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Iowa State University Extension

Fitness program for older Iowans receives NIFA funding

intergenerational fitness program

Iowa State University researchers have received new funding to evaluate an intergenerational exercise program for older adults in 21 rural Iowa counties beginning in January 2013. The Living (well through) Intergenerational Fitness and Exercise (LIFE) Program has been funded by the Rural Health and Safety Education Competitive Program of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The LIFE program introduces older adults to exergaming, video games that integrate game play with physical activity. Younger adults (age 16 and older) serve as trainers for the older participants.

The new funding will allow the research team to study the LIFE program in real life, rather than in relatively controlled research environments, said Sarah Francis, an ISU Extension nutrition specialist.

This article appeared in December 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter