SonRays 4-H Club


Meeting Minutes - May 2015
The regular meeting of the SonRays 4-H Club was held Family Bowl in Fort Dodge on Monday, May 18, 2015. The meeting was called to order by President Luke Lewandowski at 2:30 pm. Roll call was answered by six members (Charles C., Anna and Austin H., Anna and Luke L., and Chloe U.) and one leader (Jan L.) to the question of 'what do you plan to take to the county fair?'. Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Anna L. Club treasurer Anna H. read the treasurer report. Balance on hand is $280.61. Fair theme ideas were discussed. Webster County Fair Queen/King contestant entries due: Austin H. and Luke L. will participate.  Fair packets were distributed and discussed. Charles C. gave a presentation about the Luna Moth he found. We ate pizza during the meeting that was earned from turning in our club registrations early-thank you Webster County 4-H for the prize! Motion made by Anna L. to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Chloe U. Club members then enjoyed bowling. Next meeting will be held on Monday, June 15th with a tour of the Blanded Museum. More information to follow. Family Bowl is again offering "Kids Bowl Free" summer fun bowling pass-sign up on the website: Other opportunities available: RAGBRAI help needed-contact Stefanie Boeckman at (515)576-6447. Also, you can contact any fair board member to become a fair sponsor-several pack/club packages available. Call (515) 955-3764 for more information. The C/C Sidekicks 4-H Club is looking for donations for Air Force Reserve Care Package Project. For questions or where/how to donate, please contact Project Leader Mercedes Loehr at Mercedesloehr@hotmail.comor 4-H Club Leader, Deb Shelton, at (515)351-0525. Be sure to review the green county newsletter regarding all of the upcoming activities and fair information. Submitted by Jan L., Club Leader.

Meeting Minutes - April 2015
The SonRay’s 4-H club April meeting was on Monday April 20 2015 and met at the Almost Home humane society. The meeting called to order at 2:30 pm. We had the regular 4-H meeting with ten members present (the Chalstrom, Hermanson, Chichrster,Lewandowskis and Ulicki) and two leaders (Mrs. Hermanson and Mrs. Lewandowski). The pledge of Allegiance was led by Anna L. and the 4-H pledge was led by Chloe U. The treasurer reported that the club has $280.61 dollars in the bank. After that the secretary gave her report of last months meeting,  Anna L. made a motion to approve the notes and Chloe U. seconded the motion. New Business was that the sheep weigh in was coming up and  Jonathan C, talked about for any new people who might want to take sheep for the first time. Also that if any high schools want to be a king or queen candidate, now is the time to sigh up for that, Mr. President Luke L. talked about country interviews and the coming Omaha zoo trip. The club also talked about the air and space meeting at the fair grounds and the dog project and why No dogs are allowed in the bathrooms.  Also be thinking of ideas for the fair for the clubs booth and also start thinking about fair and the things you want to take.  Next months meeting is the pizza and bowling party so come to enjoy some pizza and bowling. Then Israel C. made a motion to end the meeting and Jonathan C seconded the motion. After that the club had a tour of the Almost Home and enjoys seeing all of the cats and dogs. 

Meeting Mintues - March 2015
The SonRays 4-H club had their regular monthly meeting in March at the Extension office. Both President Luke Lewandowski and Vice president Austin Hermanson were gone, so Anna Lewandowski stepped up and became the club President for a day. Anna L. called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm. The pledge of Allegiance was led by Israel C. and Abby C. and the 4-H pledge was led by Chloe U. and Anna F. there were 10 members present (Abigail C, Israel C, Jonathan C, Ruth C, Anna F, Brandon F, Gabriel F, Colton H, Anna L, and Chloe U) and one leader Jan L. The Treasurer was also gone, so the club did not have a treasurer’s report. Then the secretary read the notes from last month and Chloe U made a motion to approve the meeting notes and that was seconded by Abby C. After that Anna L read from the green newsletter talking about every thing that is going on in 4-H, like dog, cat, horse, air and space, and swine. The leader told the club that if you want to know what is going on in the 4-H world than read the newsletter! Old Business: the club talked about meetings they went to, Chloe U talked about her going to the rabbit meeting and the poultry meeting and the fun game they played. Colton H. talked about archery, He and Gabriel F. also talked about the dog project. New Business: the manger at the 4-H food stand has moved. A few things that are happening around the community are, National weather service tornado spotter training and Bomgars is having a Cluck stops here! So check them out. Because there were so many members gone this month, the club will be taking the club picture next month so wear your 4-H shirt next meeting and bring your pearly whites. The clubs next meeting is at the Almost Home from 2:30-3:15 and if you want, you can bring a donation. Brandon F, made a motion to end the meeting and Jonathan C second the motion. When the meeting was done seven members gave presentations (Israel C on Sheep and wool, Jonathan C on Market sheep, Anna L on Things you need before your chicks arrive, Abby C on the Colugo, Ruth C on Bees and their pests, Chloe U on Honey bees, and Gabriel F on the coconut crab) and while the club listened to every one give their presentations, they enjoyed cookies and juice by the Hendrix and Fisher families.

