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Book Review – Wine & Design 
Iowa Winery Laws Being Challenged by Missouri Winery 
Great River Wine Trail Starting its 2nd Season 
Pruning Workshop at Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery in Nauvoo, IL 
Ascorbic Acid Additions 
“NEW” - 2010 Organic Grape Production Guide Now Available (Free Online) 
Show n Tell 
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Vineyard Marketing Tip for 2010

Start building an email address list of hobby winemakers to help market your 2010 harvest!


Book Review – Wine & Design


Wine & Design by Christian Datz and Christof Kullmann, copyright 2007, is a book I should have thumbed through a little more before purchasing. I never did quite figure it out, but the printed text in this book rotates between Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.

This does not bode well for someone like myself who has yet to master the English language, much alone additional languages. I purchased this book thinking it was a winery design book and it somewhat is. It would be a good book for a winery architect or someone looking for winery design ideas. This 400 page book consists of approximately 90% pictures and 10% text. (My kind of book!)

This book is full of beautiful colored pictures of wineries, tasting rooms, wine cellars, wine bottles and labels from all over the world. It would probably look well on a tasting room bar or your home coffee table. This book is printed in Italy and has a suggested retail of $24.95.


PS: You can view about 1/3 of the Wine & Design book at Google Books here: Wine & Design.

Iowa Winery Laws Being Challenged by Missouri Winery

A below the fold front page article in the Des Moines Register on Monday, 1-25-10 shocked the Iowa native wine industry when it reported that OakGlenn Winery, a Missouri winery along with three Iowa consumers had filed suit against the Iowa Alcohol & Beverage Division (Iowa ABD) and our Iowa Attorney General’s office citing our winery commerce laws as unconstitutional. This came as no surprise to our Iowa Wine Growers Association board members. Lynn Walding, Director of the Iowa ABD had been warning the board this would happen ever since the 2005 Grandholm v. Heald Supreme Court case upholding the unconstitutionality of state wine commerce laws that favor instate wineries and discriminate against out-of-state wineries was decided.

The four Iowa laws that are most at risk are:

  1. $1.75 per gallon wine excise tax exemption for native winery retail wine sales.
  2. The ability for Iowa native wineries to self distribute.
  3. The Class B permit allowing any Iowa retail licensed business the ability to sell native Iowa wine by the bottle and have wine tasting for a yearly charge of $25.
  4. The class C permit which allowed Class A wineries to sell by the glass. This enabled entities across the state to start having wine festivals starting in 2005.

In my opinion, the loss of the $1.75 per gallon retail excise tax exemption pales in comparison to losing the ability to self distribute and the loss of the class B and C permit. Self distribution and the Class B & C permits have been key to the rapid growth of our Iowa wine industry.

From what I understand (things are changing daily) the board of the Iowa Wine Growers Association and members of their Government Affairs committee have been meeting with lawyers, the Iowa ABD and Iowa legislators to resolve this problem. I would suggest contacting the Iowa Wine Growers Association for further information on this issue.


It’s going to be bad. "We’ve got them coming after everything we do to support the Iowa wine industry." - Ron Mark, owner Summerset Winery (2)


Background information and further resources regarding this issue:

  1. Missouri Winery Sues to Halt Iowa’s Wine Law, 1-21-10 – Des Moines Register: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20100121/NEWS10/1210346/0/elect...
  2. Federal Lawsuit, A Threat to Iowa Wineries,1-23-10 - The Business Record: http://www.businessrecord.com/main.asp?SectionID=5&SubSectionID=9&Articl...
  3. Missouri Winery Files Suit in Iowa, 1-25-10 – Wine & Spirits Daily:
  4. Original lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court – Southern District Court of Iowa on 1-12-10: http://www.alcohollawreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Iowalawsuit.pdf
  5. A Post-Granholm Analysis of Iowa’s Regulatory Framework for Wine Distribution,3-24-10 - Jessica R. Reese, Univ. of Iowa law student paper: http://www.law.uiowa.edu/journals/ilr/Issue%20PDFs/Reese_Final.pdf
  6. Law school research suggests Iowa should update wine direct-shipping laws, 4-8-09 – University of Iowa News Service: http://www.news-releases.uiowa.edu/2009/april/040809winelaw.html
  7. Oak Glenn Vineyards & Winery, Hermann, MO: http://www.oakglenn.com/
  8. Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division: http://www.iowaabd.com
  9. Grandholm v. Heald: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granholm_v._Heald


