#133 - July 2, 2010

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Tis the Season for Disease Pictures 
Christmas Tree Shearing Knives for Hedging, Topping & Skirting 
Lag Phase – Good Time to Make a Yield Estimate 
7-19, ISU Multi-State Grape Field Day - Lewis, IA 
7-24, 7th Annual Farm Vineyard Field Day – Farnhamville, IA 
8-5 , Wine Spoilage Microbes and How to Avoid Them – Sign up Now! 
Aug. 6-7, Vintage Ohio – worth the visit 
Online Daily Group Discount Coupon Deals to advertise your business 
Reader Comments (Frontenac on a 4 –arm Kniffin?) 
Show n Tell 
Comments from Readers 
Notable Quotables 
Articles of Interest 
Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff 
Calendar of Events 

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