#159 - March 25, 2011

Iowa Pesticide Applicator Testing Changes

By: Kristine Schaefer, ISU Pest Management and the Environment (3-17-11)

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) is transitioning private and commercial pesticide applicator certification testing from the Wallace Building in Des Moines to the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) campus in Ankeny. All private and commercial pesticide applicator exams will be available at DMACC starting March 28, 2011. Certification exams will still be offered at the Wallace Building until July 1, 2011.

There will be a few changes with the switch to the DMACC campus facility. Exams will be Web-based and anyone wanting to take an exam must get a username and password prior to going to the test center at DMACC. Information on obtaining a username and password can be found at the Pesticide Testing link on the IDALS website. There will be a $20 per day fee for taking the exams. Each specific exam can only be taken once per day but multiple category (or Core plus category) exams can be taken on one day as long as the last exam is completed at least 30 minutes before the test center closes.

Other testing sites and opportunities around the state will not change at this time. More information and a schedule of when and where tests are offered are listed on the IDALS website.

Kristine Schaefer is a program specialist in the Pesticide Management and the Environment program. She can be reached by email at schaefer@iastate.edu or by phone at (515) 294-4286.


19 Selected Weed ID Resources

While attending the Iowa Wine Growers Association’s Annual Conference last week, I was asked if I could suggest some good information sources for weed identification in the vineyard. I am not aware of any specific “vineyard” weed ID, but I do know of several good weed ID resources. Here are some of the weed ID resources I use: mlw

  1. ISU Weed Identification Field Guide, 8-20-10 – 56 broadleaf weeds, 19 grass and grass like weeds, 250 high quality color photographs, 24 illustrations, 104 p. - $15.
  2. Weeds of the Midwestern United States & Central Canada, 7-1-10 – Univ. of Georgia Press, 440 p., 1423 color photos, 363 maps, Approx. $26 on Amazon.com.
  3. Weeds of the Great Plains, University of Nebraska and Nebraska Department of Agriculture, excellent narratives of 400+ plants, line drawings of 266 weeds, large color photographs, $25.
  4. Weeds of the Northeast, 1997 Cornell University Press – 408 p. 746 color photos, 118 drawing, 17 tables, paperback, $29.95.
  5. Weeds of the West, 2006 – 9th printing, published by the Western Society of Weed Science, 900 color photos, 650 p. 350+ weed species, $34.


“Free” Online sources:

  1. Iowa State University Weed Seedling ID
  2. Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States,
    Michigan State University
  3. University of Missouri Weed ID Guide
  4. Virginia Tech Weed ID Guide
  5. Weed Science Society of American Weed Identification
  6. New Jersey Weed Gallery, Rutgers University
  7. Weed ID from the University of Illinois
  8. Weed Identification & Management, University of Wisconsin- Madison
  9. Weeds of the North Central States, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  10. Annual Grass & Perennial Weed ID, University of Minnesota
  11. Common Weed Seedlings of Michigan, Michigan State University
  12. Weeds of Kansas, 163 p. ppt converted to pdf
  13. University of Wyoming Weed Identification Resources
  14. Northeastern Weed Science Society, extensive list of weed ID resources


New Brochure and I-Phone App from Iowa Wine & Beer

Colleen Murphy of the Iowa Department of Economic Development – Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board announced the availability of the “NEW” 2011 Iowa wine and beer promotional brochures at the Iowa Wine Growers Conference last weekend. (Below)

(Left) She also announced the availability of new iPhone app that will be available soon as a download from the Iowa Wine & Beer Homepage.









Was the Annual Conference Any Good? The IWGA wants to know.

The Iowa Wine Growers Association’s Annual Conference was held March 18-19, 2011 at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids and we would like to hear your comments about the success of the meeting. IWGA is committed to monitoring the quality of the Annual Conference and your feedback is important to us.

Even if you could not attend the conference please still take a moment to fill out the survey and let us know why you chose not to attend. If you did attend the conference please let us know what you liked and disliked about this year’s conference, so we can continue to improve on the IWGA Annual Conference.

All survey submissions are anonymous. Please follow this link to fill out the IWGA Annual Conference survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/IWGA_conf_survey

If you have any questions please call the IWGA office at 515.262.8323 or 800.383.1682.


