Silver Spurs

Meeting Minutes - October 30, 2013

The Silver Spurs 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on October 30, 2013 at the home of Kylie Bergren.  Jenna Sankey called the meeting to order.  Roll call was answered by six members, one leader, and two guests.  The secretary’s report was shared by Libbie Lowry.  Old business included a reminder to members to bring their stuffed animal donations to the November Meeting.
New business included working on a new agenda for the 2013-2014 club year and electing new offices.  The club welcomed new member Carissa Reyes.  An educational presentation was given by Kylie Bergren on “Chalk Boards”.  
Garrett Barker, Recorder

Meeting Minutes-September 25, 2013
The Silver Spurs 4-H club held their monthly meeting September 25, 2013 at the Barker family home.  The meeting was called to order by Jenna Sankey.  Roll call was answered by four members, one leader, and one guest.   Old business discussed included bringing stuffed animals to the November meeting to donate to DSAOC. There was also a reminder that record books were due for County Awards – 2 club members submitted theirs. New topics included turning record books in to club leaders to receive fair premium money.  All members need to send a thank you to NEW Coop for help paying 4-H memberships. National 4-H week is next week, members need to meet with interested students at MNW school, Andrea will need to contact they school.  Garrett Barker gave an educational presentation on Breakaway Roping.  Garrett Barker was the host for the evening.  The October meeting will be held at the Bergren’s home. 
Garrett Barker, Reporter

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