Val Cameron

Preschool Enrichment Coordinator
(515) 961-6237

Coordinator for the Preschool Enrichment Project for the 4Rkids area (Adair, Dallas, Madison, and Warren Counties) which includes opportunities for parent involvement and preschool tuition assistance for families, technical assistance and quality efforts for preschools, and early childhood education.

strategic planning

Craig Hertel

Regional Director
515-993-4281 Cell: 515-391-0940

Group facilitation, strategic planning, financial and credit management, community and organization development.

Andrea Palmer

Andrea Palmer

County Youth Coordinator

4-H community clubs, 4-H Youth Committee, Area/State Opportunities, Clover Kids, 4-H volunteer management.

Kathryn Pierson

Office Point of Contact - Office Manager

Office Point of Contact for Warren County clients in all program areas.  4-H Administration


Joy Rouse

Families Program Field Specialist
(515) 961-6237

Family Life: quality child care, parenting education, family decision making for later years, dealing with stress, change, and loss, building family strengths


Mike White

Viticulture Specialist
(515) 961-6237

Horticulture practices for commercial winegrape vineyards, with an emphasis on site selection, soils management, cultivar selection, pest management and the use of mechanical labor saving systems. Works under the direction of the ISU Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute to provide overall technical information, communication and marketing assistance to vineyards and wineries in Iowa and adjoining states.

Mark Johnson

Extension Field Agronomist
515-382-6551 Cell: 515-979-9578
Areas of Expertise
  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Corn and soybean management
  • Soil fertility
  • Alfalfa
  • Tillage systems
  • Integrated Pest Management - weeds, insects and crop diseases
  • Soil surveys
Frequent Clients

Farmers,crop consultants, agronomists, local sales agronomists, farm managers


Mary Krisco

Nutrition and Health Specialist for Central Iowa

Nutrition and Dietetics, Child and Adult Weight Management

Mark Carlton

ISU Extension Field Agronomist - Forages
641.932.5612 Cell: 641-777-7883

Forage, Crops, Plant Pathology, Horticulture

Cheryl Clark

Family Life Specialist

Family Life: quality child care, playground issues, parenting education, family decision making for later years, dealing with stress, change, and loss, building family strengths

Steve Johnson

Farm & Ag Business Management

Grain Marketing, Crop Insurance, Farmland Leasing, Crop Economics and Risk Management, Decision Tools. Farm Programs, ACRE Program, SURE Program, Flexible Cash Farm Leases, Crop Marketing Newsletter, and e-Farm Management.

Jeff Macomber

Youth Program Specialist
(515) 993-4281

Educational design, delivery and evaluation, prevention theory and practice, youth and family issues, human development, program management, volunteerism, communication, group facilitation and community involvement.


Natasha Neal

Marketing and Public Relations

Frank Owens

Community Development Specialist
(515) 235-4644

Community Planning

D. Allen Pattillo

Fisheries Extension Specialist

Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Joe Sellers

Field Specialist, Livestock
(641) 774-2016


Shawn Shouse

Agriculture Engineering Program Specialist

Cathy Simon

Regional Horticulture Education Coordinator
515-462-1001 Cell: 515-493-8666


Sara Tessmer

Family Nutrition Program Assistant

Alan Vandehaar

Communities Field Specialist


Margaret VanGinkel

Family Finance Specialist

Basic personal money management, Colors, financial management, Iowa Concern, retirement planning, stress, and hotlines

Sara Deppe

Early Childhood Quality Enhancement Educator

Early Childhood Environments

Myra Willms

Myra Willms

Early Childhood Quality Enhancement Educator

Early Childhood Environments

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