SonRays 4-H Club

Meeting Minutes - May 15, 2017:  The SonRays held their regular club meeting on Monday, May 15, 2017 at 5:30 pm at Kennedy Park. This was our annual picnic/potluck meeting with family members invited. The meeting was called to order by Club President Ruth C. Pledges were said and attendance taken. Chloe and Fisher's were absent. Club Secretary Anna L. read the minutes from April's meeting and they were approved. Club Treasurer Abi C. gave club balance. Bills due: Senior gifts (Flower for Ruth and pens for all three) for total of $5.83 payable to Jan L. was voted on and approved. Old business: sheep weigh in, cat meeting, FSQA training, and Omaha Zoo Trip reports. New business: Livestock sign up, 4-H and project t-shirt orders due, upcoming Conference, and fair entries due by 6-13-17 at 4:30 pm. Webster County Fair books were distributed and we went through the 2017 Fair Book quiz to get acquainted with the book and where to find things in it. Special recognition of graduating Seniors: Ruth C, Austin H. and Luke L. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Taylor H., with a second by Jordan H. Following the meeting we had dinner and played outside.

Meeting Minutes - April 17th, 2017:  The SonRays held their regular club meeting on Monday, April 17th , 2017 at the Fort Dodge Public Library.  The meeting was called to order at 3 pm by club president. The 4-H Pledge was led by Alan H. and the American Pledge was led by Abraham F. The members that were present were: the Fishers, the Hermansons, the Chichesters, and the Lewandowskis, and also had one guest: Mrs. Chichester. The treasurers report was the same amount as last statement. The club voted to pay the club dues. Old business that was talked about was the dog project meeting. The new business that was discussed was the upcoming flea market, poultry meeting, and rabbit meeting. The meeting was adjourned by Abraham F. and seconded by Emily C. A commity was formed to decide which park our next meeting will be at. Presentations were given by Gabriel F.-Ants, Anna H.-Mono, Alan H.-Volcanos, and Austin H.- CAP Blue Beret. Minutes by Anna L.

Meeting Minues - March 20, 2017:  The SonRays 4-H Club held their regular business meeting at the Fort Dodge Public Library on Monday, March 20, 2017 from 2:30-4:30 pm. The meeting was called to order by Club President Ruth C. at 2:30 pm. Pledge to American Flag led by Abraham F. and pledge to 4-H Flag led by Charles C. Secretary Anna L. did roll call with question of 'who is your favorite super hero?'  with all members present except Gabriel F who was absent due to illness. The secretary report was read by Anna L. and approved by Luke L. with a second by Israel C.  The bank balance per statement dated 2/28/2017 balance is $610.80. Old Business: Abi C. reported on cat project meeting-Anna L. and Ruth C. talked about County Council activities. New Business: Community Projects we are working on: Animal Shelter with Gabriel F. as chairman and totes for Teen Transition that Howey's will check into and report back to the club next month. Motion to adjourn the meeting called by Austin H. and seconded by Charles C. Presentation Day: Luke L.-Giving a Presentation, Abi C.-Risks of Consuming Sugar, Ruth C.-Scours-A Deadly Disease for Cattle, Jonathan C.-Proper Way to Clean a Shot Gun, Charles C.-Magic/Card Tricks, Emily C.-Panda Bears, Abraham F.-Lock Ness Monster, Israel C.-Cattle Dogs, Brandon F.-My Job as a Fareway Courtesy, Chloe U.-Old English Game Bantam, Anna F.-Caring for a Newborn, Anna L.-Cow Fish. Next meeting will be on Monday, April 17, 2017 from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Fort Dodge Public Library in the Large Meeting Room. Those 4-H'ers who have not yet given a presentation will do so at that meeting.

