or Phomopsis Cane & Leaf Blight, they then ask why their Lime Sulfur application just prior to budbreak did not control it as in past years. Good question.

Research done in 2003 & 2004 by Dr. Annemiek Schilder Michigan State University showed sulfur treatments reducing disease on the rachis (most critical in determining yield loss) ranged from 40-75% .

So why are we seeing so much Phomopsis this spring? My guess is that we had a good supply of overwintering inoculum and we have had plenty of cool and wet weather to foster the development of Phomopsis. Phomopsis is a
cool and wet weather disease that can cause significant leaf, cane and fruit damage if not controlled.

The good news is that we should be able to clean up this problem with timely applications of the fungicides we are already using. Captan, Manzate or Penncozeb, Pristine, Topsin M and Ziram all provide good to moderate control of Phomopsis.

I would suggest checking out some of the following resources to become more familiar with this disease:

  1. Phomopsis, Michigan State University Extension:
  2. Phomopsis is Competing for Your Grapes:
  3. Phomopsis Cane & Leaf Spot of Grape, Cornell University Extension:
  4. Efficacy of Sulfur and Lime Sulfur in Reducing Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot of Grapes, 2004- 04 study at Michigan State University on Seyval, Niagara and Vignoles:
  5. Phomopsis Cane & Leaf Spot, Univesity of Minnesota Extension:
  6. Phomopsis Cane & Leaf Spot, Ohio State University Extension:
  7. Phomopsis Cane & Leaf Blight, Missouri State University – Mountain Grove:


ISU Extension’s NEW Commercial Hort Fruit and Veg WWW site

I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the new Commercial Hort, Fruit and Veg website. The site is www.IowaProduce.org and will (eventually) have information on production, food safety, marketing, and anything else relevant to Iowa‟s Fruit and Vegetable growers. I am adding new information to the site nearly every day. I am also producing a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for by clicking the link in the bottom right corner.

Joseph M Hannan, Iowa State University Extension Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist 28059 Fairground Rd, Adel, IA 50003-4406
515.993.4281 office 515.993.1027 fax 515.971.9503 cell or jmhannan@iastate.edu


5th annual 2011 Mid-American Wine Competition at DMACC

The 2011 Mid-American Wine Competition will be held July 8-10, 2011, in Iowa and will focus only on the wines of the Midwest. The competition will be open only to commercial wineries of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The competition is held on the campus of the Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa, which is just north of Des Moines. The college has the longstanding Iowa Culinary Institute which provided the infrastructure for the competition.

The Chief Judge for the Mid-American Wine Competition is noted wine expert and veteran wine judge, Doug Frost of Kansas City. Frost is one of only three people in the world to earn the title of both Master of Wine and Master Sommelier.

The Competition director is Bob Foster, founder and first director of the San Diego National Competition. Foster has been a wine judge and competition director for over 25 years and also directs the Temecula Valley Wine Competition in California. He is a long time wine judge for the Missouri State Fair Wine Competition and the Jefferson Cup Wine Competition held each year in Kansas City.

Dr. Murli Dharmadhikari, Director of the Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute at Iowa State University is a technical adviser to the competition and also serves as one of the wine judges.

All bonded wineries in the Midwest region are invited to enter. Any winery needing additional information may contact the competition at winecompetition@dmacc.edu .


Clark Smith's popular "Fundamentals of Wine Chemistry" at ISU

When: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday & Wednesday June 7 & 8, 2011

Where: 1951 Food Sciences Building, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Who: Clark Smith, Winemaker, founder of the wine technology firm Vinovation, and adjunct Professor at CSU Fresno, CA. Clark writes “The Postmodern Winemaker," a monthly column for Wines and Vines Magazine and directs the Best-of Appellation panel for AppellationAmerica.com. "Smith teaches at Napa Valley College, UC Davis Extension, and CSU Fresno. - David Darlington, Wine and Spirits Magazine

Cost: $95 per person. Additional registrants from same company $75 per person. Includes a 450 page comprehensive handout, lunch plus morning and afternoon refreshments at breaks each day.