Great River Wine Trail Starting its 2nd Season

Roger Halvorson e-mailed me this week to update me on the status of the Great River Road Wine Trail that was first formed last year. Roger (past president of the Iowa Wine Growers Association) along with his wife Connie, son Jay and wife Cindy operate Eagles Landing Winery located in Marquette, Iowa.


Great River Road Wine Trail

Great River Road Wine Trail is composed of nine wineries: six in WI, two in MN and Eagles Landing on the southern tip of the trail in Iowa.

Great River Road Wine Trail Wineries
Valley Vineyard - Prescott, WI
Vino in the Valley – Maiden Rock, WI
Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery - Stockholm, WI
Danzinger Vineyards – Alma, WI
Seven Hawks Vineyards – Fountain City, WI
Garvin Heights Vineyards – Winona, MN
Scenic Valley Winery – Lanesboro, MN
Vernon Vineyards – Viroqua, WI
Eagles Landing Winery – Marquette, IA

The Great River Road Wine Trail currently has two events scheduled in 2010. One during the first week of June and one during the second week of November. They also have a Passport program. Roger tells me he is a member of several wine trails and finds that they are a GREAT way to create retail sales at his winery. They have been VERY good for Eagles Landing Winery!


Grape Root Stock Grafting Workshop

I want to thank Fred & Cindy Ver Schuure (20 acre vineyard at Oskaloosa, IA) for giving me a ride
down to the Grape Root Stock Grafting workshop held in Pittsfield, IL on Saturday, 1-16-10. Dr.
Mosbah Kushad, Horticultural Extension Specialist with the University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign led a hands-on grape grafting demonstration at this event. The Western Illinois Grape
Producers Association (WIGPAC), South Central Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association,
the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the University of Illinois Extension co-sponsored this

Dr. Krushad spend about 2.5 hours showing us how to do the different types of grafts. He then let the 20 or so in attendance practice the different grafting techniques with various types of equipment. Dr. Elizabeth Wahle, Horticulture Extension Specialist at Edwardsville, IL pitched in and helped with this activity. The primary grafting techniques we covered during this workshop included, T-Budding, Chip Budding, Omega & Whip bench grafts and Cleft grafts.

(Below) Dr. Krushad, (center) discusses grafting techniques with Fred Ver Schuure (right).



(Left) Omega grafting tool showing Omega cut to right.

(Below) Grafting wound sealers used to hold and protect the graft: grafting wax, rubber strips, Parafilm and Grafting Seal.



(Left) Bench grafting tool

(Below) Cleft grafting tools: sharp knife, hammer and grafting tool.



Further grape grafting resources:

  1. Grafting Grape Vines, Tulare Co. UC Davis Extension: http://cetulare.ucdavis.edu/pubgrape/gv698.htm
  2. An Illustrated Guide to Field Grafting Grapevines, Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network: http://berrygrape.org//an-illustrated-guide-to-field-grafting-grapevines/
  3. Plant Propagation T or Shield Budding, Texas A&M Extension: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/propagation/budding/budding.html
  4. Chip Bud Grafting in Washington State Vineyards, Washington State Univ. Extension: http://cru.cahe.wsu.edu/CEPublications/eb2023/eb2023.pdf
  5. Grape Vine Grafting PPT presentation, Washington State Univ.: http://ext.wsu.edu/forestry/video/Wine/doc/PDF%27s/PlantMaterial%20%5BRe...
  6. Propagating Plants in and Around the Home, Univ. of Kentucky Extension: http://www.ca.uky.edu/agc/pubs/ho/ho67/ho67.pdf
  7. Grafting & Budding Nursery Crop Plants, North Carolina Extension: http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/hil/ag396.html


Pruning Workshop at Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery in Nauvoo, IL

