SonRays 4-H Club

Meeting Minutes - November 2015
The SonRays held their annual Potluck, Awards Night and Installation of Officers/New Members meeting on Monday, November 16, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the Webster County Fairgrounds Auditorium. The theme for this years event was American. Opening prayer for the meeting/meal led by Luke L. After a tasty feast, Austin H. introduced the County Council members present for the installation of officers/new members: Joel Anderson and Matthew Ross. The two county council members selected best dressed in theme: Brandon F. as a currency bill and Anna F. as the Statue of Liberty. They were each given a $5 WalMart gift card. The county council members led the pledges to the American and 4-H flags. The new club leaders for the year were installed and new members (Jewel B., Abraham F., and Alan H.) were recognized and given their project boxes and green folder covers. The council members were excused after the installation ceremony. Jan L. gave a leader report regarding the year in review and about upcoming events. Membership year and 100% Attendance certificates were given as well as individual awards were presented to 4-H'ers. County fair premium checks were distributed and record books were returned. Next meeting will be on Monday, December 7th, 2015 at Bickford at 6 pm. Business meeting and $1/gift exchange first. Each family is asked to bring a plate of cookies to share with the residents and a few Christmas cards to give as we play Bingo with the residents. We will finish by singing with the residents and playing piano for them. The meeting will be over at about 7:30 pm. Parents/families are encouraged to stay to enjoy/help. County Interviews will be on January 31 and February 1st for 4-H'ers 6th grade and above-attend either day. Be sure to review the green county newsletter for more information and regarding all the upcoming events. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meeting Minutes - October 2015
The SonRay 4-H club started their October meeting at the Fort Dodge Public Library in the meeting room. The meeting room was called to order by the club President Luke L. at 6:10pm. The pledge of allegiance was led by Abby C, and the 4-H pledge was led by Charles. The roll call was called by the club secretary Ruth C, there were 13 member present with two new members making a grand total of 15 members (Jewel B, Abby C, Israel C, Jonathan C, Ruth C, Charles C, Anna F, Brandon F, Gabriel F, Anna H, Austin H, Allen H, Anna L, Luke L, and Chloe U). The last meeting notes were read and approved. The Treasurer’s Anna H gave the treasurer’s report saying the the club has a total of $845.61. The club leader Jan L, brought forth a bill the club needed to pay, buying 4-H  boxes for the new members and some of last years members.  The vice president Austin H read from the green newsletter, talking about the air and space meeting,   and other meeting coming up in the green newsletter. New Business is that the club is applying for a grate of $250 to buy supplies for newborns to give to a local shelter for new moms. The club talked about what they  should do with the money that we would get from the grant. It was said by some, that the money would go to a better use if the club made the baby things instead of buying. After that, the meeting end and the club elected new officers for the year. The new club’s President is Austin H, the club’s vice president Anna L, the club’s new co-Secretaries are Chloe U and Luke L, with Charles C. as the attendance secretary, the club’s Treasurer is Ruth C, the new club’s Rec leaders Jonathan C, Anna F, and Gabriel F and the Abby C, and Brandon F. are the club’s new photographer’s. Congratulations to the new officers and have a great year.

Meeting Minutes - September 2015
We had an amazing tour of the ICCC Culinary Arts Department with Executive Chef Michael Hirst and Chef Jeff today from 2:45-3:45. We saw the cooking labs and gained a plethora of information about hospitality, food preparation and culinary arts, along with nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and food service management-plus were each were given a sample of real chocolate!  Following the tour we met at the Lewandowski's home for our regular monthly club meeting. The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm by club President Luke L. Pledges to the American flag and 4-H flags were given. Roll call was answered by nine club members (Luke L., Austin H., Brandon F., Anna L., Chloe U., Charles C., Anna H., Gabriel F., and Anna F.) and two leaders (Kari H. and Jan L.) Several visitors-siblings-were present. Secretary's report was read by Vice President Austin H. in the absence of the Secretary. Club Treasurer Anna H. reported that the club now has a balance of $448.61 per the August 31, 2015 bank statement. The check book was recently given to Webster County Extension's Linda Cline for annual audit and all is good. Old business: Anna L. reported on the first County Council meeting that she had attended last Sunday afternoon. New business: Record books are now due. 4-H Find Out event will be held this Sunday, September 27 at the Webster County Extension Office from 5-6 pm. The club discussed and voted to submit a grant and do the work to provide new diaper bags filled with newborn items to donate to Informed Choices of Iowa Medical Clinic. More information to follow regarding the process. This will give the club members the opportunity to write a grant and offer a community service.  We discussed the upcoming November annual potluck and voted on a theme for the event-American food and decorations. More will be discussed and a sign up list will be at the October meeting. The leaders and parents discussed switching to early evening meetings and that should work out. It may be that we will have the meeting on the evening as scheduled and may have to make other arrangements for field trips. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm, followed by a time of refreshments hosted by the Lewandowski's.  NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 12th at 6:00-7:30 pm at the Fort Dodge Public Library-Large meeting room: Enrollment of new members, election of officers, firm up plans for November's potluck.  Record books are now due. If you have any questions on record keeping, just ask!





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