Meeting Minutes - February 2017:  The SonRays held their February regular club meeting at Party Productions in Fort Dodge from 2:30-4:30 pm.  Mr. Dan Garst supplied many varieties of gourds for the club members to choose from and then helped the 4-H'ers make wren/bird houses from them. Mr. Garst discussed the goals in deciding what to make from your gourd-ex. outdoor birdhouse for animal science or indoor decoration for home improvement. Mr. Garst also gave us a tour of Party Productions warehouse and the costume sewing area, where we talked to the seamstress busy at work. The club's business meeting started at 3:35 pm being called to order by Club President Ruth C. Pledge of Allegiance led by Brandon F. and Pledge to 4-H Flag led by Anna H. Club Secretary took roll call and 17 members, leaders Kari and Jan and some parents were present (Absent: Charles and Emily). Anna read the minutes of the January meeting. Club Vice-President read about upcoming events from the green county newsletter. Club Treasurer Abigail C. gave the club's bank statement balance of $510.80. Anna L. shared about the rabbit hopping, poultry project, and dog meetings that she has attended.  Brandon F. shared about our club working the 4-H Food Stand on February 11th. Thank you to all who worked that day! Jan L. discussed about next month's presentations to be given-three to five minutes timeline. Papers were distributed on: Goals, ART, and Presentation Pointers. The club had a great discussion regarding community service projects and grant writing. Some ideas shared were: Animal shelter donations and helping, partner with Douglas Dreamers for the Back to School Bash, donating Baby bags and items for Informed Choice of Iowa, Christmas gifts for kids as in through UDMO and making bags for foster children in transition. The club will be working on grant writing as it will help them learn how the process works and be an opportunity to help others. The deadline for the agricultural grant the Chalstrom's shared at the last meeting has passed; but we can start to work on ideas for next year. Other activities discussed: tour of Air Guard, Bake Sale, help with YWCA needs, Classes on Texting/Driving and Internet Safety. The Club voted and Gabriel F. will head up the Animal Shelter Community Service Project. Attached is a list of items that Almost Home has sent that they could use. The club also voted on the bags for the foster children in transition. Mr. Garst had offered to help with the fabric/sewing of the bags to get us started. The Howey's will check into some Iowa Grant information and Jan will check with Lindsay about 4-H Foundation Grants available. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 with a motion by Luke L. and a second by Austin L.

Meeting Minutes - January 23, 2017:  The SonRays held their meeting at the Fair Grounds in Fort Dodge on 1-23-2017. Before the business meeting, Mr. Dan Garst taught us all how to make pretzels and roll them into shapes. After the pretzel activity, we then had the meeting that was called to order by Club President Ruth C. The pledges to both the American and 4-H Flags were led by Taylor H. Abby C, club treasurer, gave the bank balance report dated 12/20/2016 of $510.80. At this meeting there were 17 members present. Meeting from the December meeting were read by club Secretary, Anna L. Club Vice President Chloe U. read about upcoming events from the green county newsletter.  New business included: distributing and discussing the 2017 club program planners, discussing ART and SCORE for March's presentations at club meeting, reminder of the County Interviews on Sunday and Monday, and Sunday's Fair Board Fund Raiser Pancake Breakfast at the fairgrounds from 9-2. .The next meeting will be Feb. 20th from 2:30-4 pm at Party Productions. Mr. Garst will be helping everyone make wren houses and we will be discussing goals. Snack: Lewandowski and Refreshments: Chalstrom. The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2016:  The SonRays held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, December 12, 2016 at Bickford Cottages in Fort Dodge from 2:30-4:00 pm.  Club President Ruth C. called the meeting to order. Pledge to American Flag led by Abi C. and to 4-H Flag led by Anna L. Thirteen 4-H'ers (Abi, Ruth, Israel, and Jonathan C., Charles and Emily C., Anna H., Jordan, Taylor and Triniti H., Anna and Luke L., Chloe U.)were present, both club leaders, and one parent at the meeting. VP Chloe U. read about upcoming events from the green county newsletter. Club Secretary Anna L. discussed events from last month's meeting as Jan forgot to bring the secretary book to the meeting. Club Treasurer Abi C. reported the clubs check book balance at $480.55. There are some checks outstanding yet so the bank statement dated 11/30/2016 has a balance of $645.46. Old business: Discussed the County Awards Banquet.  New business: Activities offered during Christmas break, County Interviews Sunday, January 29th and Monday, January 30th, and upcoming project meetings. READ YOUR GREEN NEWSLETTER SO YOU DO NOT MISS OUT ON ALL OF THE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES!  The meeting was adjourned at 3 pm with a motion by Luke L. and second by Anna H. The 4-H'ers then did "The Right Family Christmas" gift exchange. The members then played Christmas Bingo with the residents, gave them cookies and juice and each resident received a Christmas card. Anna L. and Anna H. each played two songs on the piano and the afternoon ended with all the 4-H'ers singing Christmas carols. It was a wonderful afternoon! Reminders: PLEASE cash your fair premium checks right away so the check book balances with the bank statement. If you have not yet written out your Thank you notes from the fair and/or the County Awards Banquet, PLEASE do so right away. A little appreciation can go a long way for the donors and it is good to teach the children thankfulness. The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 16, 2017. More information to follow. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!

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