Vineyard Pruning Workshop – Linn Grove, IA – 4-2

What: Hands-on Vineyard Pruning Workshop
When: 9 a.m to noonish+, Saturday, April 2, 2011
Where: Inn Spiration Bed and Breakfast vineyard at Linn Grove, IA. The Inn Spiration Bed and Breakfast and vineyard is located just north and east of Linn Grove, at 1790 510th Street (712) 296-4966
Who: Mike White, ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist
Cost: $10 each for members, $12 for non-members
Lunch: $7 each for those wishing to stay for lunch.

Sponsored by: Northwest Iowa Grape Growers Association
Note: Dress for the weather and bring your own pruning shears.
Registration: Please reply to this E-mail if you plan on staying for the lunch so we can plan accordingly.

Contact: Norm Lewman, Secretary, Northwest Iowa Grape Growers Association nwiagrapegrowers@yahoo.com


2011 Grape Growing for Beginners - Treynor, IA - 4-2

Western Iowa Grape Growers Association is a Grape Growing for Beginners Class on Saturday April 2nd, 2011 at 9:00 am hosted at Prairie Crossing Vineyard & Winery, 31506 Pioneer Trail; Treynor, Iowa.

The class will be geared towards anyone who is interested in growing grapes and will cover necessary planning, equipment, and vineyard management.

This class is the first in a series of classes to introduce growers to establishing and maintaining a vineyard in the Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska region. Later classes will follow with more advanced topics.

The class is limited to the first 30 registrants. Pre-registration is non-refundable but is advised.

The class is open to the public. The class fee for Western Iowa Grape Grower members is $15 (for 2 people). Non-member fee is $25 per person. Membership forms will be available, annual membership is $40.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call Clifton Burkhart at 712-527-5276 or email Clifton@BurkhartVineyards.com.

Information on this class may also be found at http://www.westerniowagrapegrowers.org


Grape Grafting Workshop – Pella, IA – 4-12

What: Grape Grafting Workshop

When: 6:pm to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, 2010
Registration will start at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Black Creek Vineyards, owned by Larry and Vi Engbers, Pella, IA
1155 Hwy 102 • Pella, Iowa • 50219 • (641)628-2304 (Approx. 3.25 miles northeast of Pella on the north side of Hwy 102)

Who: Dr. Paul Domoto, ISU Extension Fruit Specialist will be demonstrating
grafting techniques that can be used in the vineyard

Sponsored by: ISU Extension and Black Creek Vineyards

Cost: $10 each, at the door

Pre-registration requested: by contacting Mike White at mlwhite@iastate.edu or 515-961-7286

Note: This workshop will be held rain or shine.


Best Practices Workshops – 4 Iowa Locations – April 5, 12, 19, 26

What: Best Practices Workshops: SO2 Management, Analysis and Calculations, Winery Cleaning & Sanitation, Identifying Wine Faults, Individual Q & A (open topics)

Where & When: 1-4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 5 South Central Iowa
Schade Creek Vineyard & Winery, 1230 Warrior Lane, Waukee, IA 50263
Tuesday, April 12 North Central Iowa
Fireside Winery, 1755 P Ave. (V77), Marengo, IA 52301
Tuesday, April 19 Western Iowa
Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery, 218 W 6th St. Carroll, IA 51401
Tuesday, April 26 Eastern Iowa
Heartland Harvest Winery, 2116 290th Ave. Fort Madison, IA 52627

Cost: "FREE", but advance registration is required!

To Register: Contact Tammi Martin one week in advance with your name, address, e-mail, phone and date of choice. tkmartin@iastate.edu or 515-294-3308

Sponsored by: Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute

Donations are always appreciated:
Visit http://www.extension.iastate.edu/wine


Comments from Readers

3-21-11 “Hi Michael –

Just want to comment on this:


2011 Grape IPM Guidelines (From: 3-16-11 NY Finger Lakes Update e-newsletter)

Those of you who have sent in your 2011 subscription for the Grape Program should be receiving your copy of the 2011 Grape IPM Guidelines in the mail this week. As you all know, funding for the IPM program is slated to end on March 31 (two weeks from tomorrow), so without further funding, this could be the last version of the Guidelines we see for a while. The new version of the
Guidelines is also available on the web at: http://ipmguidelines.org/grapes/.