What: Hands-on Grape Pruning Workshop
When: 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, February 20, 2010
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.
Where: Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery, 2010 East Parley St., Nauvoo, IL. The winery is located 11
blocks east of Highway 96 traveling through the Nauvoo State Park.
Who: Kelly Logan, vineyard owner/manager will be demonstrating how to spur prune for the
establishment of cordons on newly planted Norton grape vines.
Sponsored by: Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery
Cost: $10 per person.Wine samples, coffee and light refreshments will be available immediately
following the workshop.
Contact: Kim or Brenda for more information at 217-453-2528 or kalogan81@hotmail.com


Ascorbic Acid Additions

“Based on experience with ascorbic acid additions in NY and in Australia I think the use of ascorbic
acid in winemaking should be re-evaluated. Long term bottle closure studies with wine with and
without ascorbic acid show that the combination of ascorbic acid and free SO2 is a very strong
system for protecting wines against oxidation and protecting their varietal fruit flavors.” ……you can
read the rest of this fact sheet from Thomas Henick-Kling, professor of enology at Washington State University here: http://winegrapes.wsu.edu/wineweb/index.html


"NEW” - Organic Grape Production Guide Now Available (Free Online)

The NYS IPM Program recently published a new guide for those growers interested in growing
grapes organically in New York. This 59 page ‘2010 Production Guide for Organic Grapes’ was
edited by Tim Weigle and Julie Carroll of the IPM Program, with contributions from many
researchers and extension staff from New York and Pennsylvania. Production of the guide was
funded in part by the Department of Ag & Markets.

The guide is not just about pest management in an organic production system. It includes chapters on soil health, cover crops, site and variety selection, and nutrient management, in addition to pest
management. The guide provides very good information for grape growers in general, even for those who are not interested in being certified organic growers. I want to congratulate Tim and Julie for putting together a very comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for growers who are interested in the subject, which there are a growing number of in New York and other parts of the Northeast.

The guide is available for free at http://nysipm.cornell.edu/organic_guide/grapes.pdf. It is only
available in an electronic format, but it can easily be downloaded and printed if you would like to
have a hard copy.


Show n Tell

(Note: Pictures are always welcome from readers.)

(Below) The ISU Research vineyard at Nashua Iowa was covered with a thick
layer of ice, frost and snow when I stopped by on 1-19-10.





(Above & Below) Selected pictures sent to me from Joe Wallace in Creston, Iowa of his
vineyard. The “green” pictures were taken on 9-13-09. Note the NetterGetter netting
machine painted green to match the tractor. The snow drift picture was taken on 1-14-10.




(Left) Check out Joanie & Stan Olson’s Penoach Winery story in the January, 2010 Adel Living Magazine


(Above) I was able to stop by the Collver Family Winery on my way back the grafting workshop I attended in on Saturday, 1-16-10 in Pittsfield, IL. James and Phyllis Collver own and operate this winery with their entire family. They also have 30 acres of grapes growing in Pittsfield, IL. The winery is located on the west side of I-72, Exit 20 at Barry, IL and was first opened in 2002. This is one winery I would highly recommend someone visit prior to building a winery. It is a very well designed single level winery. The floor plan provides for both customer convenience and wine production efficiency at an economical price. More pictures below:


(Above) James Collver (L) and son Tim Collver (R) stand next to a wall of medals. Note the family picture above Tim’s shoulder.


(Above) Wine production and packaging room serves as a multipurpose event room during the offseason.

(Below) The Collver Family Winery currently have 5 – 500 gallon and 2 – 2,300 gallon
used stainless steel tanks setting behind the winery 4-Sale. You can contact the winery here




Did you know?

- Seven out of 10 wine bottles in the United States end up in landfill.
- The U.S. is one of the few nations that does not collect and reuse their bottles on a large scale.
- In Europe, most wine bottles are used an average eight times before they are discarded.
- 60 percent of a wine bottle's carbon footprint comes from the creation of the bottle.

