Washington Winners Meeting Minutes

Washington Winners

The Washington Winners 4-H Club met Sunday October, 4, 2015 at 4:00 pm. at the Washington Lutheran Church in Duncombe for their regular meeting. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jared Geis. The roll call question was “Say your name backwards” and was answered by 31 members. There were also 4 leaders and 6 guests present.  The secretary’s report was read by Hannah Rees and the treasurer’s report was given by Evan Anderson. For old business, members that attended the Iowa State football game talked about the experience. As for new business record books were collected. 4-H week was discussed and members were encouraged to promote 4-H through social media and at their schools. Township night was discussed, and a pot luck dinner was agreed upon.  Evan Anderson and Olivia Mitchell motioned to do The Giving Tree and the club approved.  Community service ideas were discussed. Sam Sytsma led the 4-H pledge. Devin and Dillon Summers did a presentation on “Daily Cow Care” and Lauren Harris demonstrated “How to Draw a Cartoon Hand.”  We also elected officers to uphold club duties. Members that were elected for officers are listed:  President: Olivia Mitchell; Vice President: Daven Rees; Secretary: Leslie Housken; Reporter: Hannah Rees; Photographers: Christine Housken and Alyson Nieland; Historians: Emma Sytsma, Mykaela Sturenberg, Mykenzie Sturenberg, and Sylvia Hess; & Recreation Leaders: Megan Anderson, Jacob Geis, Lauren Harris, Sam Henmested, Dillon Sytsma, Sam Sytsma, and Soren Winkler.  The next club meeting will be held Sunday, November 1, 2015 with a family potluck and installation of new members and officers. The event will be held at the Duncombe Community Center.  Olivia Mitchell, Reporter

The Washington Winners 4-H club met September 13, 2015 at the Washington Lutheran church in Duncombe. The meeting was called to order by President Daven Rees. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Olivia Mitchell.  Hannah Rees asked the question, “What is your school mascot?” There were 27 members in attendance that answered the roll call. Gwen Winkler was introduced as the newest club member. Also all four leaders and four parents were present at the meeting. The secretary’s report was read by Hannah Rees and Evan Anderson shared the club balance.  For old business members with State Fair exhibits shared their experience at the Iowa State Fair. Other members who served a meal for Honor Flight Veterans told about the recent event. Those who helped at the meal included Alexis, Mykenzie, and Mykaela Stuhrenberg, Sylvia Hess, Lauren Harris, and Daniel, James, and Gwen Winkler.  Several interesting topics came up for discussion at the meeting. Record books were collected and many members applied for scholarships and county awards. 4-Hers brainstormed ideas for 4-H week and are promoting at schools to recruit new members. The club is also planning a winter fun day. Alexis Stuhrenberg invited the club to participate in “Rabbit Hopping.”   The 4-H pledge was led by James Winkler. Presentations were given by Alexis Stuhrenberg on “How to put together a saxophone”, Sam Hemmestad on “Pencil sketching”, Emma Sytsma about “Bees”, and Ashley and Alyson Nieland on “How to make Confetti Dip.”  Hosts for this meeting were Dillon, Sam, and Emma Sytsma, and Daniel, James, and Gwen Winkler. The next meeting will take place on October 4th at the church. The club will elect new officers at that time.  Submitted By, Olivia Mitchell, Reporter

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