We fully expect the NY/PA Grape IPM guidelines to be published annually for the forseeable future. Several faculty and the Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP) are involved in its production, and it’s not likely to go away any time soon.

Timothy E. Martinson, Ph. D. Senior Extension Associate
Statewide Viticulture Extension Program
Dept. Horticultural Sciences, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station



3-25-11 - 2011 Report from Emerald View Vineyard

As we look forward to the 2011 fall harvest, Emerald View Vineyard, LLC, will be producing its first crop of grapes. This is an exciting time in our lives as we begin to see the “fruits” of our labor the past four years.

(Left) Emerald View Vineyard, - Hokah, MN

The idea of Emerald View Vineyard began five years ago when we visited our first vineyard and picked grapes for our personal use (making wine, of course). The love we had for wine, gardening, the outdoors and nature in general was really heightened by this experience. The next winter we attended the annual Minnesota Grape Growers Assn. Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota. We came home from that conference with a passion to start a vineyard. The following spring, we planted a test plot of 100 vines, which included Edelweiss, Marquette and Maréchal Foch. Our success with these vines increased our passion for growing grapes. The next year we planted 300 Frontenac and 300 Frontenac Gris grape vines with the help of our family. Our vision was taking form! Each year a new project was taken on to improve the vineyard, which included the professional installation of a trellis system, an eight-foot predator fence (because we know deer like grape vines).

Our vineyard is located just outside of Hokah, Minnesota on a beautiful ridge top known as Union Ridge in Houston County. Over the past four years we have been working with a crop specialist and an agronomist to implement integrated pest management (IPM) and viticulture practices necessary to grow cold climate grapes. We have been spending our time between initial planting and now, attending conferences and workshops, as well as talking with other vineyard owners to ensure our vineyard management uses best practices. Our continuing education focuses on canopy management, development of a spray schedule for nutrition, pests and diseases, along with managing the challenges of soil amendment. Our goal is to produce first-class grapes that will ultimately produce first-class wines!

We estimate that there will be 3,000 pounds of Frontenac and 3,000 pounds of Frontenac Gris grapes for sale to the public this fall, as well as small quantities of our other varieties, with the expectation for higher yields in the coming years as our vineyard matures. We have an interest in selling grapes to not only commercial wineries, but to those individuals who like to make wine on a small scale in their homes. If you are interested in staying in touch with us through the growing season, you may contact us at emeraldviewvineyard@hotmail.com or call us at (507)894-8391. We would welcome the opportunity to keep you posted on developments in the vineyard as they occur.

Phillip and Teresa Nielsen, Emerald View Vineyard, LLC
8275 Union Ridge Drive, Hokah, MN 55941
(507)894-8391 or E-mail: emeraldviewvineyard@hotmail.com


3-25-11 Mike:

Thanks for the visit in Cedar Rapids.

I have read the proposed Iowa legislation and offer that it might solve some of the issues. However, I don’t believe it will solve all the issues. Both IDNR and EPA have jurisdiction over the industrial use of septic systems.

While septic systems are wastewater treatment units, they are also injection wells. IDNR can regulate septic systems, they cannot regulate injection wells. EPA regulates injection wells. What the EPA regulation says is that no industry can dispose of an industrial waste into an injection well without an EPA registration for that well. The EPA reg allows for the disposal of domestic waste into a septic tank and leach field and they have approved of IDNR’s monitoring of that program which is regulated by IAC Chapter 69 for onsite wastewater treatment systems. Chapter 69 specifies only domestic wastewater may be disposed of in a septic system, the injection well issue is one of those reasons.

EPA, if requested, may determine that winery wastewater may be discharged to a septic system, but to the best of my knowledge and research I have not been able to find where EPA has done their research to make that determination.

Again, I do know that IDNR is enforcing wastewater discharge on a winery which suggests it is just a matter of time until all wineries are subjected to a site review and potential fines. This is why I sent out the marketing letter.

What IDNR and EPA do that is proactive, is that they provide a means for an industry to perform an “environmental audit” and if the audit identifies a non-compliance issue, the industry may self disclose their issue without penalty. The caveat is that the industry is then given a timeframe to achieve compliance.

