#136 - July 23, 2010

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Get on Board with the IWGA 
Botrytis Control (from Long Island Fruit & Vegetable Update, July 15, 2010) 
8-15, Fall Enrollment Deadline for VESTA courses 
7-29, 2nd Annual ISU All Horticulture Field Day - Ames, IA 
7-29, 21st Annual Viticulture Field Day & Steak Cookout – Michigan 
8-5 - Wine Spoilage Microbes and How to Avoid Them – a few openings left! 
8-5, Mississippi Valley Grape Growers Field Day – Park Farm Winery 
8-7, WGGA Vineyard Walk & IPM Workshop – Danzinger Vineyards & Winery 
8-24, 2ndAnnual International Cold Climate Wine Competition 
IDALS Surveying Select Vineyards for Unusual Insect Pests 
Comments from Readers 
Show n Tell 
Notable Quotables 
Articles of Interest 
Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff 
Calendar of Events 
ISU Research farm annual reports available online

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