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Common Questions


    Nuisance Wildlife 

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    Natural History 

        Bird Migration


    Nuisance Wildlife 

        Mice In the House
        Vertebrates In the Vegetables - Wildlife In Your Garden
        Burrowing Mammals
        Injured or Abandoned Wildlife

    Natural History

        The Prairie Vole
        The Least Weasel

Reptiles and Amphibians 

    Nuisance Wildlife 


    Natural History

Attracting Wildlife 

        Landscaping For Wildlife
        Restoring and Managing Habitat for Reptiles and Amphibians (NRCS)


Note: We realize that insects and spiders are wildlife, too. However, questions and information about these animals are not available through us. Rather, please contact the Entomology Extension folks at or call 515-294-1101. Remember: if it has 6 legs or more, contact Entomology Extension! Fewer legs than 6, contact Wildlife Extension.