Bonus: Mini workshop on pairing wine with music. Sponsored by: The Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute is sponsoring this event to make
it accessible to all wine professionals in the area. The normal cost of this workshop is $350.

Online Registration and Details: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/Wine/Events.htm (Space is limited. Registration by June 3 required.)


Effective Spraying of Orchards Course - Galesville, WI

When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where: Galesville, WI

What: This one-day, in-depth course with Dr Andrew Landers will teach you better spray techniques that can potentially reduce your pesticide use by 30-40 percent and save you money.

Cost: Workshop fee: $20 (includes breakfast, lunch, work book)
Registration details and brochure: http://www.cias.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/orchardspraybroch042111.pdf

Registration deadline: June 1, 2011 Course is limited to 24 participants on a first come, first served basis. No on-site registration permitted!

Registration questions: Call 608-265-3637 or 608-262-5200

Sponsored by: Center for Integrated Ag Systems


Entry Deadline for Iowa State Fair Amateur & Commercial Wine Competition

The entry deadline for both the Iowa State Fair Amateur and Commercial wine competition is July 1st, 2011. Entries will be judged on Saturday, July 30th. Winning entries will be displayed to the public at the Wine Experience in Grandfather's Barn at the Iowa State Fair, August 11 to 21, 2011.

A charge of $3.50 per entry will be made in the Amateur competition with 1 bottle of wine required per entry. A charge of $25 per entry will be made in the Commercial competition with two bottles required per entry.
Full details of the Iowa State Fair Amateur wine competition and entry form can be found here: http://www.iowastatefair.org/downloads/competition/premium-books/oenology.pdf

Full details of the Iowa State Fair Commercial wine competition and entry form can be found here: http://www.iowastatefair.org/downloads/competition/premium-books/commercial-wine.pdf

Questions about the commercial wine competition should be directed to Barbara Rasko at:


Winery Sustainability & Design Workshop – Springfield, IL

When: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where: Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) Trutter Center, 5250 Shepherd Rd, Springfield, IL

Who: Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, Virginia Tech University

Cost: $150 each, includes lunch and booklet

Sponsored by: LLCC‟s Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts Program & the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association (IGGVA)

Registration: Contact Megan Pressnall, director of external relations for IGGVA, at 217.726.8518 or megan@illinoiswine.com

Details & Flyer: http://www.illinoiswine.com/cgi-bin/news/news.pl?record=13


7th Annual Wine Technology Symposium – Napa Valley

The Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS) was created in 2005 by a group of wine industry and technology professionals. The purpose of WITS is to address the unique information technology and services needs of the wine industry. WITS is dedicated to bringing the world's leading wine industry professionals together with some of the world's leading technology experts to foster learning and discussion. Panels of experts will discuss specific examples and case studies.

Cost: $150 each for the first day, $300 for both days and $250 for the 7-12 wine dinner.

Registration & details: http://wineindustrytechnologysymposium.com/


Notable Quotables

  1. “More than 100 years ago, Illinois was the fourth largest wine-producing state in the nation.”

    From: Illinois wine making on the rise, 5-26-11 – Illinois Times


Marketing Tidbits

  1. “Based on their annual VinQuest™ survey of the nation's 3500+ bonded wineries, VinterActive reports that tasting room, wine club, internet, and event sales grew 12% to a record $3.4 Billion in 2010 as wineries adopted new marketing strategies to emerge from the grip of recession.”
    From: Wine Marketing: U.S. Consumer Direct Wine Sales Grow 12% to $3.4 Billion in 2010
    5-26-11 – San Francisco Chronicle
  2. “For every job that the Internet destroys, 2.6 new net jobs are created”
    From: The Internet is 20% of Economic Growth, 5-24-11 – Business Insider
  3. The Big Picture: 10 Dynamic Forces Impacting the Consumer Wine World Pt. 2 of 2,
    5-22-11 - Forbes


