Dayton Tigers Meeting Minutes


Dayton Tigers

The Dayton Tiger’s 4-H club held their annual “Winter Fun” activity on February 12th at the Gowrie skating rink. All members were invited to roller-skate, and the club provided pizza for everyone. A short meeting was held. The next meeting will be held at the Dayton Community Center on March 5th.  Reporter: Jayden Muench

The Dayton Tigers 4-h club held their monthly meeting on December 4th at the Community Center in Dayton. The meeting was called to order by Karrigan Mentzer at 5pm. Jaynie Ferrari took role call, 48 members and 4 leaders were present.  The treasurer’s report was given by Cassidy Lambert. The new business discussed at the meeting is as follows: The opportunity of a community service grant from DuPont , Increasing the rent the club pays for use of the community center which was approved by the club, and there was a discussion about the club’s expenses for Angel Tree, the winter party, and supplies. The Winter Fun Committee discussed ideas for the winter activities, members gave suggestions and a decision will be made at the next meeting. There were two educational presentations,  Teighan Osborne “How to make Pumpkin Fluff”, and Rozlyn Osborne “How to make a Lava Lamp”.  After the meeting was over, the games committee organized activities for the Christmas party. There was a gift exchange, craft, and snacks. Jayden Muench, Reporter

The Dayton Tigers 4H club held their monthly meeting on October 2nd at the Dayton Community Center. The meeting was called to order by President Karrigan Mentzer at 5 P.M. Jaynie Ferrari read roll call which was answered by 39 members and 3 leaders. The treasurer's report was then given by Bret Mentzer. Old business discussed included that record books were to be turned in this meeting. New business items discussed were as follows: sign-up for potluck, presentations, snacks, drinks, and committees after the meeting; new 4H families to give their email to Karrigan; and finally, Vice-President Cassidy Lambert read the October Newsletter. After the main part of the meeting was over, our new 2016-17 officers were elected. The names and positions of these officers will be announced in next month's minutes. To finish up the meeting there was one presentation by Joel Anderson: How to Use a Recurve Bow.  Randy Andrews, Reporter

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