I would assume that the wineries as an association can negotiate a remedy with IDNR. For example, grain elevators state wide were without air permits, they were able to negotiate a “general permit” with IDNR. The permits were based on storage or handling capacity such that some smaller elevators filled out a “postcard” application and the larger ones were required to complete full applications and no penalties were issued.

What I am saying is that there are opportunities to reduce the regulatory burden, the results are usually better for the industry if IDNR is considered/requested to be a partner in the process.

Contact me if you have questions.


Donn L Stone, PE - Office Manager, Principal Engineer
Zia Engineering & Environmental Consultants, LLC

1531 Airport Road, Suite 102- Ames, Iowa 50010
Office - 515-233-5794, Fax - 515-233-5934, Cell - 575-635-5526


Notable Quotables

  1. “a new survey of top wine drinkers confirms suspicions that the majority of wine is drunk without food……. The survey reports that 60 percent of wines is drunk without meals while only 40 percent is, by the avid wine drinkers surveyed.”
    From: Survey finds most wine not drunk with meals, 3-24-11- Napa Valley Register
  2. “ a proposed state budget that would eliminate the entire $4.3 million fund used to train winemakers, conduct research on grape growing, establish much-needed vineyards and market Texas winegrapes. Texas’ grape and wine industry—currently 189 wineries, according to WinesVinesDATA—is estimated to pump some $1.7 billion into the state economy each year”.
    From: Trouble ahead for Texas Wine, 3-24-11 – Wines & Vines:
  3. “And then there's the little problem of per-capita consumption in this country, which is still dismally low compared to almost all other countries in the world. We Americans drink only 9.6 liters (2.54 gal.) of wine a year per-capita. That's less than Macedonia, and only a bit more than the United Arab Emirates, where alcohol is pretty much illegal.
    The good news is that our consumption, no matter how you measure it, is on the rise. Our per capita consumption in 2008 was up 14% (thank you recession), and I expect it to keep on rising, though it will take us a long time at even a 14% annual increase to approach the per-capita consumption of France, at 53 liters of wine a year.”
    From: Where All That Wine is Going, 3-22-11-Vinography Wine Blog


Marketing Tidbits

  1. New Email Era: Beginning Of The End Of Batch-And-Blast? - Five Trends Driving Email's Evolution, 3-24-11- Email Insider
  2. A look at the true Twitter audience, 3-22-11 – e-Marketer:


Show n Tell

(Above) Top wine-beer-spirits oriented 2009-2010 political contributors.

From: Pay-For-Play Government: the Real Reason Beer Always Wins, 3-24-11 - Wine Industry Insights: http://wineindustryinsight.com/?p=23608

(Left) Dave Klodd (winemaker at Summerset Winery in Indianola, IA – fingers pointing) and Dr. Murli Dharmadhikari of the ISU Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute meet with a senior ISU Chemical Engineering class to answer questions about alcohol distillation.





(Left) The Chemical Engineering students met in the computer lab to work on plans to design a continuous reflux alcohol distillation column as a senior class project. 3-22-11






(Left) Paul Tabor, winemaker at Tabor Home Winery shows of his 2008 Toast of Iowa. A 2008 vintage LaCrosse sparkling wine at the reception held Friday evening at the Iowa Wine Growers Association’s Annual Conference held last weekend. This is the first wine with the Upper Mississippi River Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA) appellation on the label. 3-18-11





Articles of Interest

  1. Nebraska wineries and vineyards thrive, 3-20-11 – Wine Industry Insight
  2. Kress Named Vice President for Extension and Outreach at Iowa State, 3-21-11 – ISU Extension:
  3. Is organic wine really better for the environment?, 3-22-11 – Slate
  4. A Place to Buy / A Place to Sell: Wine Grapes, 3-23-11 – Winedustry.com:
  5. Bill on liquor sales in Iowa convenience stores heads to governor, 3-23-11 – Des Moines Register
  6. Nation's first organic farming apprenticeship program launches, 3-24-11 – Central Valley Business Times: http://www.centralvalleybusinesstimes.com/stories/001/?ID=17985
  7. Research helps Michigan's winegrape growers balance vine canopies, 3-24-11 - The Grower
  8. Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffry will Step Down, 3-25-11 – ISU News Service


Videos of Interest

  1. Vineyard Pruning Tools, 3-17-11 - Mike White, ISU Extension, 8:53 min.:
  2. Precision Mobile Bottling, 3-21-11, Precision Wine Bottling, Trempealeau, WI, 1:34 min: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDD8TNsxVMc
  3. Templeton Rye Videos: Bottling Line1, 3-29-09 - 2:53 min


Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff

  1. Mail Chimp. Free mass e-mail management tool for e-mail lists up to 2,000 and up to 12,000 e-mail messages per month,: http://www.mailchimp.com/
  2. Drop Box. Free Cloud data storage up to 2 gb: http://www.dropbox.com/


Calendar of Events:

3-(29 to 4-1), Wineries Unlimited – Greater Richmond Virginia Convention Center, Richmond, VA: http://wineriesunlimited.vwm-online.com/

4-2, Grape Growing for Beginners at Prairie Crossing Vineyard & Winery, Details here: Western Iowa Grape Growers Association

4-2, Vineyard Pruning Workshop at : Inn Spiration Bed and Breakfast vineyard at Linn Grove, IA. Contact: nwiagrapegrowers@yahoo.com

4-(4-8), American Distillation Institute Annual Conference - Portland, OR. Details: Details & Registration: http://www.distilling.com/

4-(5, 12, 19, 26), 1-4:30 p.m. Best Practices Wine Workshops – 4 Iowa locations “FREE”. Contact: Tammi Martin for details and registration: tkmartin@iastate.edu or 515-294-3308

4-(8 & 9), Midwest Aronia Berry Annual Conference,Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Des Moines, IA. 515-278-4755, Registration info: http://midwestaronia.org/

4-9, Hop & Barley Production for Wisconsin – 2nd Annual Seminar, Tomah, WI Registration due by 4-1: http://buffalo.uwex.edu/agriculture/barley-and-hops/

4-12, Grape Grafting Workshop, at Black Creek Vineyards, Pella, IA. Sponsored by ISU Extension. Contact: mlwhite@iastate.edu or 515-681-7386
4-(12-14), - License to Steal National Wine Marketing Conference, Geneva, Ohio. Details: http://www.nationalwinemarketing.com/

4-(18-21), 14th Wildlife Damage Conference, Lied Lodge & Conference Center, Nebraska City, NE. Details & Registration: http://joomla.wildlife.org/WildlifeDamage//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=180

4-21, 1 pm -The next Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division commission meeting at the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division offices in Ankeny: http://www.iowaabd.com/about/updates/event/55

4-28, Wine Chemistry Basics for Midwestern Winemakers, Galena Cellars Vineyard & Winery, 4746 N. Ford Rd. Galena, IL. Sponsored by the Northern Illinois Wine Growers Association: http://northernillinoiswine.com/

5-(5-8), Kothe Distilling Spring Workshop, Kothe Distilling Technologies, Chicago, IL. Details & Registration: http://www.kothe-distilling.com/en/products/workshops/60-kothe-distilling-technologies-spring-2011-workshop

5-21, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Airblast Sprayer Workshop with Dr. Andrew Landers author of Effective Vineyard Spraying at the ISU Horticulture Research Station, Ames, IA. Details later. Contact: Mike White at mlwhite@iastate.edu

6-(4+5), Kothe Distilling Summer Workshop, Kothe Distilling Technologies, Chicago, IL. Details:

6-7, Viticulture Field Day, Missouri Grape Growers Assn. (MGGA) & the Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture & Enology (ICCVE). Details here: http://www.missourigrapegrowers.org/

6-(20-24), American Society for Enology & Viticulture – Portola Hotel & Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA: http://asev.org/national-conference-2011/


Total Circulation of 1,300+ recipients in AZ, CA, CO, FL, OH, IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SD, VA, VT, WA, WA DC, WI, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway & Turkey

Michael L. White,
ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist
909 East 2nd Ave. Suite E, Indianola, IA 50125-2892
ph: 515-961-6237, fax: 6017 or mlwhite@iastate.edu

Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, 3280 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-7612.

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