Comments from Readers

5-21-11“A day or two prior to your visit to Red Dog Vineyards, my wife made a trip up Johnston to meet with Jerry and to pick up some Regent plants to put it out in one of our test rows. She spent about an hour visiting with him and hearing all about the different varieties they are propagating. It is nice to have someone in our own backyard doing the hard work of sourcing these unknown varieties. Thanks for the Show n Tell write up, gave me a chance see some of what Deb saw on her visit.

Thank you,

Greg Call, Bluff Creek Vineyard – Albia, IA


Show n Tell

Just by chance on Monday (5-23-11) while visiting the ISU Horticulture Research Station north of Ames, I met a gentlemen named Mark Ledebuhr of Applications Insight, LLC. Mark developed the proptec airblast sprayer system which Thomas Brothers Manufacturing in Michigan manufactures and sells. Mark is now a spray applications consultant.

Mark invited me to attend a vineyard sprayer demonstration on Thursday evening (5-25-11) that was to be held at the Horticulture Research Station. He was organizing this for the International Standards Organization (ISO) sprayer technology group who were meeting in Des Moines this past week. The pictures below shows what was displayed:

(Left) The John Bean airblast sprayer used at the ISU Horticulture Station was the first sprayer to be demonstrated.








(Left) A darkroom demonstration with fluorescent orange die and black lights was used to show spray droplet coverage to foliage.








(Left) AgTec tower airblast sprayer made by Superb Horticulture in Plymouth, IN. The upper and lower spray nozzle manifolds can be rotated from the tractor cab for better coverage.







(Left and below left) Unadavina vineyard floor ultralow volume (ULV) sprayer manufactured by Enviromist in Australia and distributed in the U.S. by Bubco Inc. of Lodi, CA. The controlled droplet applicator (CDA) on the underside of the spray dome can apply undiluted pesticide. This sprayer can be mounted onto any common ATV. The spray dome rotates and can move around vines and poles.












(Left and below left) Electrostatic Spraying Systems (ESS) vineyard/high density orchard sprayer manufactured by ESS in Watkinsville, GA. The patented electrically charged air induced nozzles were invented and refined at the University of Georgia. The negative charge on the spray droplet is attracted to the positively charged plant allowing much less spray volume and pesticide to be used.
















(Left) LectroBlast airblast sprayer with spray tower manufactured by Progressive Ag Inc. of Modesto, CA. This sprayer gives the spray droplet a negative charge providing greater coverage to the natural positive charge of
the plant.





(Left) A proptec sprayer manufactured and distributed by Thomas Bros. Equipment Sales out of Paw Paw, MI. The two proptec rotary atomizer spray heads can be directed for better coverage and the spray boom can be turned to the horizontal position to spray downward. The rotary atomizer spray heads can deliver small or large spray droplets depending on the application required.

Note: More pictures and videos of this sprayer demonstration can be found HERE courtesy of Joe Hannan, ISU Extension Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist.






Articles of Interest

  1. Vineyard open for tasting, 5-20-11 – Argus Leader of Sioux Falls, SD
  2. A Note on Wine Labeling in the United States, 5-22-11, Wine Law On Reserve Blog
  3. Illinois House passes bill protecting craft brewers' right to distribute, 5-23-11 – Chicago Tribune
  4. South Dakota’s wine industry continues to grow, 5-24-11 – Brandoninfo.com
  5. All Sulfur not equal in wineries, 5-24-11 – Vines & Wines Magazine
  6. Worship of Wine, 5-26-11 – NZHerald.co.nz
  7. 'Wine Bottle Renew’ charts a green course for the industry, 5-26-11 – Napa Valley Register
  8. Wisconsin - Bill to Limit Brewers' Ownership of Distributors Stirs Worries, 5-27-11 – Beverage World


