Pro-Ag Outlook 2013


Management Options for Lenders and Agri-businesses


The annual Pro-Ag Outlook meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 13th starting at 4 p.m.  The first presenter will be Ron Mortensen from Advantage Agricultural Strategies, LTD. Ron will discuss how using “short dated new-crop options” can be used to manage risk. Ron will also discuss some of the private crop insurance products and potential uses. Managing price risk and yield risk is critical as profit margins narrow.


Dr. Chad Hart will discuss the market outlook for corn and soybeans. The U.S. has seen huge swings in the estimated production for this year’s crops, and inventory is increasing impacting prices.  High prices have encouraged increased production around the globe. You won’twant to miss the information on the supply and demand for corn and soybeans in the coming months.


The third speaker for the evening is Shane Ellis presenting on the outlook for beef and pork. Shane will also be discussing how the livestock industry may respond to current production costs and future demand. What will lower grain prices and a recovering global economy mean for the future of the meat industry?


The meeting will be held Wednesday, November 13th at the Webster County Extension Office which is locatedat the southeast corner of the Crossroads Mall between Younkers and Sears in Fort Dodge.


The registration fee is $35 per person or $50 per couple and includes dinner.  Registration will be from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m.  To Pre-Register, click here for the registration form and return it to the ISU Extension and Outreach Office at 217 South 25th Street, Suite C-12, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 by November 8th.       


Other locations are available at                  

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