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Iowa State University Extension

‘Juntos’ brings Latino families together for better education

Juntos -- together for a better education

Through “Juntos: Together for a Better Education,” ISU Extension and Outreach specialists have worked with high schools, community colleges and businesses to help 108 Latino youth and parents increase their understanding of how to successfully graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

“Program evaluation data reveals that after participating in Juntos, parents feel more confident in working with their child’s school and improved in monitoring their youth’s homework, talking with their youth about school, college or other future plans,” said Kim Greder, the associate professor and family life specialist who leads the project.

Extension specialists Himar Hernandez of Ottumwa and Rosa Gonzalez of Perry will be presenting information about Juntos at the Oct. 16 Latino education conference.

This article appeared in October 2013 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter