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#326 - January 29,2016
Iowa Receives $244K for USDA Specialty Crop Grants
KS: Highland Community College Vineyard Mgr. / Instructor Position
Congrats to Midwest Winners of SF Chronicle’s 2016 Wine Competition
Presentations from the 2015 VitiNord Conference are now Online
2016 Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide Now Available
2015 Calendar Year Iowa Native Wine Production & Sales Report
Upcoming 2015-2016 Northern Grapes Project Webinars
Iowa Bee Laws WWW Site – 1st in Nation
Silicon Valley Bank 2016 U.S. Wine Industry Report
2-5, MI Vineyard Establishment Conf., Benton Harbor & Traverse City
2-(5-6), North Dakota Grape & Wine Assn. Conference
2-(11-13), Cold Climate Conference Registration
2-(24-26), Michigan Grape & Wine & Northern Grapes Project Conference
2-(28-29), Register Now for Iowa Wine Growers Association Conference
7-(24-30) RAGBRAI is Going Across Southern Iowa in 2016
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3-(10-21) Clean Plants for the Future Webinar Series
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#326 - January 29,2016

Iowa Receives $244K for USDA Specialty Crop Grants

#325 - January 15, 2016

IA: New Rules on Tasting, Sampling, Trade Sampling from IA ABD

#324 - January 4, 2016

The Compleat Meadmaker – Book Review

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