Meeting Minutes - February 2015
The SonRay’s 4-H club started their February meeting at the Town and Country vet. The Club toured the clinic, and had lots of fun. After that, the Club went to the fair grounds to have the 4-H meeting. The meeting was started at 3:30 pm and called to order by the Club Vice President Austin H. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Israel C. and Jonathan C. and the 4-H pledge was led Anna L. and Chloe U. There were 9 members present (Abby C. Ruth C. Israel C. Jonathan C. Charles C. Anna L. Anna H. Austin H. and Chloe U.) And one Leader Jan L. then the minutes were read (by secretary Ruth C.) of the last meeting and approved by Charles C. The Treasurer Anna H. gave the treasurer report saying that the Club currently has $426.66 in the bank. The Club’s leader brought some bills to the Club’s attention, the Club needed to pay the yearly dues to the extension office and for 2 boxes for the first year members which are $3 each with a total of $6. Anna L. made a motion to pay the yearly dues of $240 to the extension office and Abby C. seconded the motion. Israel C. made a motion to pay for the boxes and it was seconded by Chloe U. Old Business, the food stand went very well and thank you to every one who worked. Anna L. and Abby C. talked about county interviews and how much fun and not scary they were when being interviewed. New Business, the Club will be serving at the 4-H food stand on June 14th not the 21st.  The Club is going to take a Club picture next month, so every one should wear a 4-H t-shirt to the next meeting. Also, March 16th next month’s meeting, is Presentation day, so every body start thinking about what you want to do a presentation on. The meeting was adjourned at 4pm with a motion by Jonathan Chalstrom and seconded by Abigail Chalstrom.  Snacks were brought by Chalstroms and drinks by Chichesters.

Meeting Minutes - January 2015
The regular meeting of the SonRays 4-H Club was held at the Webster County Extension Office on Monday, January 19, 2015. Anna L. led recreation with the game "I went shopping and bought a (first letter of first name) game." The meeting was called to order by Club President Luke 2:30 pm. Pledge of Allegiance led by Charles C. 4-H Pledge led by Anna L. and Chloe U. Roll call was answered by "What is your favorite pickled food?" by 6 members (Charles C., Anna and Austin H., Anna and Luke L., and Chloe U.), 2 Leaders (Jan L. and Kari H.) and 1 visitor (Alan H.). Club Secretary was absent (excused). Minutes of the previous meeting were not read; but Luke L. gave a brief review from the December 8, 2014 meeting held at Bickford. The treasurer's report was given by Club Treasurer Anna H. Balance on hand is $426.66. Club Vice President Austin H. reviewed upcoming events from the green monthly 4-H newsletter. Old business: Officer quizzes due dated extended. New Business: County Interviews are January 25 and 26-refer to newsletter for details. Austin and Luke told about interviews, Anna shared about Omaha Zoo Trip and Luke shared about Intermediate Trip. Signed cards for Bickford for Dec. meeting and for EO for letting us have meetings in office. Discussed fund raising ideas-Linda C. stopped by to say Hello and helped us work on budget ideas. Upcoming Expenses: Dues $240, Help with admission for Bowling or Fort Frenzy activity: $50 (We will use the Pizza Party we earned from early enrollment at the event), Fair Booth: $50, Community Service: $50, 4-H'ers for 4-H Donation: $42 (14 members X $3/each) (Club voted on today with motion by Anna L. and second by Chloe U.). (Total: $432).Income expected: $100 for working food stand in Feb. We will consider fundraiser in future if need arises. Completed schedule for SonRays working Food Stand on Saturday, February 14th. Meeting was adjourned with a motion by Anna L. and seconded by Charles C. Refreshments: Snack-Hermanson, Drink-Lewandowski. Next meeting will be on Monday, February 16th. More information to follow. After adjournment, we worked on Program Planning. Program will be submitted and distributed at next meeting. Submitted by Jan L.

