Dayton Tigers Meeting Minutes




Dayton Tigers



Meeting MInutes - April 2014

The April Dayton Tigers 4-H meeting was called to order at 6:00 by Lexee Hanson(. We talked more about the fair's theme. We voted on some ideas about the design of our club's exhibit. We were thinking about having a movie theater type thing. After we voted on that the meeting was adjourned and we ate cookies and drank punch. 


Meeting Minutes - March 2014

The March Dayton Tigers meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. We talked about the fair theme and what our club exhibit would look like.


Meeting MInutes - February 2014

During the febuary meeting the Dayton Tigers went to the Gowery skating rink for our winter party we had a really fun time and ate pizza. 


Meeting Minutes - December 2013

The Dayton Tiger's December 4-H meeting was called to order by our president Tori Ferrari. The secretary's report was given by Daniel Eslick. The Tresurer's report was given by Keirra Eldridge. Some new business discused was the theme for 2014 "Ticket to Success". There was four presentations given at this meeting. The first was given by Jordan Johnson on how to make different napkin designs. The second was given by Kylie Weiland on how to take care of your cat's fur and the different types of fur. The third was given by Jillian Mentzer on how to make duck tape bows. The fourth was given by Kerrigan mentzer on English mentzer. After the Presentations we had a gift exchange led by Trey Long and Jacob Munch.

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