Douglas Dreamers Meeting Minutes

Douglas Dreamers

The Douglas Dreamers met on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at the Webster County Fairgrounds.  New members and officers were installed after special awards.  100% attendance awards for the 2014/2015 year went to: Elly Berery, Brooklin Border, Morgan Border, Cooper Fleming, Clarie Fleming, Sam Guddall, Gracie Harvey, Peyton Hayes, Taylor Hintch and Victoria Pavik.  Members signed up for 2016 committees, roll baking and ate snacks after each member received recognition and their fair check.  New officers for the year are:  Presidents: Brooklin Border & Liam Conrad; Vice Presidents:Claire Fleming & Cooper Fleming; Secretary: Morgan Border; Correspondence  Secretary:Reagan Black; Treasurer:Justin Vaughan;Reporter: Grant Heldorfer; Historians:Thornton Aljets, Kevin O’Connor, Brady O’Brien; Recreation Leaders: Sydney Schulte, Luke Vaughan, Rylie Steinkamp ;Photographers: Emma Alstott &  Sam Guddall.  County Council member Madison Anderson installed the new officers.

The Douglas Dreamers met on Sunday, October 11 at the Webster County Extension Office for their fall kick off.  Games were led by Peyton Hayes.  Meeting was held. 

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, the Douglas Dreamers met at Community Apple Orchard.  Officers were elected.  Members had fun playing in the Back Forty after the meeting.

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