#126 - May 14, 2010

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5-9-10 Frost – Very Erratic Across the State 
Mother’s Day Frost Hits ISU Research Vineyards 
ISU Enology Lab – Use it! 
5-25, Introductory Alcohol Distillation Workshop - Swisher, IA 
5-18, NWIGGA Early Canopy Management Workshop – Farnhamville, IA 
Bayer Crop Science Launches New Grape Information WWW Site 
Winery Planning & Design, NEW! Edition 16 now available! - $110 
Show n Tell 
OK, you can start to apply nitrogen now if you REALLY need to. 
Comments from Readers 
Notable Quotables 
Articles of Interest 
Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff 
Calendar of Events 
Center for Grapevine Biotechnology 

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