#138 - August 13, 2010

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Computer Crashed – Operator Survives! 
Remember to use the Iowa Wine Growers Assn’s “FREE” Grape Exchange Online 
Kirkwood Offers Wine Facility Management Courses 
Pre-harvest Petiole Testing 
Latest Gallup Poll on American Drinking Habits 
Latest CPR Procedure – a video worth watching 
Growing Students and Harvesting Knowledge (MO Center for Wine, Food and Hospitality) 
8-17, Northwest Iowa Grape Growers Association Grape Harvest Workshop 
9-2, Hands-on Berry & Wine Sensory Analysis Seminar 
9-3, Hands-on Berry Sensory Analysis Seminar, Springfield, IL 
Comments from Readers 
Show n Tell 
Notable Quotables 
Articles of Interest 
Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff 
Calendar of Events 
U.S. % of Normal Rainfall Map 

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