Meeting Minutes - December 2014
The SonRay’s 4-H club had their annual December meeting on December 8th 2014 from 2:30-4:00 pm at the Bickford care center. The club had a great time getting to know the Residents while playing Christmas Bingo and enjoying Christmas cookies. After that each 4-H member handed out a couple homemade Christmas cards while members from the club played the piano and violin. The Residents enjoyed themselves when the entire club song Christmas carols.The club meeting was called to order by the SonRays president Luke L. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Alan H. and Gabriel F. and the 4-H pledge was lead by Anna H and Anna L. 13 members and 2 leaders were present. The Treasurer gave the Treasurer’s report saying that the club had $400.33 in the bank. Mrs. Hermanson made a motion we pay for a book of stamps for Mrs. Lewandoski. The motion was carried. A bill for fair for $23.33 was voted on to pay. Motion carried. Old business was the Awards Banquet. Anna L. told us about it. Anna F. and Jonathan C. did not go to the banquet, but received first year awards. We played the left right game after the meeting. Everyone brought a small gift and we passed the gifts left and right as Mrs. Lewandoski read a poem.

Meeting Minutes - November 2014
The SonRays 4-H Club held their Awards Banquet/Installation of Officers and New Members on Monday, November 10th, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Webster County Fair Ground Auditorium. All 14 club members and several of their family members were present, as well as Linda Cline of Webster County and County Council Member Madison Anderson, who led the installation ceremony. The meal and decorations were set to a Fiesta Theme, so lots of great food and bright colors to make the event more fun. Prayer before the meal led by Dan L. Installation of Officers and New Members took place after the meal. Officers for 2014-2015: President: Luke Lewandowski, Vice President: Austin Hermanson, Secretary: Ruth Chalstrom, Treasurer: Anna Hermanson, Photographers: Charles Chichester, Anna Hermanson, and Anna Lewandowski, Recreation Leaders: Abigail Chalstrom and Anna Lewandowski. Club officers for the new year were given their officer pin and booklet/quiz and were encouraged to read and turn in the quiz as soon as possible. New Members: Israel Chalstrom and Colton Hendrix were given the green cover for their record books and a new member pin/card. Returning former member Chloe Ulicki was also welcomed back to the club. Linda Cline spoke to the group and helped them all to recognize how much they had each grown over the past four years that the SonRays has been a club. Each member was given the opportunity to tell why they have stayed in 4-H and what they have learned. Record books and fair premiums checks were distributed.  Individual member award certificates were given out-fun to recall some events from the past year. 100% Attendance certificates went to: Charles C., Abi H., Anna H., Austin H., Anna L., Jacob L., Luke L. Five Year 4-H Membership Recognition Certificates were given to: Jacob L. and Luke L. Club Awards for 2013-2014 were: Overall Best Booth at the Webster County Fair-Theme "Ticket to Success" and we decorated with Charlotte's Web. The Club also donated to the Iowa 4-H'ers for 4-H campaign. It was a great year! Next meeting: Monday, December 8th at Bickford from 2:30-4:00 pm.

Meeting Minutes - October 2014
The regular meeting of the SonRays 4-H Club was held at Community Orchards. All club members were present with several family members in attendance as well.  Two new members were also present: Colton Hendrix and Israel Chalstrom, along with returning 4-H member Chloe Ulicki.
Meeting called to order by Club President Austin Hermanson.  Pledge to the American Flag led by Anna L and Charles C., Pledge to the 4-H Flag led by Anna H. and Gabriel F. Minutes from the last meeting were read by Club Secretary Charles C. and approved by a motion from Anna H. and seconded by Ruth C. Club Treasurer Luke L. read the treasurer report. New Balance $713.44. The club voted to use the $50 given to the SonRays for "Best Overall Booth" during the county fair to help offset the cost of today's Orchard field trip. We had several members volunteer to be on a committee to work program planning for new 4-H year. The upcoming Poultry Project field trip was discussed. The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 10th, 2014 at the Webster County Fair Grounds at 6:30 pm for the Awards Banquet/Installation of Officers and New Members. Potluck/Fiesta Theme. A motion was made by Jonathan C. to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Brandon F. Luke Lewandowski discussed Red Ribbon Week and distributed information, Red Ribbons, and Red Ribbon Book marks after his presentation. Then, everyone stayed and had fun playing on the Orchards "Back 40 Playground". Fun was had by everyone!


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