From: Europeans sterilize and reuse wine bottles; why don't Americans?, 1-18-10 – Brandenton.com: http://www.bradenton.com/living/living_green/story/1983751.html


Comments from Readers

Tell your readers about the free weekly e-newsletter that the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division
sends out each week. I recently signed up for this newsletter and find it very informative. It keeps me
current of what is happening in all areas of the alcohol industry: liquor, wine and beer. You can sign
up for it Online here: http://www.iowaabd.com/alcohol/publications/enews_request_form"

--- Linda Mark, Summerset Winery, Indianola, Iowa


Videos of Interest

  1. Washington State University opens largest non-commercial winemaking facility in the Pacific
    Northwest, 1:22 min.: http://winegrapes.wsu.edu/wineweb/index.html

Articles of Interest

  1. Court: Mass. law on wine shipping unconstitutional, 1-15-10, Boston Globe
    (A Massachusetts law that sharply restricts out-of-state winemakers from shipping their products
    directly to consumers in the state is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled. In a 5-4 ruling
    in 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws in New York and Michigan that banned out-of-state wine shipments. The decision prompted several states, including Massachusetts, to revise their laws.) http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2010/01/15/court_mass_law_on_win...
  2. Number of Wineries Continues to Grow – Reaches 6,223, 1-16-10 – Wine Business Monthly (The number of wineries in the United States increased by 122 over last year, to reach a total of 6,223 as of November 2009, according to the Wine Business Monthly proprietary database. This total is made up of 5,304 bonded wineries and 919 “virtual wineries.):
  3. Garlic, Pest-Eating Geese Guard Chile’s New Pinots, 1-19-10 – Bloomberg News:
  4. Marketing wine to Gen Y no easy task, 1-19-10 – PressDemocrat.com (Generation Y = 20’s to
    30’s year olds, also called the Millennial generation): http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20100119/BUSINESS/100119413/1036/BU...
  5. New York Wine Agency Funding in Jeopardy, 1-22-10 – MPNNOW.COM:


Neeto-Keeno WWW Stuff

  1. Graphic depiction of all the different pieces of the International Space Station coming together
    since 1998 and what future additions would look like. No vines or wine, but it is Neeto-Keeno:
  2. Speaker Presentations at the 2009 MN Cold Climate Conference: http://www.mngrapes.org/cold-climate-grape-wine-conference/2009-cold-cli...
  3. Ask the Winemaker – Online Resource at Washington State University:
  4. Shop Iowa Online: http://www.shopiowaonline.com/

Upcoming 2010 Events:

January 29-30 Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Growers Marketers Conference, Des Moines Airport Holiday
Inn, Des Moines, IA: http://www.iafruitvegetablegrowers.org/upcoming_events.html

February 2-4 2010 Mid Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention, Hershey, PA

February 6 North Dakota Grape Growers Association Annual Meeting Chieftan Inn, Carrington ND: http://www.ndgga.org/index.cfm?page=calendar

February 6-8 Midwest Grape & Wine Conference, Tan-Tara Resort, Osage Beach, MO:

February 6 Northwest Iowa Grape Growers Association, ISU Extension office, Sac City, Iowa:

February 11-13 Minnesota Grape Growers Association’s Cold Climate Grape & Wine Conference,
Sheraton Bloomington Inn, Minneapolis, MN: http://www.mngrapes.org/

February 13 Western Iowa Grape Growers, Looft Hall, Iowa Western Community College,
Council Bluffs, IA: http://www.westerniowagrapegrowers.org/

February 17-19 NY Viticulture 2010 and the 39th Wine Industry Workshop, Rochester, NY

February 20 Pruning Workshop at Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery in Nauvoo, IL
Baxter’s Vineyards & Winery.

February 25-27 Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Association Annual Conference Hilton Hotel,
Springfield, IL: http://www.illinoiswine.com/conference.htm

March 5-6 NE Grape Growers Spring Forum, Kearney, NE: http://agronomy.unl.edu/viticulture

March 9-11 Wineries Unlimited (largest show east of Rockies) Valley Forge Convention Center
King of Prussia, PA: http://wineriesunlimited.vwm-online.com/

March 19 & 20 Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Conference
Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA: https://iowawinegrowers.org/content/view/206/9/

April 13-15 License to Steal – National Wine Marketing Conference

June 20-25 American Society of Enology and Viticulture National Conference, Seattle, WA:


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