Videos of Interest

  1. Wine Bottle Renew‟s wine bottle recycling operation in Stockton, CA:


Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff

  1. Check out the “Info” pages at More Wine Making: http://morewinemaking.com/search/102633
  2. National Pesticide Information Center‟s new WWW site:
    http://www.hamptoninndesmoinesairport.com /
  3. Check out the “Wine Making Info” pages at Grape Stompers:


Calendar of Events:

6-4, 4-8 p.m., 5th Annual Swine Festival – where cork meets pork –Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Details: http://www.swinefestival.com/

6-(4+5), Kothe Distilling Summer Workshop, Kothe Distilling Technologies, Chicago, IL. Details:http://www.kothe-distilling.com/en/component/content/article/15-workshop-information/75-kothe-summer-2011-workshop

6-7, Viticulture Field Day, Missouri Grape Growers Assn. (MGGA) & the Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture & Enology (ICCVE). Details here: http://www.missourigrapegrowers.org/

6-(7 & 8), Clark Smith's popular "Fundamentals of Wine Chemistry" short course, 1951 Food Sciences Building, Iowa State University, Ames, 6-3 registration deadline. Details: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/Wine/Events.htm

6-(9+10), Comprehensive Elderberry Workshop & Farm Tour, American Legion Hall and Eridu Farms in Hartsburg, MO. Details at http://www.riverhillsharvest.com or call 573-424-9693

6-11, Vineyard Spraying Tailgate Workshop at Mike & Lisa Steinert‟s Glacial Edge Vineyard, 1526 SE 85th St. Wakarusa, Kansas Grape Growers and Wine Makers RSVP : Mike Steinert at steinmic@ksmail.net

6-18, Winemaking Tips & Techniques, Kite Hill Vineyards, Carbondale, IL. VESTA, Rend Lake Community College and Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Assn. Contact: Rachel Cristaudo, IL VESTA Coordinator Ph: 618) 437-5321 Ext. 1724 or cristaudor@rlc.edu

6-(20-24), American Society for Enology & Viticulture – Portola Hotel & Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA: http://asev.org/national-conference-2011/

6-23, Effective Spraying of Orchards Course - Galesville, WI Sponsored by the Center for Integrated Ag Systems 6-1 registration deadline. Registration details and brochure: http://www.cias.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/orchardspraybroch042111.pdf

6-25, Effective Vineyard Spraying workshop with Dr. Andrew Landers of Cornell, Univ. ISU Horticulture Research Station, Ames, IA. Details: contact Mike White at mlwhite@iastate.edu .
(Note: This is rescheduled from the 5-21-11 workshop which was cancelled due to airline delays.)

7-9, Winery Sustainability & Design Workshop – Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) Truter Center, 5250 Shepherd Rd, Springfield, IL. Details & Flyer: http://www.illinoiswine.com/cgi-bin/news/news.pl?record=13

7-(11-14), 36th American Society of Enology & Viticulture - Eastern Section Conference, 1 Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel Baltimore, Maryland. Details: http://www.asev-es.org/

7- (12-13), 7th Annual Wine Technology Symposium – Napa Valley. Registration & details: http://wineindustrytechnologysymposium.com/

7-(26-28), Iowa Wine Growers Association's bus trip to the 22nd Annual Michigan State University Viticulture Day on 7-27-11at the Southwest Research & Extension Center near Benton Harbor, MI. Details soon.

8-24, Seedless Table Grape & Winegrape Field Day, Univ. of WI – Madison, West Madison Ag Rearch Station, Questions: Please check blog at: www.universitydisplaygardens.com for more information e-mail Judy at jreithrozell@wisc.edu or Rebecca at harbut@wisc.edu .

11-(16 & 17), 1st North American Wine Tourism Conference – Napa Valley. Details HERE.


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Michael L. White
ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist
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ph: 515-961-6237, fax: 6017, cell: 515-681-7286


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